We all need to go back to 1986

Good morning beautiful souls! I came across this picture of my sister and I in 1986 and it really got me thinking about what we’re all missing out on today.

You see today’s kids and adults are missing a vital element to a balanced life and that is simply being bored. You cannot be bored if your always busy. And you can’t connect to your heart with your phone in your hand.

I know it seems so simple, yet we live in a world that refuses to acknowledge their own part in the demise of the future generations and their own emotional well being.

We were bored in this picture so we had to create our own fun. We had to use our little imaginations so that we wouldn’t just sit there and complain all night about having nothing to do. We had to get creative and we did just that.

This is what boredom does! It ignites a spark from the divine and magical soul. It creates space where we were once stuck and it allows us the freedom and the power to create more magic in our own lives.

You and your kids need less entertainment. You need less things to do and less places to be. We need to get back to back yards and good friends. We need to play more in healthy ways and stop spending money on more things. We all need more yoga and meditation and less self comparison.

I had fun with my sister back in the day. We had phones with cords attached to the walls and you we’re only aloud on there for a short bit. And then your mom was coming for you! Mind you this was before call waiting so the phone would ring busy, and apparently she was waiting on someone important to call. (No she wasn’t, this was just part of the 80’s rules for life)

We had to actually listen to the words on a tape in order to find out the lyrics to a song. We got out our pencils and paper and we sat there pushing play, and then rewind and then pause, as we tried with our whole hearts to get the lyrics right. Kids now a days push a button, and up comes the song and the lyrics, and a video and 5 other versions of the same song.

We climbed trees and we drank out of garden hoses. We spent entire days out of our homes at the pool and the park in the summer, and no one called children’s services. We had camp outs, and water balloon fights, and we rarely ventured inside.

We didn’t go out to eat hardly ever and if we did it was a treat. We lived a simple life and I’m certain that we all need a lot more presence in our lives.

As we continue into the unknown please understand that all of this nonsense is far from over, but that you have the ability to create something new.

You are the change this world needs. Put down your phones and engage with your hearts.


Your light is powerful and you don’t even know it

We will never understand how powerful our light is until we’re brave enough to walk through our own darkness.

Yoga is the answer for all healing. It’s not a work out it’s a work in, which explains why many people avoid it all together.

They truly don’t love themselves, so they can’t be still with their own minds and hearts. 💜

That unwillingness to be still is not who you are. That’s a part of your ego that doesn’t want you to ever find your authentic self.

We are our own worst enemy because we always think we have it all figured out. But when you finally allow yourself the time to heal and to be still, everything changes.

We weren’t put here to stay asleep and live a life of thinking. We we’re out here to awaken from our slumber, heal our hearts, and share love differently then the world.

You cannot become who your supposed to be by remaining who you are.
We’ve got class tonight in Bellefontaine at 5:30.
See you there 💜

The Simple Life

Good morning beautiful souls! Im writing to you from my couch, sipping on my coffee and listening to the birds sing through an open window.

I don’t know what’s changed about you and your life in the last year but ALL of the things have changed for me.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning to live awake. To heal my hurts so that I pass on less dysfunction to my kids. I used to spend money on things that didn’t matter. Always shopping snd looking for some form of outside entertainment to fill me up.

But now, I spend my days finding animals to love on the side of the road. It didn’t cost a thing, but I feel more alive today then I ever have in my entire life. I go on adventures in the creek with grand baby!

I teach yoga a few times a week and I’m Slowly but surely growing a new tribe. Helping people learn to love with open hearts and to let go of all of the things that threaten to keep them small. I think God has me right where he wants me, and I’m truly living my dharma.

My husband and I started a garden for the very first time in 20 years and we’ve been able to grow even closer because of it. It feels so good to be on new adventures in the same location.

I’ve found that most of what I need comes from those that I love. It turns out that the home and family life are way more fulfilling then you could ever imagine.

My time around people is very limited and I like it this way. I am accessible but not in the ways that I used to be. Energy means everything and it speaks without words. You must become responsible for your own light in these times and understand everyone’s journey is different.

I love spending time with my daughter even though she’s 16! Hahahahha! You know how it is. It won’t be long before she gone and every time I feel annoyed I remind myself of this.

I’ve been blessed with a husband who takes care of us so that I can heal and grow and teach and learn and write and lead us in a new direction. Thank you babe for taking care of your girls.

I am blessed beyond belief and somehow I’m happier with less.


Massive online brainwashing in effect

Watch project veritas for the full report.

