You can’t censor the whole world

Good morning beautiful souls and thank you Jesus for giving me this blog as a platform. You guys the shits hitting the fan.

They’ve been using fear against us and it worked for a while, until some of us woke up. We were unable to be subdued by the lies anymore.

Sure we played along in the beginning because we had no clue what was happening, but we are no longer playing by your rules.

Instead I’m playing by the rules of the spiritual world. I will not live in fear, I will not be programmed by the media. I will not be silenced even when you try to censor my Facebook.

Truth Tellers United

The government doesn’t think your smart enough to figure things out but I believe in you. I think your amazing and that your spirit is exactly what this world needs more of.

Please connect with me on all of social media’s because it’s going down for real. I simply shared a video about a lady and her story from you tube and they told me it was a lie.

I call bullshit! She’s aloud to tell whatever story she wants, because it’s her story to tell. You don’t get to decide what her truth is and I’ll be the one who helps her get it out.

The government is using fear against you and it’s time to wake up and have faith in the one true king! It’s time to stop being afraid and it’s time to stop allowing other people to tell you how to think and how to live.

Turn the news off your being brain washed!

Fill your heart with love not fear and hold on friends shits going down!

Love you

Tay Tay

The power was inside you all along my dear

Good morning friends! How are you? I’m at the beach enjoying my vacation and soaking up the sun.

As we continue on this journey through the unknown, I wanted to write to all of spiritual friends.

I need my people who believe in something bigger then themselves to step into the light and use your voices. I don’t care if you call him God, Buddha, Mother Theresa, or the universe. Please don’t get caught up on the technicalities of the name, or you’ll never get through the fear.

That’s just your brains way of keeping you trapped in fear, and sweet friends the government isn’t of the spiritual realm.

I mean seriously people when in your entire life, have all the leaders in the world agreed on anything?

When have you ever seen so much news coverage and live videos of politicians and their silly ideas?!?


And do you know why?!? It’s because they are using your own fear against you. Does that sound like someone who cares about you?! Or does that sound like someone who thinks your not smart enough to think for yourself?!?

Know who else uses fear against you?!?

It’s the devil! Now you get to decide where your power comes from! It’s locked away deep inside you and it doesn’t come from your head. But you’ve got to be stronger then you’ve ever been in your entire life.

You have to stop watching the news, they are brainwashing you and you are allowing it to happen.

You have to ask whoever you believe in to take away your fears. You have to be able to admit that you are a part of the problem and then you must be willing to do something differently.

If you can be manipulated by fear, imagine what can happen if you were instead led by love.

I can tell you this without a doubt, we’re going to be fine! Gods plan is way bigger then mans ego and love always wins.

You get to decide what rules your playing by. You get to shape and mind your children instead of the government. You get to instill love and faith and perseverance, instead of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

Things are NEVER going back to normal because the world was full of greed and ego and my fathers plan is much more beautiful then mans.

Fear produces more fear! Take care of your heart and then go take care of others! The power is inside you but you’ve got to want to live more then you want to be still.

Love Tay Tay

Gangster of Love


A big fat thank you

Hello beautiful souls! I am on vacation for 10 days with my amazing husband and to say I’m in thank you mode is an understatement.

I am so in my feels because in 2 short weeks I’m about to graduate from YTT and it’s a dream that’s been on my heart for many years.

I wanted to teach self love for many years but the time wasn’t right, and now I know why. Gods plans are always so much better then my plans. He knew what studio he wanted me at and exactly when I would be there. He hand picked my teacher and all of my sisters of light to see me through this journey.


It took me exactly 46 years to learn how to love ALL of me, and now I just wanted to say thank you. It’s my prayer lately to God, instead of asking for things I’ve just learned to be in love with all that I have.

And please don’t think for one single second that I haven’t been through complete and total darkness to get here, because it’s the only way to get to the light. Anyone who is where I am now will gladly tell you that it is all of hurts that help get you where

I had to work my way through many different struggles, but that’s how you know your finally healed. It’s when you’ve transformed all of your pain into love and now you get to help others do the same.

I am so thankful that things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to, or I would never be writing to you today.

Thank you to those of you who truly showed up last year for me. I’ll even say thank you to those of you who didn’t show up, because I learned a huge lesson there as well.

Thank you to my husband for allowing me to follow my crazy dreams and for letting me be me. Thank you to my son for allowing me the opportunity to be your momma, I’ve learned so much about love simply by watching you grow. To my beautiful daughter, thank you for teaching me about patience and perseverance and about being true to you. To my momma, thank you for holding space for me always to grow and to become the woman I was created to be. To my best friends, thank you for being my friend, I love you all for various reasons. I don’t let many people in, even though they think they know it all. Being my friend is complicated and rewarding at the same time, because I love with ALL of my heart, and I expect the same loyalty. But you’ve all been absolutely perfect no matter the circumstance.

Thank you Tessa for allowing me the opportunity to influence your beautiful heart and spirit. And last but not least thank you Tatum for reminding me all about the Magic that’s still inside me. Every single time I’m with you I wonder how I lived so long without you.

