Yoga off of the mat

These beautiful souls just spent the last 5 Saturday mornings expanding thier knowledge of yoga by diving deeper into the practice and learning about the Yamas.

Ahimsa: ✌️ Non-violence & compassion for all living things yourself included. It’s a gentle reminder that at the heart of yoga is love.

Satya: ✌️ Truthfulness, commitment to honesty, no white lies and no over scheduling. In essence it’s all about living your truth.

Asteya: ✌️Non-stealing from yourself or others. You can steal someones time and energy, and even their thunder.

Brahmacharya: ✌️ Temperance, self regulations, also known as self control. It’s about approaching personal energy with honesty and wisdom.

Aparigraha: ✌️ Take what is necessary, learning how to let that shit go, ”no hoarding”

Self love rules 101
Learn these Yamas and stay tuned for lots more yoga 🧘‍♀️ mantras and life quests

Your spirit is calling you home 💜will you listen?



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