My Lovely Summer

Good morning to my friends all over the world. I sometimes forget to update you and keep you in the loop. But this morning I wanted to share my summer with you. Maybe you know, I quit my job because I chose free will over silly rules the government wants to make.

So my entire life changed. I gave up my income and I decided it was time for a new adventure.

I was a broken kid therefore it’s on my heart to help other kids. I took it upon myself this summer to try to to teach as many kids as possible about yoga, and the benefits it had for their little hearts and their heads.

I raised the donations so we could go to Church Camp. I also donated classes to our local COG chapter in the park all summer. I hosted a teen bracelet making meditation and yoga class, a summer yoga camp, and rock painting classes.

I did my very best to reach as many kiddos as I possibly could, and it was my favorite summer yet.

I used to spend summers drinking all day in pools, but God said Girl, it’s time to step into your wisdom. So I did just that.

It’s amazing what happens when you follow your heart instead of your head. I lived my very best life this summer surrounded by beautiful souls and love.

Thank you to everyone who has ever donated money, time, or supplies to Awakened Soul Yoga, or My Safe Place.

We always have scholarships available for the kids that can’t afford it, and we never tell anyone who is getting them.

Some people decide to teach yoga because it’s trendy and cool. Other times it’s their dharma and they were born to do this.

I don’t know where we go from here, but I’ve already got a lot of new ideas in the works. I hope you enjoy some of these beautiful faces because their smiles are only a small part of who they are.

The bonds created will never be broken, and the seeds that we’re planted are sure to grow.

Thank you God for allowing me to take up space in the hearts of so many.


I’ll be adding more amazing photos soon!

We have online classes and in person workshops. We provide individual classes along with group settings for adults and kids alike.

We are still working with the kiddos today and will share more later. Donations are always welcome through Venmo all year long, or can be mailed directly to us.

God has not called you to fit in!

Make peace with your past

Good morning beautiful souls. As I was doing my yoga this morning I was thinking about how often we wish to erase the messy parts of our lives.

We want to go back and change things, even when it’s impossible. Learning to accept your darkness just like you accept your light is quite the balancing act.

As we are humans we tend to fall back into the trap of our unconsciousness and thus continue on the patterns we’ve unconsciously learned.

But guess what friends? All the avoiding will have you and your soul tired and weary and confused.

ALL the things are a part of your journey. Feeling shame from anything in the past is a tool the devil will use to keep you small.

I’ve written blogs for years, and if I went back and erased all of the ones that I didn’t like, then I would be trying to erase my entire story.

There’s no need to be afraid when God chooses you to do his work. Just like he did with Job, he did the same thing to me.

And the really cool part is that I let him transform my story and I decided to chose love instead of suffering.

Understand that you cause your own suffering and that your addicted to it.

Know that good and bad are normal and that you can’t have one without the other.

Look back on your past with Grace and love and zero judgment for your choices.

I am rooting you on your healing journey. I will hold space for your healing in ways that you’ve never experienced before.

We will walk forward arm in arm with our hearts open ready for our next adventure.


What Is Faith?

I think faith is having hope in the middle of darkness. It’s a feeling that comes from the heart and not the head. It doesn’t mean that one is completely fearless, but that their fear doesn’t own them. It doesn’t make decisions for them based on more fear.

Fear simple means false evidence appearing real. And if that doesn’t describe the last year and a half then nothing will.

I’m sorry you’ve been lied to, and things are going to get worse from here. It’s not to late to give your heart to God because he will win in the end.

I hope some you have been taking notes every single month, because people ten years from now will not believe what we experienced. I think you yourself are probably still in shock and denial. Thinking your lives will return to normal when there is no more normal.

Desperately trying to do things the exact same way you’ve always done them, not really understanding it’s you who needs to lead the way.

The other morning I was doing a friends hair and she had just come from church. I asked her to share the message with me and she did.

Guess what she said to me?!? It was a confirmation I was on the right path, and that God was using her to get the message to me.

She said that the pastor told them when you are a Christian, you will lose friends. You will be mocked, ridiculed, and made fun of, and that’s how you will know your doing his work.

I had a gift of seeing through the nonsense of this whole plandemic. I followed my heart and used my free will to stand up to the evil in this world.

I said no a long time ago and I tried to warn those that I loved. But they wouldn’t listen. They played the game and they listened to the wrong people. But dear ones that’s the beauty in free will.

That’s the ultimate gift of our father. No one can make you do anything, that’s all on you. Your choices, your decisions, your life’s direction are the sum of all of your choices.

I had to use my gifts to take action because that’s why God made me. If you were given a gift and you don’t use it, Lord have mercy on your soul.

It’s time to admit where you need change and allow God to shape your heart. It’s the only way.


Raising Vibes

Happy Friday beautiful friends! I hope you’ve spent time being still this week so that you can find your sweet spot.

If there’s one thing the worlds missing it’s rest. God talks about the sabbath all the time, and he very clearly tells us that we must rest to be whole.

And this is also where free will comes in. If your like the world then you are looking for happiness outside of your families.

You are overworked and spread thin, and by the time you finally get home for the night, you’ve got nothing left to give to the ones that matter the most.

You can do all the amazing things you want, but God tells us that our most important work is done within our own homes and our own hearts.

So every week we take the time to come together in community and to share ourselves in vulnerable ways. Holding space for one another and helping them through their lives up close and personal.

The internet has ruined most things and people and as much as I would love to save everyone, we all know only you can save yourself.

I will never stop learning to be still because it’s been the most magical journey yet. I caution you highly against burning the candle at both ends. Not only will you suffer but your entire family will suffer as well.

Have you ever asked God what he wants you to do? Or do you listen to yourself always?

We don’t need more denial in the world, we need more stillness. We need those willing to be different, no matter what.

We need you to stop being busy. To start making time for God, family and yoga. We need real connection and less phones. We need more action and less words.

Will you raise the vibration by being still with us?

I sure hope so! I believe in you.


Educate yourselves

I’m often perplexed by those that refuse to acknowledge the truth.…/american-rescue-plan-elementary…/

And This ones been archived?!? Wonder why?

Love ya 💜✌️🧘‍♀️🙏☀️🌱🌈🌎

If peace is around you, it will also be in you

Happy Friday Friends 💜

I hope this blog finds you well. I’m on day 4 of no fb and it’s been quite inspiring. I’ve also now written 4 days in a row, so it seems my energy is better spent.

Last night I had yoga in the park and it was the most beautiful evening.

Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

If your surrounded by chaos then you will always be full of chaos. But, if you take time every single day to find stillness, then you will also be creating peace within.

I found this poem by Leza Lowitz and I wanted to share it with you.


How difficult it is to stand straight and talk.

How much more difficult to do it on one leg.

God knew what she was doing when she mad us bipedal.

Yet we spend most of life hunched over, denying the true weight of the gift we’ve been given.

Now the trunk aches as it tries to expand to full height-buried, as it’s been, in the bone.

Gain and loss

Victory and defeat

Fame and shame

Body and mind

Mind and soul-

Dualities vanish.

The tree grows green against the blue sky, drawing the suns rays through the slatted shutters of the ribs.

We are the roots.

We are the forests and the trees.

Here, there is only one trunk.

On it rests the world.

I think that’s pretty beautiful and amazing. Practice yoga, and then pass the gift onto your kids and grandkids.


Transcend dear ones

Good Morning Friends! We need more boys to become men right now & we need more girls to become women. We need healing and soul work and evolution of the heart.

We have so many people stuck in their old pain patterns. Unwilling to look inside because they have become one with their hurts.

We need you! The world needs you hearts open. We need less fear a whole more love, which will only come from women. Because that’s our super power. That’s why they called them witches, simply because they empowered other women with love. Of course this had to be some kind of hex or black magic because of the healing energies that took place.

But you know they weren’t witches, they were magical beings who knew the power of the spirit. They faced all their adversaries head first and even when it was hard and uncomfortable they chose to keep moving forward.

