I hope you find the blessing in all of this

By now I’m hoping you’ve accepted what’s going on in the world and what role you play in all of this. We’ve never been more the same then we are right now because the virus doesn’t care who you are, or where your from, its coming to your town very soon if it’s not there already.

As this entire things continues To unfold in front of us on a daily basis, I’ve been blessed even in the middle of the mess. That’s one of my favorite sayings because there’s always a silver lining some where to be found.

Now more then ever we’ve been given a chance to understand what’s important. It’s not your accomplishments, achievements, or even your mistakes. This is a time where you must dig deeper then your labels and ask yourself who you really are.

Not your job or your titles of being a parent or any of those outwardly things. No, no my friends this is the time to strip away all of those layers around your heart and to understand who you truly are in spirit.

I am freaking beyond happy to be at home with my husband and daughter. And yes I miss everyone else, but at the same time I’m happy that they are safe and sound as we ride out this storm. They are all resetting just like us.

I’m guessing that never, ever,ever in our lives again will we be given the chance to be still and love, like we’re doing right now.And I wholeheartedly accept and embrace this time for healing my heart and shining my light in the midst of the darkness.

May you unveil your heart during these times and learn how to become magical again.

💜 Tay Tay

When the entire world is grieving

Good morning beautiful souls. I’m feeling called to write to you today and tell you that wherever you are in the middle of the chaos, that I think your doing an amazing job.

There sure as shit isn’t a hand manual for what do to when a virus takes over the world. This isn’t something anyone could ever imagine happening to them and there are lots of people that are just completely frozen.

That’s what trauma does to you. Fight, Flight, or Freeze. It’s your brains way of protecting you, and keeping you safe. But we’re not only dealing with trauma here, now we’re all dealing with a shit ton of grief.

And grief by itself is sometimes unbearable, so I wanted to tell you all something this morning.

I think your doing an amazing job at figuring out some really heavy shit. (Yes shits a theme today apparently) I think more then ever we need to learn to connect with our families on an emotional level. Sure we’re social distancing to save our lives, but we are truly blessed to receive this time of togetherness.

I feel every single thing that all of you feel. Fear, anger, rage, sadness, despair, anxiety, depression, aloneness and so much more. But I also feel thankful, blessed, fortunate, grateful, warmth, kindness, compassion, empathy, hope and grace.

And those are just a few if I’m being honest. My daughter thinks I’m not afraid when I have fears just like her. But here’s the thing friends, I know with my whole heart that all of my training, and my skills and my gifts have led me right to this very moment.

Last year I was tested by the devil and by God when I lost all of the things that I love, like my husband, (were together again praise the lord) my best friend and even my two front teeth in a horrible freak accident that left me disfigured for months.

You know who I felt like last year from the Bible? It was Job! I read that book and felt all of it to my very soul. So I could question why is this happening again?!? Wasn’t last year enough darkness for one entire lifetime? Or I could realize that last year was preparing me what I need to do this year, becoming a yoga teacher and finishing my book.

You are being tested right now and I know that your kindness and compassion will win over your fear if only your willing to be still and ask for help.

Please stop judging yourself and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else, ever.

We are all different, yet we’re all the same. Now more then ever you must provide balance between your own mind, body and soul., so that you can maintain that balance in your home. Helping your children understand that it’s ok to be afraid but that we have to keep going.

Please make sure to use your words because the love that comes from them is the very love that will heal this world. Leave nothing unsaid to anyone that you want to make peace with. Allow the ego of being right to crumble and fall away, while opening your heart to a new beginning.

I am a sinner just like you but I’m also the daughter of the one true king and I’m here to tell you it’s going to be alright.

Humble yourselves, be still and pray.

Namaste God Bless Peace

💜 Tay Tay

P.S. I’m giving away free yoga in my fb group if you need some light and love.

The facts from Ohio

Hello beautiful souls

It’s Saturday and it’s like we’re all stuck in the twilight zone grieving what we thought our lives would look like.

While others are galavanting all over like everything’s normal.

I made a video yesterday because during the press conference yesterday they asked that we use our voices.

I see so much fear and it produces more fear which in turn creates an energy of lack and scarcity. It’s most certainly normal to feel afraid but you don’t have be afraid all day every day.

The numbers from Sunday to Friday

We just have to educate ourselves and understand that 20% of the world is currently infected. They’ve just organized a new website where all the countries can share what they know about fighting the virus.

You are not alone! Use this time to learn how to create peace inside your soul. The world 🌎 needs more light and I’m counting on you.

Some of the most beautiful things come after big storms. Guard your hearts and your minds and listen to your gut always.

💜 Tay Tay

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Good morning beautiful souls! It’s for sure the end of the world as we know it and I’m totally ok with that.

Strong Sturdy Tree

I wish I could help you understand beyond all the fear and the panic that our world was full of greed and ego. This had to happen to rebalance the light and the dark.

And I get it that it’s dark right now, but if you would have paused for a moment before all of this happened you would have noticed that it was already dark as all get out.

Beautiful noises

There’s so much corruption in the world between businesses, sex slavery, religion, politics, education, and relationships in general. And those are just a few of the things that I’ve decided to include, but trust me when I tell you there’s a lot more that I could add to that list, but I won’t.

We live in world that uses people to get what they want and it seems as though it’s time for some balance to be restored.

Goddess pose

We’ve got to wake up and understand that me, me, me has to got to stop. We’ve got to add a collective we and we’ve got to get back to what’s really important in life. As the days go on and I continue to watch it all play out I’m often times astounded by the kindness that I see happening all around me.


