Personal Power is your own magical energy

Good morning friends. I miss you. I’ve been a slacker when it comes to writing new blogs and I fully admit this. However I have been diligently using my time to write in my book, hang out with my loves and spend time with friends.

I’m sitting here on the couch drinking my coffee curled up in a blanket and my heart said get out your blog and start writing.

There’s about a million things floating around inside my head today that I feel like I need to share, and at the same time that would be nearly impossible. Isn’t it crazy how I go from having nothing to write about to having too much to say?!?

Every single person here on this planet has their own dharma that they are supposed to be living out. When you are aligned with your spiritual path you will know it because it won’t ever seem like work. Instead it’s a gift, a tangible energy that never stops growing.

It’s creating a new tribe of like minded people on a journey to heal and to love instead of merely exist. It’s waking up to our heads and learning that the power lies in our hearts.

It’s easy to get caught up in self comparisons and judgements. But if I could offer you a new set of lenses though which to see things, understand that everyone is unique for a reason.

We’ve all been put here with a different purpose and passion for this world. And this very thing in itself frustrates most unaware and unconscious souls. We can’t all think alike, we can’t all be alike and we don’t all have the same purpose.

Self comparison is not something that spiritual people have time for. They come from a much more abundant place of love and faithfulness. Don’t waste time asking why other people don’t care about the same things you care about. We all have a different life purpose, and the sooner we understand this the better everything becomes.

Judgment and anger are easy and cheap. Love and compassion and kindness are the fruit of the spirit. No one is you and that’s your first lesson on personal power.

You were created to be loved and to share light and I’m sorry if the worlds a shit storm right now. But maybe now more then ever your supposed to look inwardly to find the answers you seek.

I believe that you have the power to find your own magic, but you must first be willing to be vulnerable. A spiritual path is an amazing journey into feeling and healing, instead of avoiding and numbing.

💜 Tay Tay

You are both Heaven & Hell

It takes a shit ton of darkness to bring forth light


You are Both
Heaven and Hell
Light & Dark
Good & Bad
Love & Hate
Yin & Yang

You are beautiful and a mess
You are complicated and simple
You are everything
And everything is you

You are stardust
You are magic
You will only find your own light
When it becomes completely dark

But understand this…..
The magic comes from never quitting

Without darkness
There’s NO light

💜 Tay Tay

In 2020 I’ve learned……

2020 has brought me more surprises then I know what to do with 💜

It’s been shocking and amazing and eye opening and more.

I’ve learned the most about myself by not conforming to the ways of this world and by following my heart.

I’ve learned that words are cheap and people don’t really mean what they say.

But your tribes actions and words match.

I’ve learned about letting go and holding on.
I’ve learned that things don’t go the way we’ve planned especially if we’re working with spirit.

I’ve learned who is loyal and who is not.

I’ve learned that when you get out of your head and stop living on autopilot everything around you changes.

I’ve learned boundaries and self love and the ultimate meaning of healing by letting go.

Here’s to yet another chapter in an amazing and freaky world 🌎

Surround yourself with like minded people and let go of all the people, places, and things that don’t bring you love or joy!

If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

💜 Tay Tay

My life wasn’t balanced because my phone addiction was stealing all of my energy

Good morning beautiful souls! I hope your all doing well in the middle of the shit storm. I can most certainly say without a doubt it’s been quite the roller coaster ride. But as with all great awakenings there are lots of cool things that have come from the nonsense.

I think the most prevalent one, (at least this week) is how addicted I was to my phone. I mean seriously I can’t even tell you the mindless hours I wasted on fb, with absolutely no direction.

The addictions are beyond real for all of us. But as I began to understand that it was actually zapping all of my energy and leaving me feeling really empty and numb on the inside, I was able to do something about it.

Kind of like any other addiction would do. It could be alcohol, gambling, heroin, working, avoiding, eating, and doing. Any of the things that we are doing too much of will harm us in one way or another.

So I had to get real with myself and ask where I needed to change. And immediately I was drawn to my social media. There are many reasons to be online because I run a couple of businesses online and I clearly write a blog online. But there’s also the mindless scrolling and clicking for absolutely no reason, other then I’ve trained myself to do this. There’s not only admitting that it’s emotionally unhealthy, but it’s also taking action to be different.

Yesterday morning I went to a yoga class where God spoke directly to my heart. And he led me to do this! This is not necessarily my choice, but my dharma.

So I took the first steps to reclaim my power by becoming aware of my own bullshit. It wasn’t always as bad as it is right now on fb, but with everything that’s going on I now clearly see their agenda, and I refuse to partake in it.

