Sending Out Love To Whoever Might Need It Today

Sending out love to whoever might need it today.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but you will always get back what you put out.

The law of attraction is no joke and the sooner we realize how much power our words have over our lives the sooner we will create peace.

I know that maybe you hate Monday’s, and if you spend the entire day bitching about It then chances are you will always hate Monday.


Because look at where your focusing your energy.

Do you go through your week with a cynical attitude annoyed easily and complaining often?

If you do then this will continue to be your week simply because your energy is focused on complaining and annoyance.

Do you spend lots of time gossiping and partaking in small minded conversations? Because if you do then your words will come back to you.

If you send out drama your getting back drama.

Anger receives anger

Judgment receives judgment

Insecurity receives insecurity

Fear receives fear

Annoyance receives annoyance

Victims receive victims


Kindness receives kindness

Loves receives love

Patience receives patience

Hope receives hope

Gratitude receives gratitude

Change receives change

It’s so very simple once you take the time to look at yourself instead of blaming everyone else for all of your bad feelings.

It’s your life and you are and always will be in control of the love the give and that your receive.

You are worthy of soooooooo much love but first you’ve got to learn how to give it to yourself.

I hope your brave enough to show up with your whole heart and not just whole ego.

๐Ÿ’œ Tay Tay

Peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ God Bless ๐Ÿ™ Namaste ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ

The most nostalgic place around

This weekend we visited an amazing litttle spot called pins that’s connected to another really cool spot called 16-bit.

It’s in Dublin, Ohio but I read theres a few around in other spots as well.

And what I can tell you is this, that place is really super cool. And the marketing behind it is absolutely genius, not to mention the fact that they serve no food and only drinks.

Pretty much everything you can think of is free. There’s a few extras you can pay for like mini bowling but most of it’s free. (Because the drinks cost a lot, but that’s why they are genius I’m telling you)

They have every single arcade game that you’ve ever played and some that you’ve never even heard of.

The theme employs acting like a kid again and who the heck doesn’t want to be a kid? I know my inner child loves to come out and play and that we should all foster lots more fun into our lives.

The couches have old Nintendo’s connected to the TVs and you can play any game that you want and you can even switch the systems. I totally vegged out on some old school Tetris!

It’s absolutely one of the most chill places I’ve been to in a really long time and I absolutely loved taking the teens with us!

The bathrooms have the funnies signs I’ve ever seen from movies in the past!

This ones from the movie coming to America if you remember it Eddie Murphy is in it.

We spent hours there having fun and enjoying our afternoon. We ordered pizza in and we stayed until we got kicked out for a private party!

Hulk and Prince and the Weird Science Girl wanted to say hi to you, so I included them.

Nostalgia means longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

I would say they win the most nostalgic award ever.

From the pillows to the games to the bathrooms and to everything else between, this was an amazing day and I can’t wait to go back without kids. Wink! Wink!

I think you all need to spend some time up in here it will make your heart happy.

When was the last time you planned intentional fun?

Have an amazing week beautiful souls

๐Ÿ’œ Tay Tay

Peace โœŒ๏ธ God Bless Namaste ๐Ÿ™

After the storm you wonโ€™t be the same

Good Morning Beautiful Souls๐Ÿ’ก

I’m coming to you from a place of gratitude this morning. As I’m sitting on my couch counting my blessings I have to be honest with you and tell you that during this time last year I was in a completely different place.

I’m coming up on the anniversary of my accident and it’s kind of scaring me a little bit.

I had 3 awful things happening at the exact same time and I don’t even know how I kept going.

That’s the fucking truth!

I was merely surviving all of the pain but I wasn’t necessarily present. However this year is totally different, which is why I had to write you.

There are going to be times in your life when everything you can possibly imagine begins to go wrong. You won’t even know how your going to make it through each day. But somehow you muster up the courage to keep going.

I didn’t feel like I could go on at certain times, because my body was weak and it needed a break.

But my spirit is truly what kept me alive. It wouldn’t let my light go out completely. Even when I was horribly disfigured and I smelled like death, I still managed to keep going.

Even as I watched 2 people I love fade away from me. Even as I slept in a room at my moms house for almost a year, I just kept going.

This year I’m writing a different chapter, because I was brave enough to take action and change my story.

When you are alone and afraid and it’s so dark that you can’t even see, understand this sweet friend, one day things will change.

If you keep going and you stay connected to those you love you will Survive. And not only will you survive the storms but when you come out on the other side you will no longer be a victim you will have become a warrior.

You cannot do life alone. You will need to lean on others when you feel weak and it takes a strong person to ask for help.

But you are worthy of an amazing and magical life full of love. You will never be the same and that’s perfectly ok, because as you can see in the above picture, my light shines brighter then it ever has.

My happy comes from a place inside me and I won’t ever give my power away again.

My friends saw me through the darkness and now I hope I can help you find your way back to the light.

This years going to be my most magical year ever and you better believe that I’ll be giving all the good karma back to the world.

Do not judge. You don’t know what storms I’ve asked her to walk through! God

You are more then your silly thoughts, your dumb mistakes, or the failures in your life. You are an amazing soul with a unique light that no one else in this entire world has, and I’m going to teach you how to shine after the storm.

๐Ÿ’œ Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

I polled my Facebook โ€œWhats Living Your Truth Mean To You?โ€ And hereโ€™s what they had to say

Yesterday I decided to poll my Facebook before writing today’s blog. I asked them what does living your truth mean to you?

And I was absolutely astounded with the answers I received. I’m going to share a lot of them with you in this blog but not all of them simply because there’s not enough room.

Since I’ve started Yoga Teacher Training my minds been learning all kinds of new an amazing things and it really makes you think.