However on the flip side of that I still see a lot of people being led by fear and greed. Acting as though somehow their loss is greater then someone else’s. But that’s simply not true.

When you stop being afraid and selfish you will understand that we’re all in this together. We are all traumatized by these events and we should never want to be the same as we once were.

Family first

I beg you to wake up to yourself. Stop playing the victim of this whole situation and understand that your either a part of the healing or you part of the separation. Now more then ever you have the time to heal your heart and that’s exactly why this is happening .

The world was out of balance and so were a lot of the people in the world. Now the people are being tested. Do they continue to perpetuate fear and lack? Or do they finally wake up to themselves? Do they bitch and complain and perpetuate more drama? Or do they finally accept their roles in all of this?

Stay tuned friends as this is real life and playing out every single day. Protect your space and your time and your energy now more then ever.

Sit down
Be Humble

Until you get your own heart right, we’re going to remain here.

Ego has been winning in this world for way to long, but those of us who live in our spirits were born for this.

If you choose to continue living life in your ego then you will continue to suffer. If you remain the victim you will suffer. If you remain the judge you will suffer.

If you want it to end and to go away, then humble yourselves. Admit your selfish ways and then help someone in need. Someone that can never repay you! Someone you don’t even know. This is how the world will heal.

Sometimes you have to lose everything before you can even find your kindness because it’s that buried. And if your not feeling kind yet and your still full of bitterness and resentment, then understand that your healing process hasn’t even begun yet.

Fork tree
Which way will you go?

Wake up friends 💜 it’s the only way out.

💜Tay Tay

Collectively Fighting An Invisible Enemy

Dear friends all over the world I love you and I wanted you to know that you are NOT alone. We are all fighting an invisible enemy together, and this is one time I don’t want to be the hostess with mostess.

Last night in Ohio we went on an essential lock down. Meaning if it’s not essential for you to be out then you shouldn’t be. You are aloud to get food and gas and go to the doctors but notice that those things are all essentials.

Workers all have a letter that they carry with them proving that they are aloud to be out.

This morning I made a video on my FB live showing my friends what it looks like to live on Main Street right now. It’s absolutely creepy is what is is.

Normally a street that is full of life is barely moving and it actually makes my heart happy to know that people are finally taking things thing seriously.

We must learn from each other and do whatever it takes to be kind humans during these traumatic events. We are all in this together and I’m so happy that my blog reached everyone around the world because many of my other social media’s have been censored.

I want you all to read this verse from the Bible. I did another video about it, but once again my videos that provide hope seem to get buried, but nonetheless I shall continue to write and share my light.

When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, like when Australia was on fire.

Or command locusts to devour the land, like in Uganda in February of 2020.

Or send a plague among my people, like the virus that’s here right now.

If my people will humble themselves, I believe that some people are humbling already but others have a long way to go.

For those of you that are already there hold strong with your faith over your fear and keep on believing.

Until tomorrow

Stay safe

💜 Tay Tay

Day 7 (is this real life)

Good morning friends all over the world. I’m writing to you from ohio this morning and we are on day 7 of our social distancing and I wanted to to check in with you all.

There are so many crazy stories out there that aren’t true and millions of others that are true, so I’m going to write to you about my truth.

The truth is that we’re all experiencing some crazy collective trauma together right now and there’s not a single person that’s exempt. They’ve taken the necessary measures to help us to prevent the spreading in ohio, but only some people are following the rules.

While many businesses need to stay open to feed us and keep us alive there are several other places and people that think they don’t need to follow the rules, and so we will continue to spread this crazy virus as it uses us as it’s host.

Please pray for us that these people decide that safety and family are more important then money and businesses.

Eckhart Tolle made a video yesterday and he started it out with a parable from the Bible. It was the one about the 2 houses. One was built on sand and one was built on rock and in the end only one of them survived.

Twitter headline and picture this morning

Is your house built on rock or sand? Because now more then ever it matters. Every single day I wake up and the numbers are higher and it’s come a little bit closer to my home.

I don’t over indulge in the news I just keep myself informed and educated as to what’s happening every single day. I’m going to continue to write to you because I know this blog makes it all over the world, or at least it used to.

If your not believing that this is true I would beg you to just stay your ass home and consider it a mini vacation of sorts. Stop going to the beaches and stop acting like life is normal because it’s not.

Together we will be better and stronger . I pray for our entire medical staff and anyone else that’s risking their lives for our safety. I saw a picture the other day and I think you should see it to.

It’s not about you it’s collectively about us

We’ve got to be strong and continue to help each other. Please let me know where you are and what’s happening to you .

💜Tay Tay

Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things

Good morning friends! I hope your all staying safe inside your homes. We are diligently working to keep shining our lights and our love during the darkest times.

Yesterday I started my yoga class with this poem and I must admit that it found me, I didn’t necessarily find it.

It’s an absolutely perfect poem for where we are right this very minute. And for those of us who haven’t found our kindness yet, I’m guessing that your future hasn’t quite dissolved enough yet.

Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things. (There’s not a single one of us that haven’t lost something this week)

Feel the future dissolve in a moment like salt in a weakened broth. (What you had planned no longer exists and the sooner we all accept this the faster we can begin to heal)

What you held in your hand, what you counted and carefully saved (it doesn’t matter how much you planned for your future because you are simply not in control and the sooner you relinquish your own selfish desires the sooner you’ll move forward)

All this must go so you know how desolate the landscape can be between the regions of kindness (you will be humbled eventually but not until you lose it all will you truly understand your purpose here is much larger then your ego)

I’m just going to leave that right there and let you chew on that for a little bit.

You are not alone

💜 Tay Tay