Assignment Love

The assignment was love

To help others shine their own lights

To be different then the rest

To not fit in

Expanding beyond the thinking mind

While opening the hearts and entering the spirit

She wasn’t into competing

She was using her wisdom to help others heal

And her gift was hers alone 💜

The work comes from soul and it’s never been about money

Try as you might to be like someone else and it will never work!

We are all gifted with unique blessings and the pain I’ve endured has led me here

Your aura will glow so very bright when you step into your authentic power ✌️

We are the light the world needs
We are the salt but not salty
We are the tribe of the future
We are awakened souls



How do I begin the self love process?

Good morning dear ones 💜

I hope this blog finds you all well, no matter where you are in the world. Yesterday I went to the Salt Spa with my friend Gina. I received some Reiki Energy work from her and then we climbed into the cave to relax.

As I was sitting here this morning drinking my coffee and reflecting on the entire experience, I felt led to write to you about self love. It can all be so overwhelming and confusing if you’ve spent your entire life beating yourself up.

So let me share with you a few things that will help you begin to understand yourself better. Self love should never be confused with egotistical love because they are completely different. One comes from the heart and the other one comes from the head.

If someone is always telling you how great they are and they have 25 different titles and achievements under their fb name, they probably have taken up permanent residence in their ego. Because the heart isn’t attached to “labels” and outside achievements, but the ego is.

The heart is the most beautiful and vulnerable space in our bodies. Our hearts cannot receive love if they are always clenched. So we must begin the process of opening ourselves so that we can learn to feel and love and to be here in the now.

The first thing I want you to ask yourself is this. What’s one thing you will not tolerate from your mother or your father? What’s your hard no? (I use your parents as an example because we’ve all struggled here)

Do you let your parents treat you like a child still, or are you an adult who calls them on their actions and takes appropriate measures to make sure your own children are not affected by their unhealed versions of self.

It’s a lesson in boundaries, and it’s one of the very first steps you need to take to change. We are often times taught that we must be faithful to people simply because they are related to us, but this is a lie.

No one can treat you bad because they are family. No one has admittance into your life simply because they’ve always been there. When you begin to love you, all the relationships will change. Some will survive and some will not and this is all a part of the growing process.

Some of you were born to continue the dysfunction and some of you were born to end it all. I hope you take the time to get real with you! To do the work on your shadows and to create a new future for those you love.

Where do you need to have more boundaries and where do you need to create more space to grow?


Light Workers

I’m going to be completely honest with you all right now! Go figure!?!? Me? Tell the truth?!? There’s a pattern here!

As I read over this little message this morning I thought you might like to read it too.

No one will ever understand what I have been through the last 2 years, but perhaps it’s not for you to understand.

Quitting my job because I refuse to be controlled by any government office ever, had everyone I love thinking I’m insane.

My family doesn’t understand, my husband tried really hard, my kids think I’m crazy, and my extended family is the same.
Maybe reading the lesson below will help others accept my earthly mission.

Standing up for yourself and creating love in a world full of greed and ego isn’t for everyone.

But I guess that’s why it’s my assignment 💜

But guess what?!?
No matter how hard it was and it still is, to be the complete opposite as the world, I understood the assignment.

I choose my intuition over my head every single time, because only fear comes from the brain.

But guess what comes from the heart?! 💜

Love dear ones.

To all of you who refuse to bow down to fear I’m so very proud of you.

To those who would never comply you are our saving grace.

And trust me when I tell you, that after 2 years into this we know by your words and your actions who you are, and what you stand for.

To those of you that are different keep going dear ones keep going!

The world needs your light and your heart because they are lost and some of them haven’t changed a single thing since this all started.

But you are the change the world needs!

I don’t need your approval because my contract comes from the heavens above!

A soul having a human experience

I used to spend my Saturday Numbing

I used to spend the weekends getting drunk and avoiding myself at all cost.

Numbing was my favorite thing to do to avoid feelings of any kind. Going out to the bar, going out to dinner, hanging out with people and gossiping about everyone else.

But there was this whisper from my soul that was begging me to be still. To listen to the gut and to get out of my head.

So I slowly began to learn about me! The only person I can control and I learned to love myself.
Not needing to avoid any parts because I truly embrace them all.

