The New Dimension

Good Morning Dear Ones

I hope this blog finds you well. So much is happening here on earth with the humans and the animals.

Love is taking over and it always wins. People are waking up from their human forms and embracing their spirits like never before.

As the shift continues please understand that all relationships that aren’t aligned with love and presence will not survive.

But you will be given new friends and family that come from the light. Everyone has free will but not everyone is a light worker, and not everyone is ready to ascend beyond the human ego.

It is ok! Everyone has their own karma to play out or to heal. Humans have lost their colors and are pretty much dull and grey. But those who decide to let the love in will begin to light up this world.

The spiritual industry is about to boom at an all time high, because many friends are stepping into their gifts and embracing their psychic abilities. The days of greed are going to be behind us and many won’t like it. Nonetheless it’s happening.

My entire life I’ve had people say the same thing to me over and over again “Did you know your psychic?”

I always smiled and said oh yeah, but my human brain said these people are crazy. I didn’t believe them but it turns out they were right and I was wrong. I do have a light that’s unique and only some people can see it, while others are afraid of it because it shines right on your own demons.

I’ve always been an empath so I’ve been able to feel all of your feelings, good and bad. In fact I can walk in a room and tell you who is real and who is fake and no one needs to open their mouth. But since I’ve decided to embrace my spirit and get the hell out of my human head, my systems are upgrading and my light grid is enhancing.

My gifts are expanding and my soul tribe is forming. We are stepping into out of our earthly roles and right into our spiritual roles.

Do not judge those who want to stay the same, but understand they can’t be a part of your new dimension. The 3d is a very low vibing frequency that most humans spend their entire lives at. It’s unconscious, it’s asleep, it’s a robot, it’s a program, it’s greed, envy, pride, anger, resentment, sameness, bitterness, division, ego, separation, and lack. It’s groundhogs day, it’s don’t look up.

5d is love, love, love! It’s abundance it’s fulfillment, generosity, it’s patient and kind, it never judges and it’s full of hope and all the colors of the rainbow. It has more then enough always and it lives in the now. It’s the most beautiful place in earth and you can get there if it’s your mission.

You are not a human and your money doesn’t even matter in the next world, so check your ego at the door and level up.

🤍 Tavia

Why I quit hair to teach yoga

Of you know and some of you don’t know

But…………, When all of the lies started a couple
Of years ago God sent me a message and he simply said “Do not conform”.

He didn’t give me any details and he didn’t answer any of my questions that I had. He didn’t give me any more instructions or reasons as to why I was to follow his voice and not man’s voice.

I felt afraid, excited, scared, confused, alone, and so much more that I will be sharing with you in detail in my book. But it’s not easy that’s I want you to know.

I had a choice to make and it was either listen to spirit or do as everyone else does. I said to God but everyone will think I’m crazy. He was quiet. I said God what about money, and bills and my family? He was quiet. I said what if my husband doesn’t believe me and my kids think I should see a therapist? I said why me? I said are you sure? I said all of the things and he was quiet. I cussed at him even and I’m not afraid to tell you.

Fast forward 2 years and I understand that the teacher is always quiet during the test. I was given an assignment and then he waited patiently as I worked my way through my human fears.

I made them friendship bracelets

My gut knew all along that something wasn’t right but I had no one on my side, in human form. They all just wanted me to conform and do what was ever asked of me. Just wear the mask Tavia, just do what they want Tavia, just be a good little afraid girl like the rest of the world. I refused a trip to Disney because I was not wearing a stupid mask to fly. I missed the trip to Disney this year because I’m getting a divorce and we were supposed to take our granddaughter for the first time.

I’m not like the world! I will never be of this world even though I’m in it, and I will never ever forget how alone I felt over the last 2 years.

I trust that I will be fully taken care of and that I already have more then I could ever need in my heart and in my house.

I will be remembered by the kindness I gave away, the generosity I shared through kindness rocks, and the voice that didn’t just complain. The one who actually took action to make a change and to stand up for her future and the children who’s lives they couldn’t tame.

I’ve been waiting to share a little but I have so much more to say.

I learned what love truly during the craziest times of our lives and I will always be a beacon of light and hope in the middle of the shitstorm.

My gift is authenticity and because of the darkness and I can step into the light.

Thank you to those of you who loved me wrong because I learned how to love me right ❤️

The loyal, loud and real Tavia

Thank you for your donations to help the kids and bring yoga to all the places.

Thank you to those of you who believe in my impractical magic and invited me into your homes and your hearts I love you

To all my weirdos

Good evening Dear Ones 🤍

I’m writing tonight to find all of my friends who refused to fit in. The ones who didn’t like school and have always felt as though they didn’t quite belong here.

This is your time and earth needs your light. You were born unique for a reason and you refused to be lulled asleep by all of the things the world tried to teach you.

