Ladies this one’s for you

Good morning Dear ones🫶

Today we’re coming in with a hot topic and a sure fire sign your on the path to self love. Without these beautiful parameters in your life, you will more then likely become the people pleaser, the doormat, the martyr, or the bitch, and that’s not all of the options but it’s the main choices.

Women were born knowing how to put others first and to make everyone else feel good. But, then I was born and I came here to interrupt the entire system. It took me awhile to wake up and to remember who I was and why I was here, but we’re doing this thing now.

It seems as though when you decide to love yourself, a lot of people who don’t love themselves are going to have a problem with it. Love your fucking self anyways. You did not come to earth to make money, retire and have a family. That’s an earth path.

Your souls missions is to wake up from your slumber and relearn all the things you’ve been taught. To open up your heart and to allow the flow of love to radiate through you.

Your here to escape the hell of your own thought process and blossom into the beautiful soul that you truly are.

You cannot love yourself without boundaries. They DO NOT make you a bitch, like everyone else will make you think. In fact they are the most beautiful gift you could ever give yourself.

Setting a boundary teaches other people how to treat you. It says no mam, no sir! That’s enough! I don’t like what your saying to me and I don’t like how I feel while your saying it. Therefore if your vibration seems to lower or alter my vibration you have to go.

It has nothing at all to do with you! I can’t control you, I can’t save you, and sure as shit can’t make you surrender to what love is. Therefore I must move on in my life without you. I wish you well! I appreciate whatever role you played in my healing, but I will not tolerate you barfing your unhealed judgments all over me.

I teach love if your forgot. It’s the exact opposite of judgment, For it takes a strong heart to be able to look past the human flaws and see that they are still lovable no matter what.

Enforcing boundaries is an act of self love. I know you were never taught this, neither was I. But I promise you this, it’s by far one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned in my entire life.

And I will teach the shit out of them!

Namaste 🫶


Holding Space

Good Morning Dear Ones! I miss you! I miss my normal life! I miss my writing! So here I am this morning typing away as I eat my yogurt.

I think we all need to learn how to hold space for ourselves and then we will be able to do it for others. I don’t want to teach love here because humans and their ideas of love have been totally misconstrued. So I’m going to do it the way Jesus did. I’m going to see you, and I’m going to hear you and I’m going to let you be yourself, because that’s why your here.

I will not shy away from your darkness because that’s the only way you can get to the light. I will also not allow you to think that you are defined or constrained by the opinions of others.

You are ALL the things and this is what loving yourself means. Integrating the darkness (the mind, the shadow, the trauma) with the light (the heart, & the magic center).

You are a beautiful soul that’s been under a spell for so very long, and your just awakening from your slumber. Surround yourself with those who raise your vibration, and feed into your essence and help you become your most authentic self.

Become disciplined in being with you so you can understand yourself better.

Know that to love your neighbor you must first love yourself. That means you must remove all of the constrictions that stop the flow of love from coming and going from your heart center.

You are exactly where you need to be and nothing could be different. You are both the light and darkness and when your ready you will integrate the shadow self with the light body and you will ascend.

I see you! I hear you! I am you!

Rise brothers and sisters rise


You are the love of your life

Good Morning Dear One🫶

It seems as though the entire world forgot what love looks like. What it actually means, and how to open your hearts to allow the feelings to flow.

What if I told you that until you loved yourself, you will never find a soulmate that’s meant for you. If you don’t take the time to heal your childhood trauma it will manifest and replay itself in all of your intimate relationships.

Relationships have always been my number one priority and that will never change. I don’t care about your bank account, your address, or your profession. But I sure as shit care about your heart, your feelings and your healing. I require depth over distance in all areas of my life.

I’ve worked really fucking hard to remove all of the people, places and things that stop the flow of love. Now we just need humans to learn to love themselves.

But that first requires an intimate relationship with the shadow self. This is where we all begin the work of becoming who we we’re born to be, instead of who our trauma made us. If you can pass on dysfunction you can pass on healing.