They knew that you couldn’t have happiness without sadness, and life without death. They understood the circle of life, and decided to treat each day like the gift that it was.

As they grew into their hearts and away from their heads, they began to transcend to the next phase of life. Bringing healing to all those that came before, and to all the generations yet to come.

Understanding that healing is never ending journey, but it’s also the best adventure of my entire life. Because now I get to feel a whole lot more then I think. I get to teach and create self love and I think it’s quite beautiful.

I hope your willing to transcend beyond your little girl or little boy.


How I’m taking my life back from my phone

Good morning friends! I did it! I deleted my personal fakebook page. In a week I plan on only visiting my business page to post once a day.

It’s quite interesting how much denial we are in when it comes to our phones, but I got this and so does anyone else who wants to feel human again.

I felt like I was breaking up with my boyfriend, and I had a lot of anxiety. They don’t make it easy and I promise you after I taught yoga somehow it was reconnected. So I had to go through the process again. I don’t know how or why it happened, but it did. My mom sent me a message so I was able to go fix it.

This morning I listened to first 15 in my bed with my husband, instead of numbing out on fb. Now I’m drinking coffee and writing a blog. How insane it is to try to fight a system that already owns you.

You must understand when anything is free that YOU are the product. I know it’s hard, I understand the excuses the ego provides to stay on social media. But I suggest some new platforms that weren’t built to hide comments, and opinions and to only create one narrative.

Disconnect to reconnect to your self. Our phones have made us hate people on fb that we used to love. Tik Tok has me loving people I don’t even know. God wants me to take this journey and then help others break free from the dopamine addiction. He wants to shape a mold my spirit and I’m ready to listen.

I will let you know what’s going on inside me and around me during this detox process. Yesterday I felt like a crack head and I’m not even kidding. But that passed after an hour of telling myself there was no going back.

I didn’t deny my feelings, instead I acknowledged them and I worked through them. You are addicted and it’s hurting all social aspects of finding your heart and keeping it real.

Mental health is lost in your hand and found in your stillness. Olive you friends!



Good morning beautiful souls! I hope this blog finds you well, even in the middle of the storms.

I came across this quote when I was reading a book yesterday about women who teach. It said “Good speech or bad speech, if either one touches you more than the other, you’ve got a problem.” And I was like you can say that again.

Some of you might read that and not understand it at all, and that’s ok. But to those you that are intrigued by it, I’m writing to your soul.

If the words someone says to you fills up your ego, instead of your heart, then those words are here to teach you a lesson.

If the words fill up your hurt, instead of your heart, then you’ve got another lesson to learn.

When you are learning self love, it requires a lot of time alone. Learning everything I can about myself, my triggers, my trauma, and my beautiful scars. No longer willing to walk through this world as the victim or the judge, I took on the daunting, yet beautifully amazing task of healing the soul.

You cannot heal in the same environment that hurt you, and neither can your kids. Beware where you are allowing generational curses to seep into your own families.

I’ve spent years unveiling layer after layer of protection that I built around my heart, so that I might be able to pass on healing to the future generations. In doing all of these things, Ive learned that once you start the process it’s a never ending journey. You couldn’t change a single thing if you wanted to, and nothing could ever be different.

Mastering your mind is by far your most important mission on earth. Because once you understand the mind, you will be able to find your way to the spirit much faster. Love, and vulnerability are a super power, and most don’t understand that.

But l, if you are willing to walk through all the darkness, you will be able to understand what purpose it serves you.

Do not allow words to shape you. They are neither good or bad they just are. And that’s the lesson of the spirit. Ego seeks revenge, and is full of gossip and bitterness. Heart seeks understanding and oneness.

Gather in these times with like minded community. Get your hearts and your minds in order. Allow yourself to let go of the way you thought your life should be and ask our Father what he wants for you. And then be prepared to let go of all the things he takes away.

Be still and know that you are the ultimate expression of love. That we are all connected and that we all want to be loved, seen, and understood.