The rebels, the misfits, the people who don’t fit in a box, this is your earth now. You asked to come here and help save the planet from greed, ego, consumerism, lies, and evil. I know you don’t remember, and your not supposed to all at once anyways. It’s a bit of a process when you awaken, but if you learned everything at once your little brain would short circuit, and we don’t want that.

So little by little you realize that your different is actually your super power and that waking up is your gift to the world.

Hang out with other people like you, taking the time to be still in yoga and meditation. Keep your vessels clean so that you might be able to receive the spirit and do whatever it asks of you.

As your light gets brighter you will help others that are just like you. And you will also repel many that are of a lower vibrating frequency. All of this must occur to upgrade your souls.

Do your thang and do it proudly, even if your afraid. We are lighting up this world like never before and it’s the most beautiful thing to witness, and be apart ofz


Alcohol Free Holidays…..

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, Dear Ones, Spiritual Friends, Lovers of life. I just spent another holiday alcohol free and it’s fucking fabulous.

As I began the journey of healing and letting go of all the toxic people in my life, it wasn’t easy, and it’s still not easy. But my goodness is it beautiful.

No hang overs ever. No filling my body with toxins that steal my spirit. No drinking to cope, no drinking to avoid, no drinking at all, has me feeling and healing like never before.

When ya don’t drink you can see thing so much more clearer. When peoples words don’t match their actions, you can tell immediately. You don’t listen to words at all anymore you just watch people and see what they do.

Before I decided to leave my marriage, I tried to get him to come along on a new journey with me. There were times when he said he was going to change, but it’s just not a part of his journey. And that’s ok. He will find a girl who loves to drink and have meaningless conversations. I tried to convince him if this during my shadow work. My dad and grandpa were alcoholics, and his dad and grandpa are/we’re also. So you see genetics and dysfunction go hand in hand. Some people never question their lives as they do as they are told and mark their little boxes off along the way. Everyone has their own missions to fulfill here. No judgments and no hard feelings, but the discernment to do better then those before me. To find happiness inside me, not from some silly achievement, title, or the way the world tells me to be.

But not this girl. You can take your box and throw it away. I’m 48 years old and it’s time to act like it on an emotional level. It’s time to grow up and heal. And those who don’t want to grow are not bad, they are just NOT for you.

We spent so many spring breaks drunk from the time we woke up until the time we went to bed, that I missed out on a shit ton of healthy memories that I could have been sharing with my daughter. Drinking makes you selfish AF! It makes your brain alls sorts of jacked up and it kills any chance you might have of connecting with the authentic self.

The plandemic changed me because I was used by spirit to do the hard work on earth that I came here for. Some of you are not here to heal, your not here to wake up, you are simply doing the same thing you’ve always done because your unconscious and asleep. And it’s not even bad it’s just your path, it’s what you do until you understand why you are here on earth.

I was born to break the dysfunction in my family and I won’t apologize for doing it. Where everyone else hides their dirty secrets, I bring mine out and set them on the table. Then I deal with each one of them as many times as needed, until I feel safe enough to move on to the next one.

If you pretend there’s nothing wrong, you will indeed bring the drama to your own little family, and this is how it gets passed on.

I won’t miss another moment because I’m drunk. I won’t avoid another conversation because I’m drunk. I won’t hang out where I’m not valued. I will not engage in meaningless conversations that keep me small and are full of gossip. I won’t live in a house where there’s no love. I won’t ever settle for half ass people or energy. I won’t pretend to be anything that I’m not. I won’t beat myself up about the way it was because I know who I am and I know who I serve.

It is with great love and intention for my mind, body and soul that I choose to heal. My granddaughter will see what true love likes because I’m going to show her.

There are many many stories to come about the last 2 years and what I’ve been going through. Be patient dear ones one day it will all be revealed.


Mental Health Day

Hi Dear Ones 🤍

Oh how I miss you and writing and so much more of what I always do to feel like myself. So I figured today was the perfect day to let you know that you are never alone.

I could write to you and tell that I’m so behind on my garden and it feels like everyone else their stuff planted. But I’m in the middle of a divorce, and I’m building a brand new yoga business, all while trying to keep it together in 2022.

So I’m not going to beat myself up over the garden. I’m going to take my time this year and get it out there when it’s ready and not a second before.

I’m going to meditate, and do yoga, and read and write and heal. I’m going to make the most of the mean-time (meantime is the time in between endings and beginnings)understanding that it’s time to love myself as much as I love everyone else.

The voices that say I need to be doing more will creep up upon me, but I’ll tell them where to go. And I will let them know who is running the show now. I am not the same girl I used to be.

I’m going to love myself and those around me in a different way that none of us have ever experienced before. A way that says we love ALL of you, especially the messy parts you wish to run from.

You are not your thoughts and that the most important part of mental health. Learning how to disconnect from the entire thought process will have you feeling a new kind of peace and presence.

You are not alone in any storms that you are facing and I beg you to get to a yoga class near by. Especially those of you who want to begin to heal but don’t want to talk just yet.

The world is changing and you can change too. I love you ❤️


I am woman ❤️

Good Morning Dear Ones

I know I’ve not been writing like I normally do, but I’ve been trying to leave my relationship, while building a brand new business, in the middle of a world shit storm.

But tomorrow is my birthday and it’s right in the middle of all the magical things happening in the universe. We have Friday the 13th, eclipses, retrogrades and more. It’s only right that I step into my light and out of the shadows today.

My Mothers Day

It’s not your darkness that your afraid of, because we all live in our suffering until we wake up. It’s your light that scares the shit out of you. Your greatness is out of this world but it doesn’t come from a bank account or an outside accomplishment. This kind of healing only comes from doing the work on yourself.

So I showed up for me. I spent so much time with Tavia that I learned what she likes and what she hates. Not what someone else told me to like, but what I truly want to like. I unfucked myself if you will. Meaning I took away all of the unwritten laws I was living by, and learned new universal laws.

I stopped doing anything on autopilot and worked on creating a brand new conscious energy in my life. I created boundaries with anyone and everyone that threatens my peace. I don’t owe anyone shit and neither do you.

I removed myself from all situations that were fueled by toxic talk or behaviors, and I focused on creating a new circle of friends ready to heal and move forward.

It’s not been easy, but I was given this assignment because I’m strong enough to fulfill it.

We come to earth to learn to love. I only remember one marriage in my lifetime where I thought the man adored the woman, and that was my Grandpa Charlie and my Grandma Nance. I want that! I deserve that, and I will love myself alone until I attract the love I deserve. They were happy because their life was simple. One day soon my home will feel like love again and the door will be open for friends.

I will show my daughter what love truly looks like. Not control, not autopilot, not settling, not conforming, but opening up and allowing real love to flow. And maybe it’s not relational love but self fucking love.

The world has been such a shitty place that I just wanted my house to be full of love.

I miss you🤍


Mother’s Day Truths

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

It’s Mother’s Day here in the states and I’m feeling led to unpack some of the feelings around the Holiday.

There’s so many unresolved traumas, feelings and emotions around this day, that I’d like to first start by saying all of your feelings are welcome here.

The mother wound and the toxic relationships are a real thing that many of us carry around with us today. Trying to figure out a way to heal it and love our kids differently.

Some people have a mom they love and adore and she’s all the things that we longed for.

Some people have a mom in heaven and that makes this day really fucking hard.

Some people are estranged from their mothers because they are unhealthy and they have learned how to have boundaries and are doing their best to create a new path for the future.

Some people love their moms and don’t have the slightest clue that they are carrying out unhealthy, co-dependent relationships with them.

Some people hate their mom because she wasn’t able to protect them and keep them safe.

I could go on and on with my scenarios but I won’t. I want you to understand that wherever you are, and however you feel it’s ok.

There’s absolutely no right or wrong when it comes to these kinds of things, and you don’t need to feel bad for whatever it is that your feeling today.

Do not compare your joy or your pain to anyone else’s, because that will only make you feel worse. You are aloud to feel anything and everything about today that you want to feel.

You are also aloud to change your mind from year to year, about how you feel and where you are on this topic. You are a beautiful soul and you’ve experienced so much hurt and love in your lifetime, that I think it’s amazing that your here to talk about it.

We must learn to hold space for each other. This means listening without offering advice or comparison. It means listening without fixing. It means seeing someone and not felling sorry for them, but loving them through whatever they are going through.

You are not alone today. You are not wrong in whatever you feel and in whatever you think. I hope this blog helps you be less judgmental and way more loving with yourself.

I love you


Waiting To Exhale

Good Day Dear Ones 🤍

When I was younger Whitney Houston was in a move called waiting to exhale. I liked the move but I had no clue what the title meant until many years later.

Now as a yoga teacher and after enduring the effects of the last 2 years and the plandemic, I’m actually able to fucking breath again.

I was called upon to do the work of the spirit. To be the change the earth needs. To pick love over fear, and faith over money, and it was yet again one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

I’ve felt alone in my life many times, but this one really tops the cake. I am an empath and I have certain psychic abilities. I always have, even when I tried to ignore them or be in denial about them. I’m a feeler, and when I’m around others I feel their energy. It’s the kind of thing that makes the hairs on your arm stand up and perhaps the feeling of goosebumps. It’s what the world is missing when it comes to balance, but many are entering their spirits and leaving the ego behind.