I’ve never been more excited about love in my entire life, because I get to teach it. Your words are by far the most powerful gift you have, so do not cast spells that you don’t mean. Don’t use your word to harm others, use them with intention.

We all have so much to unlearn and relearn.

Now offering online soul sessions ❤️



Dear blog, I love you and I miss you and I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you lately. I haven’t had the energy to write as much as I normally do but I’m about to change that.

Yesterday was 3-23-23 and it was the most magical day for manifesting your future desires. So I did just that, and It’s been released into the universe and sealed with a sign, so I know it’s my truth.

I’ve joined forces with Zendoa Healing Arts Center, as a trauma certified yoga instructor, spiritual guide, Reiki practitioner, and healer of the hearts. I work with adults and children of all ages, partnering with schools, day cares, camps, and churches to give our kids the tools they need to bloom where they are planted.

It’s been an amazing addition to my current practices,and while I’m no reiki master yet, I will be by the end of the year.

I’ve spent an entire year at The Building Block with the kiddos every single week. They have grown in ways that I could have never imagined. They have given me just as much love over the last year as I have given them.

It’s been a beautiful relationship to grow. I’ve so very thankful that Katie has an open mind and wants to foster emotional intelligence in the children. They absolutely love all things energy, magic, and yoga. They are going to light up this world like nothing you’ve ever seen before, so make sure to follow them as they grow.

I’ve continued on with my second year of Little Lights Yoga at Dance Fuzion Studios, and we’re so thankful for all of our littles there. Some of them have been doing yoga faithfully for 2 years and it shows. They are expressive and wild and real. I was put on earth to help foster their creativity and to keep their magic alive. The world would love to dull their shine, but I won’t allow that to occur.

I attended my very first drum circle and I’m pretty sure ALL of our ancestors were in that room with us. The healing that occurs in circles is like no other. We are truly raising the vibration of the planet daily, and helping with the collective consciousness.

Lajla and the fam popped into to town for a week and we got to spend a little time with them, which is always good for the heart. 25 years of friendship and growing and here we are. We took Peyton shopping for a prom dress, and Soren and Lajla got to do yoga with us, and they visited The Flying Pepper.

The girls have all settled into the new place and made the adjustment quite beautifully. Some of these ladies have been doing yoga once a week for the last 2 years and it’s the most beautiful thing to watch them grow. To see them shed the things that no longer serve them and remove the blockages from their hearts. To make time in their weekly routines for themselves and to create boundaries where they never had them before.

I can’t share all the amazing things I have planned for the current year, but it’s going to be serendipitous. The end of the wait is near and freedom is calling my name.

Love Tavia 🫶

My Reiki Adventure

Good Morning Dear Ones 🫶

Yesterday I spent the entire day immersed in light and love. Surrounded by the most beautiful souls. I’ve been wanting to learn reiki for an entire year now since I first had it done. I fell in love with Gina (my reiki girl)and the entire experience, so I knew it was time.

Words will never be able to explain the alchemy that occurs in such beautiful environments, but I’ll still try my best to write it all out. When I became a yoga teacher I knew that it was going to be my future. I’d never felt so peaceful in my entire life. I knew what a gift it was to my own body and heart and I wanted to introduce it to as many people as I possibly could.

After learning about Reiki I felt an immediate calling to learn more about it. But then I put my life on hold, and put my dreams off while trying to create a new future. But alas I’m off of stuck and I’m exactly where I need to be. I am moving forward and it’s fucking beautiful. We are entering a new earth and times are going to be different then ever before.

We have more conscious souls on the planet now then we have ever had, which means we will need lots more ways to help our friends with their ascension process. I’ve always been different and I never knew why, until now.

I didn’t come here to fit in, I came to create a new space all together, where people can be seen and heard and understood.

Tessa is my daughter in law and she went with me. It’s been the most beautiful journey to watch her grow and heal and I’m beyond excited to see where her gifts take her.

We will be expanding our hearts and our futures together into the spiritual realm and we are beyond excited for this new chapter!