I’ve been dealing with this shit for almost 3 years now. But what I didn’t know was why I was being targeted.

I went from getting thousands of reads from here in my blog, to literally none because they blocked my URL. (But I didn’t know why)

I went from having thousands of likes to minus thousands of likes. So all the work I’ve put in writing over the last 5 years gets blocked, slowly but surely.

In no way shape or form is it ok for you to decide who sees my writing.

I remember telling my friends at work about this a couple years ago and throwing a fit about it at the same time. No one seemed to understand why it bothered me sooooo much, but now everyone is being forced to pay attention. When you work really hard to crate something from nothing and someone else begins to censor you it’s not cool.

It felt like my voice was being taken away and this was before all the lies of 2020. You see friends I was right all along. This platform is using you even though you think your using it.

From the very beginning it seems as though there’s a narrative, and now the whistle blowers are here to share the truth.

You are the biggest social experiment of our time. Most of you only get your information from here and a lot of it is simply fear based to get you to comply.

Maybe you don’t care that you’ve been used?!? But I sure as shit do! I care that I used to get soooo many reads and views and they all stopped because I refuse to conform. It’s not about the numbers it’s about the truth.

You’ve been given a Score and I can’t even use the letters because this post will get flagged, but if you are for the V your comments and pages are being seen. If your against it your being hidden because they don’t want you to think for yourself.

I know this is only the beginning but I can’t wait for all of this to come out. 💜
See you on the flip side of what’s real

Where do I find my tribe?

Where do I find my tribe?!?

When it comes to yoga one of the most commonly asked questions I get is “Where should I go?”

With so many available options you are sure to find your tribe somewhere. I highly recommend trying out a few different yoga classes and teachers to find what style works best for you.

Yoga is not one size fits all, and what you need from class might not be what someone else needs.

When I first started doing yoga I would try all the classes and all the teachers. Some of them will resonate with your heart and some of them will not.

There’s no right or wrong here with these feelings. I always teach more then just yoga in my classes, and while some people love that, other people don’t want anything to do with that and that’s cool too.

Yoga is different for everyone because we all don’t walk the same path and we don’t have the same missions in life.

You will go to some classes and fall in love immediately with the teacher. You will have an unspoken bond with this person and you will be able to grow in this space.

Other times you will go to a new place and you will hate the entire class and the teacher. But this is ok too! Because you’ve ventured out of your comfort zone and your taking the time to find what fits.

Don’t try yoga once and hate it and never go back. Try another class somewhere else until you find your vibe tribe! Understand that all teachers are different and your energy will align with your spiritual guide.

I think one of my favorite parts of being a yoga teacher is seeing my faithful students show up to class again and again and again.

I never anticipated how amazing it would be to watch them grow. I feel honored and privileged to have taught them sooooo many classes.

My classes always tend to go beyond just yoga and help us learn to heal spiritually.
Maybe you don’t want any WooWoo in your yoga?!?!? Then you would visit another place until you find your tribe.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they would come to my class I would be rich! That’s their soul voice that says I’ll come and try something new. But their head voice takes over and then their excuses become bigger then their hearts. 💜

You are not your thoughts!
Love Tavia



What the world really needs

Good morning beautiful souls. It’s crazy to me to think this is the beginning of my 6th year of writing a blog. I am impressed by willingness to learn new things and to stick with them. (That’s not how I used to be)

I am thankful for the mission that God has sent my soul on. It’s not one without pain and endurance, but on the other side of darkness there’s a new day.

Why was I created? It’s taken me many many years to figure that one out and to fully accept all the things in my life. But looking back and allowing myself the grace to understand that there are no mistakes I see why I’m so different.

I’m here to teach you how to be different then this world. We are the earth people! The spiritual souls placed here in order to bring stillness and peace to our own hearts so that we might share that magic with others.

I learned so much the last year about myself and about my priorities. But more then that I learned what’s truly important in my life.

I learned how to be still with Tavia, and how to love her differently then every before. I know without a doubt I’m here to help you find your authentic self. I’m here to help you learn that outside accomplishments are not as important as God and your marriage and your kids. (Don’t like it, don’t love it free will)

When we are not over worked and super stressed out entire lives change. When we take the time to be still with ourselves we are learning how to listen to our guts. You have an intuition that’s so amazingly powerful that it can lead you to ALL the new places you wish to visit.

There’s a huge realm of life beyond your little thinking mind and that’s where the open hearts and the spiritual friends come in.

You see the world doesn’t need more “successful” people, it needs more people to be still.