I live in a really small town and the opinions ran rampant on social media. The fear was mass produced and the energy given to the entire situation will leave many traumatized for years to come. Others won’t be affected at all because they were a part of the evil. But, no matter what anyone else did, or maybe I should say did not do, we all had free will.

Some of us are here to be like the world, and some of us are here to teach the world what really matters. I must have said to a dozen friends and family members “I don’t know why your trusting the government, because they don’t love you, and I do love you.” But it didn’t matter because fear was ruling it all.

It didn’t matter when I brought about factual Evidence that made no sense. For example: “you can’t contact trace a virus unless it’s contained!’” Was it ever contained? NO.

Next when the hell have you ever even dealt with the health department? For me it was when I was 17 and I just had a baby and I needed some formula. But other then that absolutely zero contact with them for any reason. So why on earth would I listen to their advice? and I could go on and on but we won’t give that nonsense any more energy then it already has been given. And I will refer to it as nonsense because that’s what it all was.

I quit my career and walked away because I refused to mask clients under a dryer with bleach on their heads for money. No thank you! Take my license and get out of my space. I will not conform! I will not be afraid! I will not teach others to be afraid. I will not talk shit and do nothing. I will stand alone and do what I have to do. I will lose everything if that’s what had to happen to be the salt of this earth.

My daughter and I never got a test once! Ever!

We never quarantined once! Ever!

We did not comply and now finally I can breathe again. I can say I see that it wasn’t all for nothing. It’s not about me being right and you being wrong my friends because that’s all ego. It is about having discernment and the wisdom to see through the evil schemes of the world. It’s about doing the inner work so I could hear the call from above. And then not only do you hearing what I’m supposed to do, but actually fulfilling and acting on it. That’s part of the spiritual world! Finding stillness through meditation so you can hear what source has to say to you. But the second part is that you must take action when your called, or you will be stuck in your fear forever.

I don’t know where I’m headed and I’m for sure starting over, but I’m excited to be in the now.



Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

I’m cuddled in my bed drinking a cup of coffee with the windows opened listening to the birds chirp and I couldn’t feel more content.

My life has changed so much in the last couple of years, and it’s going to continue to be different. As I grow as a soul, I need a lot less, and find that I have much more then I could ever imagine.

I am going to love the most simple life I possibly can for the rest of my days in earth.

I’m going to continue to teach self love, and stillness through yoga and meditation. I’m going to work with more kids and more families to connect in a healthy way so that we might create a new kind of world that doesn’t have so much trauma to heal. A world that knows how to have heavy conversations around healing and letting go. A world that parties way less and loves way fucking more.

I myself simply crave real. Real people. Real love. Real conversations of the heart. I avoided myself for sooooooo long that I wasn’t even sure I was still in there.

But through lots of alone time I’ve been able to recapture my divine self. I won’t be avoiding any parts of my life anymore, as I choose to dive in head first to the unknown. Trusting the Universe will see me through and reward me for being different.

You won’t find me in any of my old hangouts because I’m always at home with myself. Or maybe with my yogis, or in the back yard barefoot. But I’m happier then I’ve ever been. I’m so proud of myself for letting go of the people who don’t love me and for creating a new world for people to simply be seen in.

I won’t partake in small talk and gossip but I will spread out the blanket and lay with you for hours if you want to talk about ourselves. I won’t flinch when you tell me the ugliest things about your life, because you are not those things. You are a beautiful souls stuck in a human body waiting to learn how to set yourself free.

Today it’s going to be warm again and it’s been cold in Ohio for way too long. I will be in the garden, and barefoot all day grounding with Mother Earth.

I hope you find your contentment 🤍

Love Tavia

You are one with Gaia

It’s earth 🌍 day!

And trust me when I tell you that you are one with earth. She’s the most beautiful energy around and many humans have become so consumed with themselves they forgot who they share this life with.

Soul Worker

If the last 2 years taught me anything, it was how little I actually need to be happy. Greed is evil, money is the root of all evil and if your worship it in any way you will eventually “pay the price”.

You’ve been under a test for the last couple of years. It wasn’t a test by man, because man’s not that smart. It was a test of spirit. It was a calling of your soul and your own inner guidance system. The entire world has been under attack and most of you guys can’t even see, hear or feel what’s going on around you.

But it’s there nonetheless, just like your aura and your intuition. All amazing and magical ways your body warns you and helps you awaken from your dream like state on earth.

Spirit and love will rule this earth! Greed, ego, consumerism, envy, jealousy, unfaithfulness, and pride will be a thing of the past. Those who hold to these ways will eventually be left behind, with their own resentment and bitterness to deal with.

Those who gave up their comforts for love will be richly rewarded by our Mother Gaia and the entire universe.

Maybe you should work on your soul this year because it’s the only part of you that leaves the planet.

I hope I can get lots of barefoot walking in today after I teach yoga. May you all have the best day Earth Day ever.