Thank you for all the good and the bad because I simply couldn’t be Tavia without ALL of the things.

I’m crying as I write this, but I promise you they are tears of joy. You know I always tell you that your tears are the words that your soul can’t speak.

I am exactly where I need to be and I am beyond blessed to have you all in my life.

Thank you

💜 Tay Tay

The only label I’m willing to wear

A lesson on self love
Emotional intelligence
And not judging

I am green
And I love being green
If you are not green
I am not against you
I don’t need you to change your mind
And I’m still able to love you no matter what

This is what the world needs more of
Stop fighting and judging each other
Open your hearts
Get out of your heads
Because fear is the most boring thing about you


Love your neighbor 💜

Share if you agree and tell me what color you are
P.s. your aloud to change your mind at any given time

Tavia Hayduk
Gangster of love
Copyright © 2020

I won’t live in fear any longer

Good morning world! How are you?!? I’m so thankful for this freaking blog, because it actually gets out and uncensored. My Facebook and Twitter are a hot mess right now. It seems as though our freedoms have all been thrown out the window, due to greed and corruption.

Now, the people here are all divided and pointing the finger at each other. Blaming and shaming and creating more chaos and negative energy. They seem to be more worried about what other people think then getting their own affairs in order?!?!?

On a daily basis I read if you vote for Trump then your this, and if you support BLM, the. your this, and blah blah blah blah blah.

Quite frankly I’m over it all. I truly believe that covid is a real thing, however they used fear against us and it worked.

In the beginning I willing complied to keep my family safe, and I followed the rules as this entire thing unfolded. However let’s just fast forward a few months and take a look at all of the evidence that currently surrounds us, and add it to all of the nonsense we’ve been told before now, and you’ve got yourself a great big cluster fuck of fears and emotions.

I’m not going to waste my time writing about the political agendas, because God is in the process of taking care of this world, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

My job here on earth is to help lead you to the light so that you can help others stop being paralyzed by fear. The devil uses your head as a playground against you, and now the government is doing the same.

I will not be afraid anymore. I am the daughter of the one true king and his plan is way better then yours. I will not wear a mask anywhere, except for at work simply because I’m forced to.

It’s not my job to keep other people safe. It’s my job to teach people how to keep themselves safe, and happy and balanced. So I will continue on my mission of love and I will leave the fear behind.

Fear only exists in your head and you are not your thoughts!

I see what it’s doing and I won’t have a part in it. Don’t tell people what they think or they believe because it’s not up to you to decide for them.

All feelings are acceptable, but all behaviors are not. God didn’t make me to be afraid, to be silent or to continue to follow the masses.

I was born for this friends💜

What were you born for?

💜 Tay Tay

A story I found to wake you up

A thought provoking little story to wake you up 😲…

From the book: The Devil’s Letters to His Nephew (1942)

“And how did you manage to bring so many souls to hell at that time?

Because of fear.

Ah, yes. Excellent strategy; old and always current. But what were they afraid of? Fear of being tortured? Fear of war? Fear of hunger?

No. Fear of getting sick.

But then, no one else got sick at that time?

No. Yes, they were sick.

I’m sorry. Nobody else was dying?

Yes, they died.

But there was no cure for the disease?

There was.

Then I don’t understand.

Since no one else believed and taught about eternal life and eternal death, they thought they had only that life, and they clung to it with all their strength, even if it cost them their affection (they did not hug or greet each other, they had no human contact for days and days); their money (they lost their jobs, spent all their savings, and still thought themselves lucky to be prevented from earning their bread); their intelligence (one day the press said one thing and the next day it contradicted itself, and still they believed it all); their freedom (they did not leave their house, did not walk, did not visit their relatives.

… was a big concentration camp for voluntary prisoners!

They accepted everything, everything, as long as they could overcome their miserable lives one more day.

They no longer had the slightest idea that He, and only He, is the one who gives life and ends it. It was like that, as easy as it had ever been.

From the book “Letters of the Devil to His Nephew” by C.S. Lewis, the Christian author of the Chronicles of Narnia The book was published in 1942.

Shared from….Angel N Mario Sanchez

I know it seems like the end of world but this had to happen.

When I started writing a blog many years ago I sure as shit can promise you I never imagined I’d be writing about the stuff I’m writing about today.

But as with all things in life, Gods plans always way better then mine. You see I was built for this world where the spiritual realm finally takes over.

But for those of you that are struggling, the sooner you learn acceptance the sooner you can begin to balance your soul.

The way things have always been won’t work anymore. The world was and is full of evil. Just to name a few we had, sex slavery, catholic molestation

cover ups,greed, lies, money laundering, cheating, over worked,over indulged human beings, that get their power from the wrong places.

They don’t value their marriages, or their families and they are not creating the kind of love that the world needs to grow. They have chosen to live the way they’ve always lived because they think that their way is the right way.

As our father has told us time and time again, he is the alpha and the omega and it all begins and ends with him. You must get real with yourselves and dig deep within and decide which side that you are on.

There’s an all out and out battle between good and evil right now and every single word you utter matters. Every action you take is important. Every conversation you have is energy that is either good or bad and it’s not you who decides if it’s appropriate or not. Those days are over.

