Good Morning Beautiful Souls! I hope your all staying warm and safe as the cold weather begins to envelop us.

Sometimes I have nothing to write about, and other times and can’t get it all out. Today I’m here to help you understand yourself. You are the problem and you are the solution.

When things begin to go wring inside of our bodies, we have some choices to make. The world will slap a label on you and give you some medicine. That medicine will cause other things in your body to go wrong, and then you will need test again a new drug to help you.

All the while not really understanding what’s going on could be the long term affects of your unhealed emotions. I can’t tell you enough that your healing is not what they truly want.

They want you as a customer for the rest of your life. They want you to become your afflictions so they can keep you small and make money off of you.

I’m like the last stop for people who want to try something different. I’m not going to teach you to heal the traditional way? Because it’s not healing at all.

I am going to help you learn mindfulness. I’m going to help you release the trauma that’s been controlling your entire life. I’m going to take a different approach in your heart and your head and by doing so you will begin to see results.

It won’t happen over night, but then again how long have you been searching?!?! Be strong enough to overcome your broken and your ego. Be brave enough to admit what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked yet, and just maybe self love is healing.


She understands that broken is beautiful

Good morning beautiful souls. I hope this blog finds you well in the middle of 2021. I wanted to take a minute and tell you that I’m proud of you, no matter where you are today.

We are living through the craziest of times, and your doing a really amazing job. I know that it’s hard have faith some days but you’ve got this.

As a matter of fact you chose to be born during this very time so that you could be apart of the collective healing process.

Right now all over the world people are waking up from their slumber. (This simply means detaching from their brain and understanding that they are not their thoughts)

I need to you to really focus on you right now. You must guard your energy and admit where you need to spend less time. (Mainly in your phone)

All relationships that are in authentic will crumble away during this time, and you must be willing to accept that everyone’s true colors are being shown. It’s not bad or good it just is, and it must be this way.

The people of the earth that have felt the most broken are the one who are shining their lights right this very moment. They’ve taken the time to heal instead of avoid, and by doing so they were placed upon this earth to help guide others towards the light inside themselves.

This world is never going back to the way it was and I’m actually very excited about that. We have become complacent to what’s truly important, and we’ve worshiped the wrong things.

I am blessing every single one of you this morning who took the time to read this. I am sending you ALL of the healing energy and prayers that you might need. I am cheering you on and holding you accountable for your spirits mission on earth.

Do not live a life stuck in your head when your hearts calling you. Evolve dear ones, evolve.


Your spirit is calling

Good morning beautiful souls. I hope your surviving the evil on earth, and that your choosing faith over fear every single day.

As you all know I quit my job a year ago because none of their shenanigans made any sense. And try as I might to convince the people I love to trust me instead of trusting the government, and no one would listen.

I’m like dude, the government doesn’t love you but I do! And they didn’t believe me, and they probably still don’t.

It’s as though the entire world is being lead by their heads and any sort of common sense just doesn’t exist. I’m going to hit you with some hard truths today and if you don’t want to change then just scroll on by.

The fact is that you’ve been lied to and gas lighted by the bad guys.

You have always had free will. You do not have to participate in the evil. But you do have to unplug from the matrix if you want to survive.

It turns out that fb is the biggest sight around for child sex trafficking. But the people won’t stop using it, instead they continue to gorge on the platform and by doing so they help the bad guys.

And they remain in their unconscious sleepwalking state all the while they are pointing their fingers and blaming everyone else.

Listen Linda, you better find your spirit really, really fast like. You need to repent and to change your ways today, so that you do not end up a number in the death games.

The devil owns your ass on social media and just because you can’t admit it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Stop wasting what time is left on those who were never meant to hear the message.

Make no mistake when I tell you that God uses the people who are crazy enough to do his work.

You cannot be of this world and of his world.

The longer you choose to partake in mind numbing, soul stealing activities, the further away from your true self you will be.

Moses momma didn’t comply and I’m just like her.

You will not survive this afraid.

Mandates aren’t laws and never will be (free will)

Nothings been approved by the FDA and who cares if it was.

The pilots aren’t striking only Bc of forced vac. But because of deaths caused in the air by those who revived the shot.

Unplug and get still! Find a real life community and connect today.


Mindfulness Helps Your Mental Health

We are celebrating World Mental Health Day
And we wanted you to know that you are loved and you are NEVER alone, no matter what your head tells you.

