You have choices & voices for a reason

You can trust Gods plan or the other guys.

That’s what free will is all about. You have choices and voices for a reason. Will you use them for humanity and love? Or will you go down with the gossip girls?

I know there’s a lot of crazy stuff happening right now, but a lot of it we’ve known our entire lives was going to occur. (Disclaimer: I grew up with God in my heart💜, if it weren’t for him I would have never survived my life)

You cannot be fearful and faithful at the same time. You cannot be Gods people and have all the same priorities as the normal folks. Your light is needed now more then ever, so your spirit must be full and ready to share the love.

You were born for this time and I beg you to step out of the way you think your life should be and surrender to the path God has chosen for you.

To many spiritual friends have strayed far away from the path of the light and have decided for themselves what their careers and marriage should look like.

Do you even know why your married?!??
It’s not for fun, and it’s not because everyone else is doing it. Your marriage is supposed to make you LESS selfish.

However we live in a world where people don’t know how to be faithful. I see and hear the cheating all around me and it happens so often that people have convinced themselves this is normal. And then they stay married and repeat the same patterns over and over and over again.

The entire world lacks boundaries in every single aspect. Morals are not something that are easy to come by anymore and neither are truths. People have blurred the lines for so long they don’t even know what a line is anymore.

Guard your hearts ♥️
Stay away from negative energy💜
Pray 💜
Do yoga 🧘‍♀️
And understand that things will never ever be the same


You are MORE then enough

One of my favorite memories 💜

Graduating YTT with an amazing group of ladies and hearing theses beautiful words “You are more then enough” brought me to tears.

I was the crazy girl at YTT with all the baggage and tears. I truly used that time to heal my own hurts. To stop denying the affects of my childhood. I let all of my walls down and became vulnerable in order to heal.

I allowed this group of women into my heart so that my heart could be free from all of the pain. When I share my past I’m not ashamed of all the things I went through and that were done to me. I only feel afraid that people might look at me differently or feel sorry for me.

Don’t pity people, instead learn how to hold space for their sadness and to create a healthy environment for their healing.

I am who I am because of the pain that I’ve endured. I could not love as hard as I do if it weren’t for all the hurt I’ve experienced.

But I think there’s beauty in pain. There’s strength in healing and taking the time to be real with you. There’s something magical that happens when you stop denying and you start embracing ALL of your life.

I am real because I am not ashamed of anything. I don’t need to hide any parts of my life from you because I love my life. I love the growth I’ve done and the shadows I’ve attacked.

I love that I’m brave enough to try new things, and to cheer others on. I am not in competition with any other yogis because that’s not how yoga works.

There’s enough love to go around for everyone. I am imperfectly perfect. I was put on this earth to help teach how to heal and to love again and again and again.

Alchemy is real 💜

Yoga heals it all 🧘‍♀️

May you be brave and bold enough to live outside your pain and to create the future you desire for your future generations.

I love you so very much


We don’t teach kids to fit in here

Welcome future generations 🧘‍♀️

It’s my dream to teach ALL the kids about themselves.

About their feelings and their emotions and what to do with them.

About learning self control, patience, and helpfulness.

About using our voices to help others instead of harm them.
We’re embarking on a new path of consciousness and love.

Of healing and feeling and learning to live in the moment.

We don’t teach kids to fit in here, we help them become the best version of themselves.

Love Tavia

Awakened Soul Yoga

Awakened Soul Yoga

Happy Monday beautiful souls 💜

As we continue on into the unknown I think we’re all going to have to be ok with not knowing the truth. Maybe this is the year you learn acceptance.

Accept that things are the way that they are, and that people are the way that they are. Accept all of things that you cannot change and disconnect from the stories in your head.

It’s time to learn about you. Your ego, your broken child, your pain body, and the stories you tell yourself. You are the only one that you can change and the world needs your light now more then ever.

Will you show up for yourself?!?
I hope so
💜Tay Tay

Tuesday: Camp & Private Event

Wednesday: Yoga Camp & Crafts Belle Center10:30-11:30 (3 week workshop)
5:30 Bellefontaine

Thursday 6:00 Belle Center

Sunday 8:30 Brown Park a special 4th of July class taught by Krissy Robinson from collective culture. I’m excited to be a student this day and would love to practice beside you.

Here’s a list of all the things that don’t matter

Guys I love you all, but it’s time for a reality check. I spent my entire life trying to understand who I am and who I am not, and now I’m going to help you.

If you continue on with the rules of this world you will find yourself depleted of energy and unhappy. We must take a good look at ourselves and what we think is important and then help others understand themselves.

The world tells you the more you have the happier you will be and it’s just a lie. One that we all fall for until we wake up and understand ourselves better. We tell ourselves lies and fill our heart with things, hoping the next thing will be where happy is but happy is inside you, not outside of you.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past because you are not your past.

It doesn’t matter if your vaccinated or not because I still love you and it’s not important. They are trying yet again to rule your mind with fear and separation, but love always wins.