💜 Tavia


I let go of all the things that no longer served me

I let go of self comparison and trying to be like anyone else, simply because I realized who God made me to be.

I let go of suffering and I continue to practice this hundreds of times a week.

I let go of what I think my life should look like and trusted the plan even when I was afraid.

I let go of the feelings that have been trapped inside of my body for my entire life.

I let go of playing the victim and the judge because those are 2 aspects of my ego and have nothing at all to do with my soul.

I let go of keeping silent when I really want to share how I feel, because I learned how to use my voice.

I let go of my career because I care more about what’s right then making money.

I let go of friendships where we couldn’t grow together, and God surrounded me with a new tribe.

I let go of holding onto resentment and anger by learning how to feel all of the things that I’ve pushed away my entire life.

I let go by being still
I let go by feeling
I let go by loving Tavia in a way that she’s never been loved 💜
I let go by creating boundaries
I let go by teaching
I let go by learning
I let go by loving
I let go of it All and I will let go every single day for the rest of my life

© Tavia Hayduk 2021


If they are bribing you to do something it’s probably NOT in your best interest

Good morning world! It’s my birthday tomorrow and it’s even wackier then it was last year.

Why you ask?!? Because we are living in what often times feels like the twilight zone. If I could brainwash you all with love instead of fear, trust me I’d do it.

However no matter what you think or feel about the state of the world, after last nights Ohio’s announcement by our evil dictator, I had to write about it so I don’t ever forget.

I was in complete shock when I heard the latest news that you could win a million dollars if you got the shot. What in the actual fuck?!? Seriously what the fuck???

Guys your government doesn’t love and they never have. You’ve been lied too, gaslighted, fear mongered, masked, locked away, and now they are using you as an experiment. all the while they have you stuck because of what they’ve done to you over the last year.

You’ve been traumatized with fear and lied to over and over and over again. At this point in the game I need you to wake up! Pay attention to what’s happening and ask yourself why?!?!?

Fear based decisions don’t come from your heart or God, but they do come from manipulation. You cannot trust God and the government so choose wisely.

I’ve read and heard lots of things about this shot, one of them being if you get it your life insurance is void. (Prove me wrong please?)

I’m beginning to think our Amish friends had it right all along. No 📺 TV and no fear. Your being tested on every level, and God needs his strongest earth people to step up.

I hope your not full of regrets in 5 years because it will be to late then.

You have choices, will you use them?


Becoming the mother God made to be

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. Hugs to those of you who don’t have your mommas, my heart feels for you. To those mommas who have lost a child I see you, and your not alone.

I’ve been a mother more of my life then I haven’t. I had Tevin my senior year of high school and I was 17 years old. I’ll be 47 next week and my daughter Peyton is 16. So for 30 years I’ve been practicing how to be a mom through trial and tribulations.

I’ve grown over the years, thank goodness and so my parenting has changed with me. As I get older I tend to lean on Gods word for what he wants from me. As we’ve all tried the rat race of being too busy and being too tired to even hang out with your own kids.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over all the years it’s that your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they want a real mom. I know it’s easy to get lost in thinking your doing it all wrong, but I think the worlds been wrong all along.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work outside the house when your legacy is your family. It’s been my life’s mission to overcome my childhood traumas and to pass on less dysfunction to my kids.

This is not an easy path and it’s by far the road less traveled, but I wasn’t necessarily made for easy. If you don’t know what to do, sometimes we do nothing, and so the cycles continue. But there’s hope and there’s light inside you and God made you their momma for a reason.

Here’s a little bit of advice from my heart to yours.

Learn about conscious parenting and heal your wounds or you will pass it all on. The road to hell was paved with good intentions but you must deal with your past or it will deal with you.

Don’t make your kids the center of of your universe when your spouse should be your everything. Your kids are NOT who you are they are only a small part of what you leave behind. Your greatness is in how well you love and heal.

Make time every single day for you. We were taught that a good mom does it all and receives very little. I’m here to tell you that your going to be a better mom if you take an hour a day to do yoga and to be still. You cannot pour from an empty cup and that’s Gods word not mine.

Don’t teach your kids how to be the victim in life. Teach them how to not give a damn about what the other kids say. There’s power in self love and not taking anything personal is an agreement we all need to learn.

Your job is to nurture these souls that are on loan to you, because one day very soon they are going to be living their own lives and what you put into their hearts matters way more then what you put into their bank accounts.

Mothers your jobs are simply to heal your own hurts. If you can pass on the dysfunction then you my sweet friends can pass on the healing.

May you truly learn to be different then this world.

Love Tavia