You can “think” whatever you want, but trust me when I say that there’s lots of human beings that are spiritually awake and we’re put on this earth to help lead the way in 2020.

Everyone won’t be able to admit their own faults. That’s one way to understand hearts. Finger pointing, blame, and anger are just defense mechanisms that help you avoid any real self reflection.

I’ve learned to love my triggers because they are mine to figure out and they are mine to heal. And every single time I meet them with grace and love instead of anger and frustration, more alchemy occurs and more healing happens.

I know it seems like the end of the world, but this all had to happen. You’ve got time to ask forgiveness and to humble yourselves, but denial won’t get you where you need to be.

To all my children of light, protect your space, evil is lurking everywhere. Keep your lights bright and your hearts wide open, you were made for this.

💜 Tay Tay

Avid Woo Woo Speaker

Yoga is so much more then the poses

Yoga is so much more then just the physical pose – Asanas

You also learn about the Yamas which are all about ethics and morals

Samadhi is enlightenment and peace

Dharana is your concentration

Pranayama is breath control

Dhanya equals mediation

Niyamas are simply self observation and discipline

When we go to a normal workout we use our voice that kicks our asses, but when we come to yoga we develop a new voice that helps us love our asses 🧘‍♀️

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and that you take time for you on the mat
Awakened Soul Yoga
💜 Tay Tay

When good takes over

Good morning beautiful souls, I hope your all ready for the weekend. As I was sitting here drinking my coffee I felt the need to write to you about the shift that’s occurring.

You see for many years evil has been plaguing this world. It comes in many different shapes and forms, and it always hides it’s true intentions.

But alas as with all things balance is finally being restored to earth, and I’m so happy to be here to witness it.


America is greedy and selfish and egotistical. We’ve grown away from a simple code of ethics system (which we were born with) and instead we’ve replaced it with our own excuses and messed up logic. (Hence your own broken)

This all had to happen because there was way to much evil winning in this world.

We’ve got child pedophiles all around us and now many of them are being exposed. You guys didn’t really think that fucking kids was ok did you? I mean clearly if you have to fly to another country on a private island, you already know your doing shady shit. And oh to the celebrities that are undercover perverts, your money can’t save you now.

Catholic priests are being called on their perverse actions instead of continuing to be able to hide behind their roles. And lord knows this still has a long way to go, but these are the very first steps in awareness.

What about now that some of you have your own children?!? I’m guessing you think differently now?!? Or maybe not?! Either way I couldn’t be happier that you’ve been exposed and there’s lots more coming your way.

I hope my heart can handle all the names yet to be exposed.

We’re finally talking about racism, which is another huge injustice in this nation. Another inherited trauma that will fester inside of us until we’re brave enough to examine it.

I was just talking to my husband about how I was born for this very time.I live my life by the spiritual world and not by the ways of this world and I always have.

Because the rules of this world are weak and cheap. They consist of greed and never having enough, self comparison, keeping up with the Jones’s, and always trying to make the outside pretty when it’s the inside that needs some work.

We are all the same and it’s time that some of you learn that. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, or black or white, or what your last name is or what street you live on.

You are not any of those things even though some small town minds love to label you. I’m here to teach that your not your label and I can help you overcome the very people that want to keep you small.

But first your going to have to get real with you. Figure out what truly matters in this life before it’s all over and then have the courage to create a new life for you and those you love.

Call out evil!

Call out shame and blame.

Call out weak people who talk about others.

Start using your voice for love instead of hate.

And commit to being the change that the world desperately needs.

I can’t wait to watch the second half of my life on earth because it’s going to be truly magical.

Here’s a little quote I thought you might enjoy from a letter the Archbishop Vigano to our president. And you don’t have to like the president to revive the message and decide where you stand.


💜 Tay Tay

Love always wins

Good morning beautiful souls ☀️

Yesterday my family and I along with roughly 400 other people marched in a peace rally for unification, and my heart is overflowing.

You see friends as much as they try to divide us by our differences, there’s one thing that binds us together and that’s love.

It feels unreal to be able to be apart of changing history and making things different, especially in this little town where change is much needed.

Please don’t allow yourself to get caught up in what you don’t agree with because that’s your mind keeping you small. Instead maybe ask yourself what you actually stand for?!? What your about?!?

Is it love?!? Unity? Kindness? Compassion? Or is it greed? Selfishness? Jealousy? Fear? In order to grow spiritually one must learn to get out of their own heads. Love comes from a place that doesn’t exist in your brain.

Love comes from a feeling not a thought. We must be willing to open our hearts and stop being so guarded and jaded with fear.

Yesterday was amazing and healing and it felt good to stand up for others and to use my voice for the sake of right and wrong.

Don’t allow fear to own you. Wake up and understand that we were born for these times and that were a part of changing history by uniting through love.

The world and the people in it will do anything to throw you off course right now. Don’t falter because your not a worldly soul, you are a spiritual being and it’s time to shine.

It’s not a democratic or a republican issue friends, it’s simply an issue of good and evil and alas the good is taking over.

Namaste beautiful souls

💜 Tay Tay