Who you have sex with is really of no interest to me. Your sex life in no way defines you as a person. (The world really wants your soul defined by this, don’t fall for it)

It’s not important how much money you have in the bank or how much stuff you own. Those things do not define your heart. Material items are of this world and won’t be traveling with you when your gone.

It doesn’t matter to me what color your skin is. I’m Native American along with a lot of other beautiful colors. But I am more then the label given to my race. I am an authentic soul with a mission to raise awareness and so are you. I don’t need to vilify my past and become the victim of my own future. I need you guys to find yourself on a deeper level Then your labels.

You are not the size of clothes you wear, the weight on the scale or the body that your always trying to make better.

You are not your thoughts! You are not your thoughts! You are not your thoughts!

You are not your title at work. You are something way bigger than a job. But this world will tell you that you belong on a pedestal when you think your important. Jesus will tell you we are all on the same level and NO ONE is better then another. Society will tell you different! Check yourself on this one. Humble your own heart and don’t worry about anyone else.

You are more than the labels that you wear. your something way more than a mom, dad, sister, brother, son, daughter,friend,aunt, uncle, or GiGi.

You are not your accomplishments and you are not your mistakes.

So my friends I ask you this…….Who are you?

💜Tay Tay

Some days are just hard

Some days are just hard

You are not alone 💜

Many people think life’s returning to normal but I’m here to tell you that there will never be another normal again.

As we continue on our journey through spiritual warfare I can feel the presence of evil on a daily basis.

I see all the relationships, friendships, and marriages being destroyed by the minute. So many people I know are suffering a personal loss of something they thought was true but wasn’t.

I know some days are shitty and I truly understand what it’s like to be a feelings person in a selfish world.

Now more then ever it’s important that we spend time with our hearts alone. We must be willing to ask God what he wants from us and succumb from our own plans.

Life really hurts sometimes and if we’re willing to slow down and learn from the pain we can heal it and learn new ways to open our hearts.

The devil comes to destroy all things good. Remember that he’s never dressed like the devil but rather he comes disguised as your biggest fan.

I just wanted you to know that there hope for your heart and for your life. It’s not going to look the way you think it should, but accept that Gods plans are always better.

Get you some friends that pray for you and with you instead of talk about ypu.
Copyright © 2021



We all need to go back to 1986

Good morning beautiful souls! I came across this picture of my sister and I in 1986 and it really got me thinking about what we’re all missing out on today.

You see today’s kids and adults are missing a vital element to a balanced life and that is simply being bored. You cannot be bored if your always busy. And you can’t connect to your heart with your phone in your hand.

I know it seems so simple, yet we live in a world that refuses to acknowledge their own part in the demise of the future generations and their own emotional well being.

We were bored in this picture so we had to create our own fun. We had to use our little imaginations so that we wouldn’t just sit there and complain all night about having nothing to do. We had to get creative and we did just that.

This is what boredom does! It ignites a spark from the divine and magical soul. It creates space where we were once stuck and it allows us the freedom and the power to create more magic in our own lives.

You and your kids need less entertainment. You need less things to do and less places to be. We need to get back to back yards and good friends. We need to play more in healthy ways and stop spending money on more things. We all need more yoga and meditation and less self comparison.

I had fun with my sister back in the day. We had phones with cords attached to the walls and you we’re only aloud on there for a short bit. And then your mom was coming for you! Mind you this was before call waiting so the phone would ring busy, and apparently she was waiting on someone important to call. (No she wasn’t, this was just part of the 80’s rules for life)

We had to actually listen to the words on a tape in order to find out the lyrics to a song. We got out our pencils and paper and we sat there pushing play, and then rewind and then pause, as we tried with our whole hearts to get the lyrics right. Kids now a days push a button, and up comes the song and the lyrics, and a video and 5 other versions of the same song.

We climbed trees and we drank out of garden hoses. We spent entire days out of our homes at the pool and the park in the summer, and no one called children’s services. We had camp outs, and water balloon fights, and we rarely ventured inside.

We didn’t go out to eat hardly ever and if we did it was a treat. We lived a simple life and I’m certain that we all need a lot more presence in our lives.

As we continue into the unknown please understand that all of this nonsense is far from over, but that you have the ability to create something new.

You are the change this world needs. Put down your phones and engage with your hearts.


Your light is powerful and you don’t even know it

We will never understand how powerful our light is until we’re brave enough to walk through our own darkness.

Yoga is the answer for all healing. It’s not a work out it’s a work in, which explains why many people avoid it all together.

They truly don’t love themselves, so they can’t be still with their own minds and hearts. 💜

That unwillingness to be still is not who you are. That’s a part of your ego that doesn’t want you to ever find your authentic self.

We are our own worst enemy because we always think we have it all figured out. But when you finally allow yourself the time to heal and to be still, everything changes.

We weren’t put here to stay asleep and live a life of thinking. We we’re out here to awaken from our slumber, heal our hearts, and share love differently then the world.

You cannot become who your supposed to be by remaining who you are.
We’ve got class tonight in Bellefontaine at 5:30.
See you there 💜