66 Days

Good Morning Dear Ones 🫶

I’m almost done with the worlds longest break up. I am 66 days away from my court date and I will finally be free. Never ever in a million years did I think it would go the way it’s gone.

But don’t they say the road to hell is built on good intentions. I started the break up process during the spring break of my daughters junior year, because I wanted her to have love in her house for her last year here. It turns out that did not happen.

We’ve all been forced to reside together during this entire process. I could leave, but I would be leaving her behind. He doesn’t want the house, but he also won’t leave. So moving out and moving back sounds kind of crazy.

So I’ve stayed here and I’ve tried my best to avoid him on a daily basis, which wears me the fuck out. Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, ALL the way out. It’s by far one of the most toxic situations for all parties involved.

I gave up the hope of actually agreeing on anything because if I didn’t we’d still be stuck. Living with your ex is awful waffle. He doesn’t seem to ever be affected by it, as he pretends nothings changed. But in 66 days it’s changing!

I will no longer be unable to breathe in my own space. I won’t have to stay confined to my room and I can begin to truly heal in a space that needs a lot of love. I haven’t been the best me having to see him every single day, but it’s almost over.

The end is near and I cannot wait to finally be free. No one should ever have to live like this after they choose to leave their abusive partner. But that’s a lifetime movie waiting to be written.

If your a woman who has had to endure this, I’m sorry and I love you. I see you and you are not alone. This is the year of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine to rise. Karmic relationships are coming to an end and beautiful new beginnings are forming all around us. But first you must learn to love yourself.

The only thing that matters from this point forward is that there will be love in this house. The worlds a mess, but this house will be safe again very soon. A mess, but a safe mess.

I didn’t get it right, and I’ll never get it perfect, but I sure as shit am no longer the victim of an unhealthy marriage and it feels amazing to reclaim my heart space. I apologize to my daughter and myself and I choose to look forward and not backwards.

If you’ve been going through it, maybe it’s time for your karmic cycle to end and your healing to begin. Welcome to a new earth.

🫶A distressed mess Tavia

We’re not ignoring bullshit this year, we’re calling it out

Good Morning Dear Ones🫶

I’m sorry I haven’t written to you all in a while, there’s been so much going on over here.

I started a new yoga business a couple of years ago and I’m really proud of what I’ve built in such a short time, but it seems as though some of you around me are jealous, angry, and obsessed with me and my teachings.

Emotional intelligence is one of things I’ve learned and I now currently teach. I also teach how to heal your trauma, how to have healthy relationships, how to become a conscious parent, and so much more. I am doing this thing with zero support from my family or his. And that’s ok because healing isn’t for everyone.

Facebook just rolled out a new feature, where they tell you who your top fan is, and they put it in a little story. I thought it was so cool and I shared it yesterday. And it turns out after seeing Travis last night at yoga, he needed a little extra love in his life too, so it was a plus for both of us.

Your mean

But then when I was driving to teach yoga I had a notification on my phone from my Facebook. I pick it up to see that it was my mother in law and she’s laughing at my post. I have her and her son and her husband blocked from my social media. But I forgot to block her from my business page. Are you laughing because it’s impossible for me to have a fan? Are you laughing because you never thought I could do what I’m doing? Are you laughing because your mean Af? I don’t really care why your laughing but you will not take up space in my life ever again. You will not cross another boundary I’ve put in place.

Good thing I’ve been doing that healing because I handled the situation differently then the past. I could have ignored her outright call for attention, but by doing so I’d be ignoring my feelings. And I matter so we’re not doing that! I could have called and cussed her out because I felt like it. But I didn’t do that either. I sat with it, and sat with it and then I sent her a text message, and I told her that I’d be sending her a copy of the blog I was writing about cyber stalking and I’d be sure to send her copy and thank you for reminding me to block your ass.

Your obsession with me and my life should have ended when I broke up with your son in January of 2022, but it didn’t. The way you’ve treated me and my son over the years will take a lot of time to heal, but we will heal. And you will never again be able to silence me.