They want Americans addicted! They don’t care what your addicted too, as long as you never understand your true potential they can keep you small.

Why do you think we have zero mental health services in our schools!? Our kids need to be learning meditation and yoga and lessons way beyond the head and the structure that this world lays out for them.

But instead we continue on the same path we’ve always been on with zero spiritual evolution and more teen suicides then we’ve ever seen before in our entire lives.

And sadly, our phones play a huge role in the disconnect that’s occurring in this world.

It’s hard to accept that your addicted because denial is just another pathway in your brain that keeps you small. But more then just accepting my addiction, I had to consciously decide to do something about it.

To often we settle with the labels that have been placed upon us. If you don’t pay attention you will repeat history and not even realize it.

It was hard to not click on fb, and there were several times I did it and then I had to immediately close it, because I was done denying the control it had over my life.

I want to be able to write and teach and create magic again from my heart. 2020 had me off balance in so many ways, but my souls here to reclaim its power. I am way more useful when I’m not online all day then when I am.

This in turn creates lots more space for me to do things with my family and my friends. As the Gottmans always say it’s the little things often that matter the most.

Are you willing to put down the phone and show up for you? Are you strong enough to admit the hold it has over you? Will you be brave enough to save your kids from their screens?

I hope you do and I’m here if you need any help. May you be the light and the love the world needs.


Love Tay Tay

A girl poem

Celebrating #internationaldayofthegirl

Be thankful for your freedoms, your choices and your privileges 🌟not everyone has choices like ours💕

Raise strong girls
We don’t conform girls
We use our voice girls
Raise girls who take up space
Who laugh out loud
Who aren’t afraid to get dirty Girls
Raise bold girls
Stand up for other girls
Self love kind of girls
Raise brave girls
I’m not afraid girls
Get out of my face girls
Raise girls that break the mold girls
The kind the planet needs more of girls
Vulnerable and tough girls
Raise them different
So they might change the world girls

Written by Tavia Hayduk
Gangster Of Love & Light

Harvest Season 2020

Good morning beautiful souls! It’s that time of the year again which means it’s getting cold outside, and the harvest season is upon us.

If I’m being completely honest it’s not my favorite time of the year, because I love summer. And it’s almost the anniversary of my accident and I don’t like that either.

Why is it that the things that hurt us the most, also make us grow the most? Why must we endure so much pain in order to come home to ourselves?!?


Why are our souls exactly like the seasons beckoning us to accept ALL that there is, and ALL that’s yet to come?

I don’t have all of the answers but I sure as shit have discovered some of the wonders of this world.

I think sometimes we’re our own worst enemy and in order to become more of our authentic selves we have to undo all that’s been done to us.

The things that we’ve avoided will eventually catch up with us. We can choose to keep running and avoiding or we can choose to be still and feel.

Either way it’s up to you. Can you take the pain in your life and make it power?

Can you turn your wounds into wisdom?

All that you’ve gone through isn’t for nothing! It’s for you and theres a huge life lesson attached to each traumatic experience that you’ve survived.

I know great emotional and physical pain. I watched my best friend die and there wasn’t a single thing I could do about it. I know what it’s like to have an accident where you lose both of your front teeth. I also know what it’s like to be shaking in shock as they remove your teeth while your wide awake. I know what it’s like to have something stolen from you at a young age. I know what it’s like to hurt, but I also know what it’s like to heal.

There’s power in overcoming all of the things that were sent to destroy you.

You are not your pain friends, you are so much more.

My wish for you is that you learn to turn your wounds to wisdom during the Harvest of 2020.

You’ve got this!

💜Tay Tay

How I lost & found myself in a journey online

It’s kind of crazy for me to think I’ve been growing an online business for 5 years already, but nonetheless it’s true.

It’s been quite an amazing adventure into the unknown. I’ve learned so much about myself by doing things that scare me. I don’t even know what a comfort zone looks like anymore and I’m ok with this.

In the beginning I wanted to start a business because I was wasting to much time on the internet and I had absolutely nothing to show for it. I knew that my time could be better spent elsewhere.

I started a business with Neora and I kicked ass and totally rocked the business. That gave me a new found energy that I hadn’t experienced before. It came from learning a new way to think and by surrounding myself with a new energy.

They say you are the sum of 5 people you hang out with most, and it was time for me to up my game.

After about a year and a half with Neora I decided I also wanted to write a blog. So once again not knowing what the hell im doing, I just throw myself out there and go for it.

Sure there were a million reasons why I had no business becoming a writer and why it would never work out. But I somehow told those voices to go sit down and shut up. And I started my own blog, with very few expectations and lots of hopes and dreams.

I loved writing the moment I started. I never had a dream of being a writer, it was surely a gift that I’d buried until I was ready to uncover it.

In the middle of these 2 things, I decided I needed to hire an online coach to teach me how to grow a following. After all I didn’t know a thing about the internet, and there seemed to be some experts out there that could help.

And herein lies the down fall and the lesson. You see as I was being conditioned to be exactly like very one else online, I realized that I was getting further and further away from who I truly was.

They say you have to follow the rules and the rhythm or you’ll never get anywhere. You have to give away something free, like a webinar and this in turn gives you people’s email addresses.

Next you have to start a group and put all of your people in the group so that you can control what they are seeing.

Then you have to follow a bunch of people and you have to talk to them all. You need to engage with your audience and make sure that they engage with you. This creates an unhealthy addiction to instant gratification with absolutely zero real connection. Kind of like gambling or a drug addiction.

Then they say you also need to have multiple social media platforms so that you can reach your potential clients. And I did all of these things for many months. Chasing my own tale if you will.

And then one day I was on the phone with my coach and he said these exact words to me and it was at that very moment that I woke up. He said “Tavia, do you know what your really good at?” He said, “Your really good at being yourself, but if you want to make it online you can’t be who you’ve always been.”

Mic 🎤 drop……….

My soul shattered for a brief moment because I realize just how far off of my spiritual path I’d strayed.

I had aloud the outside world to influence my life’s mission yet again. Getting caught up in likes and followers had me completely lost.

Answering every single stranger left me depleted and with no energy left to write or work my business. Because this online world is NOT real and it does not fill us up, it actually steals from who we are in our souls.

And as I write this to you today, I can humbly say it was all part of the lesson. I myself always have to remember that I am here for a reason, and that all the paths will lead back to me.

I have zero regrets and I love ALL the lessons that life brings to me. I am honored to be where I am today and I’m proud of all the chances I took on myself.

May you be blessed enough to receive a message for your own heart when someone else delivers it you.

💜 Tay Tay

News flash friends

Good morning beautiful souls! It’s still 2020 and we’re all still surviving the mess. It’s really cold this weekend in Ohio and I had to turn the heat on.

As we’re preparing for an amazing fun filled weekend with our daughter and her friends, I felt the need to pause and write a blog.

What are you giving?

My social media is full of negativity and fear all day everyday. But here’s the thing you guys probably don’t understand. You are perpetuating your own energy and whatever you give away you will receive.

Did you know that your not supposed to know what everyone is thinking or feeling?

Did you know that your either adding to your vibration or your taking away from it?

Did you know that your addiction to social media has changed your personality for the worse?

Are you willing to admit that it does nothing in the way of making you a better and happier person, but that it does keep you small and spinning in circles?

As a spiritual chic I see what’s happening all around me, but I’m powerless to help anyone else wake up.

The world needs love right now. Not more judgments, opinions, fears, accusations and slander. You can truly see that good and evil have collided and I need you to decide where you stand. And then I need you be strong enough to be different then everyone else.

Does your Facebook feed your faith or your fears? Be honest with yourself here. It’s either filling you up or it’s pissing you off and there’s no in between.

You are bigger then all of this nonsense that’s happening around you. Your light is unique for a reason but your fear is the exact same as everyone else’s.

So will you be love? Or will you be fear?

Can you overcome the addiction to your phone and learn to connect with your heart again?

Can you be vulnerable and real in the middle of a shit show?

I sure hope so because if we don’t disconnect from the nonsense and reconnect with our spirits nothing will ever change.

No one really cares what you think they only care what you do!

💜 Tay Tay

How to find your own magic

I’m pretty sure this is how everyone feels their first time to yoga!?!?!?

Yoga is not about self improvement, it’s about self acceptance and you ain’t learning that in any other exercise program.

If we want to live a balanced life then it’s up to us to learn how to open up our hearts and truly live awake, instead of merely existing.

The world needs you to shine your light now more then ever✌️

I want to teach you about the magic power that exists inside you🌈

💜 Tay Tay

Vibe & Flow With Us

I’ve been working really hard on a special announcement 💜

We’ve had lots of questions about online classes and as promised I’ve created a new space for us to grow together in.

For $22.22 a month you will become a part of our online community.
You will receive 3 brand new live yoga lessons a month to watch at your convenience along with lots of other amazing perks and spiritual guidance from yours truly!

This will never replace the community that comes from practicing together but it will surely help those of you who are far away or really busy.

I can’t wait to take up space with you💜

Join us on Facebook

💜 Tay Tay