Hanging up my scissors

Good morning beautiful souls! I wasn’t sure if I should make a video, write a blog or do it all so I guess I’ll start here.

Sometimes in life were faced with difficult decisions. Do we go along with the crowd doing what we’re told or do we stand up for what we believe in?

I wasn’t made to fit in and Im embracing that wholeheartedly these days.

I’ve been a hairstylist for almost 16 years and I’ve never been forced to choose between what I know is best for my clients, and what the government has decided to make my clients do.

So after weeks of consideration and much prayer and guidance from above, I’ve decided to stand up for what’s right and say no. No I won’t allow you to harm my people just to further your political agenda.

I believe that it is wrong on every single level and unhealthy as hell to put a customer under the dryer with a mask on. I will not allow the fear based government to tell me what’s best for my people, when I’m the one who has the hair license and the experience.

I believe in the freedoms that come along with being an American and I will not play the mask police. Every single person has a choice right now and we must all do what’s best for us.

I choose to remind people that they have choices. I choose to educate them and anoint them in the light and I choose to embrace the ability to be a leader and not a follower.

I hate that mask for many reasons, but mostly it triggers my anxiety from my accident I had last year. Could I get a note from the doctor excusing me?!?! I most certainly could, however I sure as shit don’t agree with that either. I don’t need the government or a doctor to tell me what’s best for me, and if we’re being honest neither do you.

It’s best that I stand up for what I believe in, even if it means I stand all alone. I’ve decided it’s time for me to stop working in the salon, because it’s infringing on my personal belief system.

I’ve chosen to do what’s best for my people and myself and not what the government says is best. My hearts leading the way, and yes it’s scary but I know it’s right.

I choose to be different because that’s the way God made me. To me it’s not “just a mask” it’s a manipulation technique based on fear and I won’t be a part of the masses.

Those of you who truly know me understand already and support my decisions. I don’t know where I’ll go from here and I don’t have a clue what Gods plans are for me, but I know that I will be rewarded for choosing faith over fear.

For showing people what the spirit really looks like, and allowing myself to be led by the light and not the darkness.

I challenge you to show up and to stand up for whatever it is that you believe in, because the world needs more love and less control.

I thank you for you love and support over the last 15 years and I hope we can continue our friendships.

Olive you Tay Tay

When Facebook censors my shit I know we’re close to the end

Good morning friends! I’m in an uphill battle against censorship in 2020. For the last 5 years I’ve used Facebook to share my blog and my business but all of a sudden they’ve decided to censor my pages.

And why do they censor it?!? Simply because they think they are God. This morning they got a little cuter then normal and added a new word “still” no evidence that hydroxycchloroquine can blah blah bla.

But look at what they are ok with

They are ok with punishing me for having my own opinion and sharing my truths about a medicine that’s being used here.

Now why the hell do they think that’s ok? And even more important, for exactly how long have they been feeding us bullshit?!?

Here’s the part that’s really scary! When I show you what they are ok with you will have no choice but to see their hidden agendas.

Why is it that I can’t share an article or a video about medicine, but grooming kids for pedophilia doesn’t go against their community standards.

This isn’t a “glitch” because I’ve got lots more evidence to back it up. This is why they were in front of congress this week, but I’m guessing that these guys have enough money to pay off congress too.

We are nearing the end of times because the evil is out in the open. Ask yourself why I’m being censored and do your homework on the kids, they need you.

How do we reclaim our power?!?

By using our voices and saying No

💜Tay Tay

Things I’ve learned in 2020

The government lies.

Focusing on cases instead of solutions created chaos and cause unnecessary panic.

Tomorrow’s not promised.

I was born for these times.

Hollywood is full of pedophiles and satanic worshipers.

We’re close to the end because the devil is everywhere and people can’t even disagree kindly. They are stuck in hate and division mode. Please learn that you don’t need to agree to love.

It’s a world wide plandemic and all countries are involved.

The mark of the beast is close.

The Bible’s always right.

I choose God over Government.

Those of us that are awake have a hearts mission, that comes from somewhere way deeper than your head.

It’s not your job to judge, it’s your job to teach and tell the truth.

Spend time with those you love and those that love you before our time here is over.

Guard your hearts because demons are real and there’s a fight on earth 🌍 and it’s right out in the open.

Over all 2020 has been quite the roller coaster. Looking back at how much I’ve changed since March only makes me stronger and wiser and braver. My mission is not the same as yours, we are all different for a reason.

Take action

Use your voice and know that this is Gods plan no matter how crazy it gets.