Sometimes we get stuck talking about our issues and never really know how to get beyond the suffering, and I was just like you. In fact my mind still loves to create scenarios where I’m always the victim.

But I’ve been able to take the time to heal my hurts so I don’t believe the voices in my head anymore. You are worthy of the most precious life, and I will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Understand this dear one, all suffering occurs in the head and not in the heart. You are soooooo much more then your thoughts, but this world doesn’t want you to know that. This world wants to slap a label on you and give you a prescription, because they make money from your suffering.

I bring you an amazing free gift that will help you immediately with your anxiety. It’s one of my favorite yoga poses known as Legs Up The Wall.

Should you ever find yourself lost in anxiety, remember this post. Your mind will tell you ALL the reasons why you shouldn’t do this, and why it won’t work. But let me remind you that you are not your thoughts.

This pose will immediately make your heartbeat slow down because of the flow of your blood. It will bring a balance between the mind, body and soul and you will feel different when your done.

You my dear one are so much more then a brain. You are a beautiful soul having an earthly experience and the sooner you learn about yourself, the sooner you will bring peace to your own heart.

💜 Tavia

Things Are Weird

Good Morning Friends! Sometimes I feel the need to just share the randomness of our world right now. I think in need to write it down because we will surely not believe any of it looking back.

So here my observations I want to remember. The media is lying and hiding all the things, unless they fit their scare tactics.

We have entire football stadiums full of people while my local school wants to still mask my kindergarten grand baby. But here’s the kicker, none of the surrounding schools have masked their kids once this year. Listen Linda it wasn’t your job to protect the kids health in the first place, so just step back and know your role. You will be judged for your actions by the Alpha & the Omega.

Parents have had enough and the government wants to label moms and dads with voices as “domestic Terrorists”, meanwhile millions of illegal aliens are coming through our borders every single day.

Japan and a few other countries have admitted that herd immunity works, but Australia and France and the US have some kind of shady shenanigans.

Suburbs are not playing mask games, but bigger cities are. However we did notice while the signs asked you to wear a mask, the business itself didn’t enforce it. (And if they did we would just go spend our money elsewhere)

Soooooo many perverts are being caught right now from Catholic Churches, to undercover stings in schools, and all the child sex trafficking is finally coming out. But the media doesn’t cover it and you have to find the information on your own. Follow the Underground Railroad and find Tim Ballard.

FB created their own whistle blower, who was then on 60 minutes that night, and then the very next day in front of congress. That chics got some massive pull. But wait….. she was a diversion and guess who shut down their servers for many hours?!? You guessed it FB! Another bit of misinformation to keep you confused and guessing, but you all were on this one fast! I’m proud of your awakening.

Project Veritas has the best and real whistle blowers around. People with a conscious are all stepping into the light to share their truths.

Telegram is our friend.

Many people refuse to even partake in any nonsense anymore. The matrix is your tv, your phone, your sports, shopping, and all the things that make you avoid the soul.

I’m going to need to write one of these monthly just to look back and be sure it really happened.

Stay strong and understand that you’ve always had free will. All of your choices are yours to make. No one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do, unless your so lead by fear you walk straight into it.

Those who are not awake have chosen not to be, and you would be wise to foster your own light and let go of the idea that your job is to awaken anyone.


Learning Acceptance

Imagine walking into a class and being told your exactly where you need to be.

That you don’t need to change a single thing and that nothing could ever be different.

Imagine hearing that you are loved when you are beautiful and when your ugly.

Imagine someone holding space for ALL the parts of you, and not just the pretty.

Understanding that you are all the things light and dark and one isn’t better or worse, they simply are.

Imagine learning to love yourself no matter how ugly the process of unlearning might be.

Yoga is the process of finding the real you, and unveiling the layers of protection you’ve wrapped around your heart over the years.

May you be brave enough to master yourself.


This week in America

Good morning beautiful friends from all over the world. Some of you have known from the very beginning that something wasn’t right, and no matter what you’ve been told you have held your ground and you listened to your gut instead of your head.

I wanted to tell you no matter where you are, I’m proud of you. We’ve been enduring the most crazy times of our lives and it’s far from over, but we know who is writing the story and how it ends.

Keep going! Keep believing and having faith, and no matter what understand this had to happen. As a blogger I’m hoping my information reaches some of you that haven’t been able to see the latest news.