My Saturday night was spent geeking out on my couch with a library book that I’ve been waiting on forever.

Complete with notes and fun colors!

The next 2 years are going to be similar to the last 2 years. If you choose to partake in “what ifs”your going to create an illness in your body by your thoughts.

Do not allow the shenanigans of the evil people to attach you or your spirit. It’s time to move on and accept all that is to come. (Find a tribe of light workers to help you find yourself)

We are all Buddha’s! Notice I didn’t say Buddhist because that’s a religion, and here’s why:

“Buddhism is less a theology or a religion than a promise that certain meditative practices and mind trainings can effectively show us how to awaken our Buddha nature and liberate us from suffering and confusion.”

You can change you I promise 💜


Your life is changing

Good Morning dear ones 💜

We are entering a new era of life, where things will be different. Your life is going to change with or without your permission.

You will have to make major adjustments to your family life, your hearts, your businesses, and your reasons for being here.

All of our hearts will be uncovered and our motives will be on display for all to see.

Find a circle to see you through and be a still as often as possible.

Eat less processed foods, and more fruits. Drink less pop and sugar, and more water and tea.

Medicine and food are making you ill in many ways. You can evolve if you choose love over fear.

Stay strong around the world I love you!


Planet Love

A new earth was forming, before their very eyes.
In this world love will be the motive for life instead of greed and money.

Some of you are already transcending, and others won’t make the journey.

Be brave and bold and open your hearts because the best is yet to come.

2022 is all about change
The way we used to do things won’t work here anymore 💜

Try as you might to keep things the same and you will fail.

Your being called to evolve beyond your human ego, and only those who are malleable will make the switch.

I’m beyond excited to be apart of a world where our hearts and our relationship matter more then anything else.

Brace yourselves dear ones
Todays more magical then you know



You are a quantum badass

I don’t know who needed to hear this today but you’re a multi-dimensional, quantum badass

Friends I know it might be really easy to get caught up in fear, but anxiety is simply caused by too much future.

You are a soul having a human experience in a body. But most of us are just stuck in our heads.

Thinking itself could be called hell on earth if you don’t know how to escape it.

The world has to go through this process because most people are still cherishing the wrong THINGS. (Hint people are where it’s as you don’t need to buy another thing)

I know it scary and at times it’s really freaking hard, but you got this. It’s a time for change and for love and those who don’t allow it in will not transform beyond fear.

They will always operate on a 3D level, and they will not level up. Others of you are transcending beyond fear and creating entirely new communities around unconditional love. You are taking down the walls you built around your heart and you are inviting the light in.

If your a light worker keep going I’m proud of you. If you need your cup filled come to yoga and I will take care of you.

Spiritual friends this time is for you 💜


A Voice For Lisa

Dear ones brace yourself for some beautiful and profound words. I recently posted on my fb about all the deaths surrounding us and how no one was talking about them. It actually sparked a healing conversation for many and it gave some friends a place to finally be heard and to not feel so alone.

With the permission of the beautiful soul who wrote her story below, I would invite you to read her story. I’m thankful she’s decided to share with us because we don’t want her to ever feel like she’s the only one.

I am blessed and honored to know her and to have known her beautiful daughter also. I’m proud of her for not being afraid anymore and for speaking her truth as it will help many others find her.

Written by Lisa Harman

My beloved daughter Chelsea passed away November 10 of 2020. She tested negative for Covid 3 days before she died! She was a victim so to speak of severe allergies all year round. They diagnosed her with Bronchitis-Sinusitis. Which she would always get every year around at that time. Put her on a steroid and an a antibiotic.