I will be calling out ALL unacceptable behavior this year from anyone in my life. Friends, family, lovers, past, present and future. I’ve had enough of your passive aggressive bullshit, it’s not a coping mechanism. Perhaps you should take a look at yourself and you own families addictions and afflictions. I’ve chosen to heal mine while you’ve chosen to continue the dysfunction.

I became an alcoholic while being in your family because that’s the normal, but I also quit that shit! 2 years free in March! Another reason I’m proud of me. I’m not enabling my Children or my husbands behaviors so I sure as shit am not enabling you.

You have some silly version of who I am in your head, and that’s all your problem. Your thoughts are your issues, your obsessions are not my problem. We haven’t had a real conversation since I begged you to get your son out of my house in May, but he’s still here.

The major difference between us is that I don’t try to hide who I am or where I’ve been. I understand fully that broken crayons still color. I will not have a toxic marriage ever again. Women you deserve love but you have to figure out what love is first.

The first step to healing is to stop avoiding. I’m hoping by telling the truth you no longer feel the need to bully me. It’s sad! That is ALL

Stop being mean to people online 🫶just stop!


A Year At The Building Block

I would like to start this blog out with a big fat thank you to Katie Jacobs, for inviting us into your home and your hearts for an entire year.

Mae 4 years old

When she first reached out to me I was excited and afraid, because I’d never worked with toddlers before. But I also knew what an amazing experience this could be for all of us when it comes to teaching emotional intelligence, and creating a new generation of balanced babies.

They taught me as much as I taught them and they have grown immensely. There were days when I would show up and things would go according to plan. But there were also other days when I walked in and I knew that we weren’t going to be doing much yoga, because everyone had huge feelings we need to deal with.

Kids are not afraid to show up or show out, and that’s why I love them. They haven’t lost their magic yet like many adults who are stuck in their heads. These kids have learned not only how to do a complete Sun salutation, but they can all also teach the entire series themselves.

Grace 5 years old

They can tell you how they feel and where they feel it in their body. They can teach you breath work to help you calm down and they understand the magic behind their smiles.

Treats and stillness all at the same time

They learned how to be still and how to be patient through weekly games and playing yoga. Every week we make savasana just a little longer so we can expand the calmness and connect them to their centers.

Don’t tell me that kids can’t learn patience, you just have to have patience in order to teach it.

Katie girl our friendship has grown and so has our love for the kids. You will never truly understand the part you played in my life during one of the craziest years I’ve had yet.

Nora age 3

Conscious parenting is a new approach to some old shame based thinking and is quickly replacing the future for many families. Its not for everyone as it requires the parents to change their approaches, and their behaviors, instead of blaming the kids for every thing. I’m proud of you for making emotional intelligence a weekly part of your learning. I’m blessed to be walking beside you and creating a brand new path for the parents and kids.

You are the love this world needs. Never stop shining.


Becoming An Earth Angel

Good Morning Dear Ones 🫶

I miss you and love you all! I’m sorry I haven’t written to you lately, but I’m doing the best I can. And I’m sure you are all doing the best that you can right now too.

I’m proud of you! No matter what you’ve chosen or done over the last 3 years, you are exactly where you need to be and nothing could be different.

I had no idea where my life was going when I decided to listen to spirit and not to man, but I knew that I was different for a reason.

It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and I’m getting sick of hard things. It’s time for amazing things, and loving things, and wonderful things. It’s time for a new earth to be created, where love is the driving force and ego and fear are not calling the shots.

All over the world there’s a spiritual battle ensuing. Some people see it, some people feel it, some people understand it, and some are simply oblivious to it all. I am an earth angel, hidden amongst the normies, to help raise the vibration of the planet.

Many of you are earth angels too, but you won’t allow the activation process to take place, because your afraid. But this is your free will my loves. You must understand this more then anything else I ever share with you. That’s the most beautiful thing about our planet is that you’ve always had free will, and you always will have it. Wether you choose to use it, or abuse it determines your heart center.