I don’t care what you believe in I love you anyways. I’m sorry you’ve been lied to and deceived by evil. It’s all coming out, and it’s going to get ugly as they begin to turn on each other.

You can heal from the trauma inflicted upon your beautiful hearts. There are going to be books and movies about what’s happening right now, just like Schindler’s List, and Anne Frank’s Diary.

The question is what role will you be playing? The one who complied and followed all the orders? The one who trusted the health departments and the government? Or did you trust your gut? Or are you the one who said no a long time ago? Your free will is and always will be your greatest gift.

Stay strong dear ones. Those of you that are awake do not waste time trying to awaken others, that’s not you job. Guard your energy and work on your own lights so that others that are ready will know where to find you.


The story you tell yourself vs the truth

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope your all taking the time to find stillness, so that you can bring more peace to the world.

Yesterday I did a live about how we are living in story telling mode in our heads. Today I’m following that up with a few action steps you need to take to update your blueprints.

If your stuck in story telling mode then it might look like this. I love this person so much. We are soooo close. They are a part of my heart. They love me and will always be in my life.And blah blah blah goes the story.

Maybe that person is and always will be in your heart, and that’s super cool. But if we want to bring our stories to current time then we have to ask ourselves some questions.

First of all being, how often do I spend time in real life with person? When was the last time that we hung out? Do I connect in real life with them? Or is it just social media? Because we’ve all traded in real life connection for pretend lives online.

Questions like these bring us out of story telling mode and into the now. They force us to examine the facts and not the lingering feelings or memories.

When I took the time to take inventory on my relationships, it seems as though many were coming up short.

We used to spend time together. We used to talk from the heart and not the head. We used to have something special that was unique to us. We used to be closer but now we’re not.

People will always spend time doing what they want they want to do, and they will make excuses as to why they aren’t doing the other things.

The truth about relationships are that they are hard work if you want to have healthy ones, and people will always show you their true colors. When it comes to friends you’ve got a couple of choices as life goes on. You can be vulnerable and real and move forward with love and understanding. Or you can ghost someone because they told you that you hurt your feelings.

Everything happens for a reason.

So I ask you today what story do you tell yourself that’s completely untrue?

Where do you need to spend less time?

Where do you need to spend more?

True life isn’t lived in your head, but rather in your heart.


The Power Behind The Tongue

Have you ever wondered why humans are the only ones who can speak words?!? No animals can talk, or flowers, or trees. Water and fire might have their own language, but it’s not words.

So why on earth do we get the privilege of having this beautiful gift? And while I’m asking questions, how many people misuse their words on a daily basis?

My love language used to be words of affirmation, because I both love and hate words. I’m going to go as far as to say that when you use your words for kindness and goodness that it expels some kind of positive energy and magic into the world. Like white magic almost.

And on the flip side of that, if your words are full of contempt, bitterness or judgement, then those words are the opposite of white magic and we shall call them dark.They are in essence evil and dark energies with negativity attached to them.

I know I know, that’s how your momma talked to you, and her momma talked to her. Most of us were shamed into acting and believing that what others were saying was true.

We were taught that we were responsible for the vomit that came out of our parents mouths, and that if we wanted love then we were going to have adjust our actions to receive it.

That’s not how it should be, and if your not super aware of what’s happening around you, then you will have already started to carry over the dysfunction into your family.

How you use your words matter. How you were talked to as a child matters. How you talk to your kids matter and your tone matters more then you can ever imagine.

Verbal abuse is just as awful as physical abuse. But instead of seeing the scars, the kids are stuck with them inside their heads and after a while they start to believe them.

Just because you were shamed, and blamed doesn’t mean you have to continue the dysfunction. Just because you were taught that your behavior is acceptable doesn’t mean that it is. And if you don’t take caution to change the past, you will see the abuse occur again and again. Just watch your families with your own children and then ask yourself who is in denial.

God tells us that he comes first, so I ask you is he first in your life?

Guess what’s next?!? Your marriage! Not your job, your hobbies, or your friends, but your marriage. Is your marriage the second most worked on relationship in your life?

Thirdly he says take care of your family. You’ve created this amazing group of people so don’t spend your days trying to escape them. That’s not Gods plan.

If you follow those 3 rules, you should find your words automatically sprinkled with the fruit of the spirit and the wisdom of the heart.

Check yourself 💜