We need you

💜 Tay Tay

Summer Nights 2020

There’s nothing I love more then a summer day and night well spent.

Surrounded by family and friends and immersed in complete light and love.

Unwilling to allow anything to come between us and some fun in the sun, and the only time I had my phone was take a picture.

You’ve got to learn to be thankful for the love in your life, because it’s the currency of the the soul.

Many amazing memories are held here and there’s still lots more to be created.

Love cultivates when you take the time to have fun and enjoy your life.

I don’t know about you, but there’s no place I’d rather be then outside in the sun surrounded by loved ones.

You only have this one life and none of us knows how much time we have left. May you learn to live in the now.

May you open your hearts and be vulnerable.

May you learn to practice presence and gratitude for all the love that surrounds you.

Because all of the best things in life are free.

Happy Sunday

💜 Tay Tay

A new way to think

Friends all over the world I love you. I’m sending you light in the middle of the chaos. I know as a spiritual leader it’s my duty to try to help you understand the great divide.

When the people are fighting each other the government is hard at word creating the division. I’m not here to justify my feelings or to argue with you about yours. I’m simply here to help you understand something that’s going on and that’s hurting us all over the world.

If we the people are busy fighting each other over masks and other silly things, we won’t be able to love each other and help each other. The division comes from evil not love and you must understand that there are 2 big forces at work right now.

We have to stop judging people, because that’s not our job. It’s Gods job and you know this, yet you still allow your own thoughts and fears to guide you. God tells you over and over again do not be afraid but yet you refuse to trust in love, and instead continue in fear.

We have to stop shaming people into doing what we want because it’s unhealthy AF. We also have to stop blaming each other for something that was already written in the stars.

All of this is bigger then a mask, and a virus. All of the panic and the fear and the gaslighting serves a purpose that will one day blow your mind.

If you are judging someone you can’t love them. It’s very simple. If you want to be a part of Gods plan then dig deep within and stop judging others. Stop playing into the evil because we need your help. We need to do this together. We need to learn to not hate each other when we disagree. We need to open our hearts and accept that all feelings are acceptable , but all behaviors are not.

There are millions of reasons that a person can’t wear a mask. Some of them being health related but others being related to trauma and abuse. The next time you see someone without a mask, ask yourself if you know their story. Imagine the pain they could have lived through, and you will find all judgments disappearing. And then ask yourself where you learned that not wearing a mask made a person awful. Did it come from the lord or the world?!? It truly matters.

This is how we grow. This is how we create a new world with less judgment and more love.

I love you friends

💜 Tay Tay

Less stressing and more stretching

Good morning friends! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve written, but I’m sometimes side tracked by all the nonsense in the world. I fell down the rabbit 🐇 hole and it was quite scary and enlightening at the same time. Obviously there’s a lot of truth to those stories or Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t be deleting it all.

As we continue on our journey in 2020, I wanted to remind you of how important your mental health is. Now more then ever we all need more yoga. It doesn’t matter your age or your size, it only matters that your willing to show up for you on your mat.

You can spend the rest of your life locked in your head, and lost in your own insanity.l, or you can learn how to get the hell out of your head and take responsibility for you.

I understand that no one taught you how to love yourself, but I’m here to help with that. We all need to stress less and stretch more.

Yoga is the answer to so many of our problems, yet we still have to make ourselves go. We have to create new routines that produce self love instead of more fear. Please don’t allow your mind to control you because your soul wants you to live. You were not meant to become your thoughts, your afflictions or even your addictions.

Those are traumas of the mind. You must learn how to get out of your head and then share that gift with your family. It’s time to create a new world, where we learn to live with open hearts and welcome yoga into our lives so we can learn to feel again.

Please come take up space with me🧘‍♀️

💜 Tay Tay

Things that don’t make sense in 2020

Good morning to the world and thank the lord I have this platform because twitter and Facebook are censoring my pages.

That in itself is screwy?!? Ask yourself why Facebook cares about vaccines, but doesn’t think that pedophilia is a problem?

I’m not here to give you answers or you to make everything fit together, I’m simply sharing with you shit that makes no sense.

I live where there’s supposed to be freedom of speech, but it seems as though we’re being manipulated and controlled. Gaslighting techniques are in full effect.

We’re in the middle of a world wide sex slavery scandal and the news hasn’t even reported a thing about it yet. We the people are being used and abused for a political agenda and were done being sheep.

Just last night Mark Z went live with Dr. Fauci and if that’s not enough to alert you to the brain washing then I’m not sure what will wake you up.