Sometimes there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you, but if your willing to share then you can begin to live your truth.

In yoga we call living your truth satya. Being honest takes a lot of Bravery in a sense because you also have to be honest with yourself.

In order to be real you have to practice enough svadhyaya to know what you truly believe. And then when your completely firm in who you are you have to be bold enough to live your truth.

To me living your truth means being brave enough to get out of your head into your heart. It means speaking truth bullshit. It means saying things that might be uncomfortable and not partaking in small talk and gossip.

To me living your truth is the bravest thing you could ever do and the wisest gift you could ever give your kids.

Sometimes being honest and acting out of love just might contradict each other, but I know that you will work your way through it if your confident in your own truth.

I would like to thank all of the brave people who spoke up and shared their hearts with us, because being vulnerable isn’t always easy.

I’m happy to be surrounded by such enlightened friends.

Peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ God Bless Namaste ๐Ÿ™

Can I go to YTT every Weeknd?

I just spent another weekend immersed in light and love with lovely ladies.

If I could seriously spend every weekend hanging out with these people I totally would.

Coming together to learn yoga has been the most amazing gift I could ever give myself and those I love.

I love it like it like it’s in my blood love it. I love it like I eat breath and sleep it love it. I love it like I want every single person in the world to love it.

I love it because it’s changed my entire life.

It was what got me through some of the darkest times of my entire life, and now I get to teach it.

I am blessed ๐Ÿ’œ

You see we all want to run from dark but is a part of the light, so we must learn to embrace all of us.

The plans that I have to share my dreams are off the charts and I can’t wait to shine my light bright ๐Ÿ’ก like a diamond.

My heart is always so full when I leave my friends that I can’t wait until the next time I get to be with them.

It’s never to late to dream another dream.

๐Ÿ’œ Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

Dear Best Friend In Heaven


I miss you so fucking much some days I don’t know how I can go on.

There are times when I know your close by because I feel you so intensely that I get goosebumps.

But having you in my heart is not the same as being able to call you up and tell you all of my problems.

I miss our conversations so much it hurts. I love it when memories of you come up on my time hop because it makes me feel closer to you.

I’ll always wonder if I did everything right during your death because the truth is that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to watch in my entire life.

I don’t even think I’ve processed you being gone completely yet, and maybe I never will.

Just the other day when we were getting the Christmas decorations out I had a little break down. I call it little because for a moment I cried and I wept for you, but the. I was able to get back in the present moment.

You see every single year when I get out my decorations I always forget about this one picture.

And this year was absolutely no different.

I pulled this picture out and I went to text you and say look what I found just like I have every single year since this picture was taken.

But this year when I had that thought I realized I was never going to text you again and it hurts my heart so very much.

How can I possibly survive the next 20 years of life without my best friend?

I don’t know how everyone’s going to make it through the holidays without you because all of our hearts are missing you.

I know it’s beautiful where you are and that your not in any pain and that’s what keeps me going.

If I’m selfish and I think about all of the memories I’ll never get to make with you, my heart will continue to suffer.

But if I’m able to remember all of the glorious times we spent together then I can feel my heart begin to soften and smile.

I hope you know how much I loved you. I hope I’m honoring you and your name as we continue on this journey called life.

I will always and forever share your love and your light with the world. I promise to never stop talking about you and all of our amazing memories. (And I will even keep all of your secrets until the day I die)

We’re going to go see Charlie Puth because he’s coming to Ohio and we’re taking Maya with us. I know that you will be there in spirit.

I’ll never be the same without you

Broken hearted bestie

๐Ÿ’œ Tay Tay

Yoga is a lifestyle

Yoga is love, if I had to describe it in its simplest terms. It’s all the things we do with love and for love.

It’s something we give each other and the world. It’s a bit like another set of life rules and philosophies but based in love instead of fear.

Yoga not only makes your light shine brighter but also helps others find their own lights.

I’ve been practicing yoga for many years now and it was always on my heart to become a teacher. But then life happened and I pushed it away for a while.

I’ve spent lots of time over the last few years writing and working on myself. In turn I’ve been able to help many other people learn how to live a life of love instead a life of fears.

But from the very beginning My soul wanted more yoga in my life, and my head was like no, not now.

Eventually I was able to overcome myself and it all worked out the way it was supposed to but in the meantime I was completely ecstatic to learn that I had already been teaching the other forms of yoga.

The ones that we live out every single day. The things that we do every single day such as reading and meditating. Recycling, conserving water, not gossiping and so much more.

Here I was thinking yoga was about the mat and the poses and that’s partly right, but I’m going to teach you about the entire thing. The whole shabang! Yoga off the mat if you will.

Balance is the key to healthy happy life and it begins here. I will be exploring all 8 branches with you over the next year and taking a deeper look into the heart of it all.

The first branch we’re going to cover are the yamas. Think of them as an ethical commandment. The first Yama is ahimsa, which means “nonviolence” or “non harming”, and is at the heart of practicing yoga.

My friends will pick a spider up and take it outside because they don’t want to harm it. (I have to be honest if it’s in my house it’s not going to live) (I will work on this ha ha)

But this Yama also reminds us to love ourselves as well as others. And to practice no harm towards ourselves or anyone else.

I don’t know about you but I pretty much already lived this rule my entire life. So learning it was a branch of yoga made my heart happy.

We want to learn to move with nonviolence even when we’re stuck in a traffic jam.

We want to learn to move with nonviolence when the kids are pitching a fit.

There’s a place inside of you that practices calmness and yoga will help get you there.

Do you already Ahimsa?

๐Ÿ’œ Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste