She never claimed to be perfect

She never claimed to be perfect. She was a bit wild and messy at times. But her love was electric and incomparable by average standards. She was magical in ways that others were afraid of, because no matter how much pain was brought her way, she turned that shit to love.

In a fake world being real isn’t the path most followed. In fact most people don’t even know their real selves. They know their ego, and their broken, and their victim, and their judge really really well, but they don’t know their hearts.

No one has played you more then you have played yourself. Wherever you are or where you are not is up to you dear one. Only you are in control of you.

Perfection is a disorder of the mind. You can’t control anything or anyone but yourself, no matter how hard you try. And what a waste of energy, that could have been used on finding your own heart.

This world is never going back to the way that it was and I thank Jesus every single day.

You were not made to be perfect, but you were made to be real. If you don’t know who you are and what you want, then don’t expect anyone else to know.

Open your hearts and find your spirits before it’s too late.


The wild and messy one

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