You are not being told the truth! You are being gaslighted by some pretty shady groups of people, but I know that your spirit is way stronger then your fears.

Hollywood is full of Satanic worshippers who love to eat and hunt kids while performing sick sexual acts, but the media hasn’t reported on this still.

We’re being bamboozled with nonsense as they use their own agendas to divide us. But I’m telling you that Gods plan is way bigger then mans.

I’ve been going through all the emotions just like you guys. I was even afraid in the beginning and I wore my mask and I made masks for others.

But as time goes on, I’m less afraid then I’ve ever been, I wonder why the focus is always on the numbers and the deaths?!? I believe it’s all fear induced so they can control you.

Do not falter! Do not give up hope! The numbers are not correct. The tests are not correct. The people your trusting are not correct. And you will never understand the effect this is having on you until it’s all over.

As a child that had many of her own rights stolen from her I will not sit by and let you destroy our kids. I will stand up for the fatherless and I will help keep these children safe, one day at a time.

Please stop fighting with your neighbor and allowing the government to control you. Facebook is brainwashing you, and so are other social media platforms.

You are being lied to about many different subjects and you are not important to them, because this is a simple of case of good vs evil.

And there’s no in between! Covid is real and so I gaslighting. Wake up friends! Your strong and brave and beautiful and many of you were born for 2020.

I love you!

Where In the world are you? And how’s the virus where you are?

Thank you Jesus for giving me a platform that won’t be censored!

💜 Tay Tay

You can’t censor the whole world

Good morning beautiful souls and thank you Jesus for giving me this blog as a platform. You guys the shits hitting the fan.

They’ve been using fear against us and it worked for a while, until some of us woke up. We were unable to be subdued by the lies anymore.

Sure we played along in the beginning because we had no clue what was happening, but we are no longer playing by your rules.

Instead I’m playing by the rules of the spiritual world. I will not live in fear, I will not be programmed by the media. I will not be silenced even when you try to censor my Facebook.

Truth Tellers United

The government doesn’t think your smart enough to figure things out but I believe in you. I think your amazing and that your spirit is exactly what this world needs more of.

Please connect with me on all of social media’s because it’s going down for real. I simply shared a video about a lady and her story from you tube and they told me it was a lie.

I call bullshit! She’s aloud to tell whatever story she wants, because it’s her story to tell. You don’t get to decide what her truth is and I’ll be the one who helps her get it out.

The government is using fear against you and it’s time to wake up and have faith in the one true king! It’s time to stop being afraid and it’s time to stop allowing other people to tell you how to think and how to live.

Turn the news off your being brain washed!

Fill your heart with love not fear and hold on friends shits going down!

Love you

Tay Tay

The power was inside you all along my dear

Good morning friends! How are you? I’m at the beach enjoying my vacation and soaking up the sun.

As we continue on this journey through the unknown, I wanted to write to all of spiritual friends.

I need my people who believe in something bigger then themselves to step into the light and use your voices. I don’t care if you call him God, Buddha, Mother Theresa, or the universe. Please don’t get caught up on the technicalities of the name, or you’ll never get through the fear.

That’s just your brains way of keeping you trapped in fear, and sweet friends the government isn’t of the spiritual realm.

I mean seriously people when in your entire life, have all the leaders in the world agreed on anything?

When have you ever seen so much news coverage and live videos of politicians and their silly ideas?!?


And do you know why?!? It’s because they are using your own fear against you. Does that sound like someone who cares about you?! Or does that sound like someone who thinks your not smart enough to think for yourself?!?

Know who else uses fear against you?!?

It’s the devil! Now you get to decide where your power comes from! It’s locked away deep inside you and it doesn’t come from your head. But you’ve got to be stronger then you’ve ever been in your entire life.

You have to stop watching the news, they are brainwashing you and you are allowing it to happen.

You have to ask whoever you believe in to take away your fears. You have to be able to admit that you are a part of the problem and then you must be willing to do something differently.

If you can be manipulated by fear, imagine what can happen if you were instead led by love.

I can tell you this without a doubt, we’re going to be fine! Gods plan is way bigger then mans ego and love always wins.

You get to decide what rules your playing by. You get to shape and mind your children instead of the government. You get to instill love and faith and perseverance, instead of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

Things are NEVER going back to normal because the world was full of greed and ego and my fathers plan is much more beautiful then mans.

Fear produces more fear! Take care of your heart and then go take care of others! The power is inside you but you’ve got to want to live more then you want to be still.

Love Tay Tay

Gangster of Love