They sent her to Montgomery County Morgue where they said she tested positive for Covid. Mind you as she laid in a deep freeze for 5 days before they could give me an answer, took us 11 days to bury our child), This infuriated me. They DID NOT do an autopsy on her, and they put cause of death as Covid! Said they don’t do autopsies on Covid positive deceased .. believe me they got an ear full from me. I feel they just wanted to mark it as Covid ..
The issue with this is she was 32 years young, she was hypertensive but basically pretty healthy otherwise.
Did she have a false negative at first and then a False Positive, who knows or vice versa.
The shots were not available at that point, not until January or February of 2021.
Maybe she would have taken the shot and maybe not. Due to having high blood pressure ( underlying condition),maybe , due to her severe allergies maybe
This issue with forcing people to take it is bull crap.. should be your decision , your getting it whether you have had the shot or not..
I do not call it a vaccine, it is a shot like you would have for the flu.
A vaccine eradicates the problem, makes it go away Now they are wanting you to get a booster for every variant.. are you kidding me.. it’s never going away, we have to learn to live with it .
Do I have a problem with someone getting the shot.. No, that’s your decision! It should be your decision , and no one should be down your throat if you do or don’t.
My husband and I have both had the shot back in March of 2021. We were traveling to different states and back then we didn’t know as much as we do now. Has it protected us , who knows, we try and stay healthy and maybe we have a good immune system. Are we getting the Booster. It’s not likely. But I would NEVER tells someone or act a different way toward someone who decided to get it or not to get it.
It’s a Personal Choice!!!

If you are local and want to share anything with us, we are here for you.


The Gift Of Love

Good Morning Beautiful Souls

Happy New Year from my heart to yours! We all just finished one the craziest years in history, and to think we all asked to be here right now?!?!?

I worked really hard in 2021 to create a space for people to come to and to feel safe. I knew I had to provide some stability and spiritual practice in their lives no matter what was happening on earth. This wasn’t always easy as it was not easy for my students either. Just getting to class was a struggle some weeks.

Trying to do the mundane things in the middle of spiritual warfare will have you feeling ALL kinda of ways. When there a lot of uncertainty in the world it produces a shit ton of fear.

And being a teacher of light in the middle of the darkest days on earth is not for everyone. But since I claimed self love as a mission before I came here, then it’s my duty to uphold my gifts and to use my magic to create more love.

And I did just that! The future is unknown and ever changing, because the conscious ones will lead with love and light. And every single time you choose presence over partying you change the future.

When choose honesty over lying you change the future. When your vulnerable instead of bitchy you change the future. When you heal instead of carry on the family dysfunction you change the future. When you speak truth to bullshit you change the future.

You are in control dear ones.

Last night when my friend and I went to yoga, we made our lights brighter so that we could share our love with someone who needs it. How different our lights would have been if we went out and gossiped and got drunk. You see, your energy and your choices are creating the future.

The last class I taught in 2021 was an amazing gift to everyone who was there. We started our class with a gratitude circle and everyone shared something that they were thankful for.

I went first and I kept it short and sweet because I was already emotional and I still had to teach. I said I was so very thankful for my student because without them there was no class.

As we went around the circle all of the answers were beautiful and amazing. But a few of the women said almost the exact thing. And every single time they said it, I cried big ass alligator tears. We even had new people in class and they cried with us, that’s how special it was.

And when they answered I knew that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing at this time in my life.

They said that they were thankful that they had learned how to love themselves. To make time for themselves and even as I type this I’m getting chills from the spirit.

My heart melted to know that they are receiving the love and the peace that their beautiful hearts deserve. It is the most magical and messy journey into the heart, and the hurts that have been trapped inside our bodies, but they are doing it like a boss. Their testimonies were absolutely magical and amazing and they are changing their futures one class at a time.

If your a light worker, an earth angel, or a star seed (whatever you choose to call it)you must step into your light and accept your souls mission. The world need you to be you, and that is all.

You are the glitch in the matrix


If avoiding worked, the whole world would be healed

Healing occurs on a spiritual level.
Your stuck in your head.
You hate your body.
And you wouldn’t know how to find your spirit with a compass.

This is part of being human.
When you’ve exhausted all your earthly options and your ready to heal from the inside out, get in touch with me.

If your medicine worked you wouldn’t need a refill.

If the latest diet fad worked, you wouldn’t gain your weight back.

If avoiding worked, the whole world would be healed.

Depressions in your gut, so why the meds?

I could go on and on and on, but here’s the truth, you have to become an expert on you.

You must be willing to admit that what you’ve always done, will always produce the same results:

What’s the same?


Humans are messy and amazing all at once and if you don’t stop whatever your doing, and examine it closely, you will have passed on the dysfunction.

Your good at following the crowd

I’m good at doing things differently

You have free will

I believe in your ability to wake up from your own head💜