Simply put some “humans” on earth are soulless. They have lost their entire lights and they have no souls left. Greed, selfishness, fear, anger, bitterness, and ego are their guiding forces. Always wanting more, while never having enough is their theme in life. They are here to destroy the planet and love.

Then there’s a group of conscious souls placed here to ascend in the power of love. They will not be fooled by the greed, and the corruption and the fear of the common man. They are in fact the light of this world. The pillars of salt that bring about the truth always, and have the discernment to see through all of the evil ones plans.

I am an earth angel! I accepted my mission when I walked away from my career. I continue to create space in my life to grow and to heal and to help bring others closer to their light and to embrace their beautiful souls.

People who heal are naturally an Oracle for the spirit and those who don’t are used by the darkness. We are entering an entire new earth and I was born for this.

Become the light or stay in the darkness the choice is yours.

I love you ALL


What is love?

Good Morning Beautiful Souls🌞

I’ve been on a mission to understand what love is, but first I had to uncover what it wasn’t. I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately so I can better understand humans.

I’m not sure why Americans are the way they are, but love seems to be a little misconstrued here in the states. Do we blame the Disney movies, that set us up to think a man will save us? Do we blame our parents because they didn’t know what love was so they stayed together just because. Do we blame the relationships that we are currently in for not fulfilling us? Do we stay where we are because it’s easy, even though it’s not rewarding or fulfilling? Do we love ourselves enough to be alone and discover who we truly are? Are we willing to be vulnerable and show up for ourselves? Do we give ourselves the space we need to grow in a beautiful environment? Or do we stay stuck and miserable because it’s easier?

These are just a few of the questions I’ve been asking my friends and myself. I’m often perplexed by humans because they are beautiful creatures that spend way to much time thinking, working and avoiding. But not nearly enough time with themselves.

We came to earth to love and feel intensely. To experience a plethora of emotions and to learn how to love with our entire heart, not just parts of it. I could talk about love all day everyday, because its that’s freaking powerful, and it’s exactly what the world needs more of.

If we want to experience love in its fullest, then we ourselves must participate in bringing it into our lives. We must remove all of the things that stop the flow of love.

I could get a text message from someone and my entire face and heart will light up from the inside out. My glow is obvious immediately, and that’s how you know those people are for me. It’s an expanding of sorts, like my heart just opens up when certain people are around.

Simply put love is like an ocean. It’s always in motion, and it’s never stagnant. It flows in and out just like the waves crashing upon the shore. It’s the most beautiful energy around when it’s real and its pure. There’s no stronger force around then love. It is the almighty power within waiting to be discovered, perhaps for the first time. A great way to ask yourself if it’s love or drama is to understand how your body feels around certain people. Love expands and grows bigger, it’s the most beautiful feeling and has nothing to do with a thought.

And the opposite is true. If someone is not for you, when you go around them you will feel drained and depleted. It will seem like a chore to be in their presence. Instead of feeling open and excited you will feel heavy and closed down. This is your soul screaming at you to let go, but your head won’t let you, and this is why I say we create our own suffering.

I could talk about this all day but you all would probably be really bored, and never come back to my blog. So I’m going to end with this. As a yoga therapist and spiritual life coach everyone always asks me the same questions, when we’re in a session. They all desperately want to be loved and want to give love, but aren’t sure what love is. They always say “How can I get this guy to like me?” To which I reply “If he confuses you then he doesn’t really like you” and I also always add “To be chasing something implies it’s running away from you, perhaps you could attract love instead.”

Love is the ability to walk away from anyone and anything that doesn’t serve your highest good. Love is also holding space for people during their hard times. Love is patient and kind. Love is exhilarating and exciting. Love is all encompassing and helps guide us home to our hearts. Love is humble and loud all in the same sentence. Love doesn’t keep score and it knows when to let go. Love is what we’re all here for. Not money, not ego, not greed, but love. This is the currency of the new earth, wisdom and love are our birthright, and our inheritance.

Love is your birthright and no matter how long you got it wrong, there’s always the chance you get it right. You deserve it.

Namaste Love