A new purpose

Good morning friends all over the world. All eyes on the United States today huh???

I’m super excited about this year and the energy that comes with it, because we’re all learning what’s truly important.

I deleted my Twitter, 2 ig accounts and 2 Facebook pages. Next I’m going through my friends list and cleaning it out all the way.

You see I’ve only just discovered how lost I was in social world, and how disconnected I became from the human connection.

Please bare with me as I take my power back yet again. You can follow my journey if you’d like but things on my end are changing.

I got lost trying to be like everyone else and we all know God did not create me to be the norm. I think if your willing to admit it, your phones changed who you are too.

No more online programs, get your ass to the yoga studio and learn to love you.

This years going to be the best year yet, I promise.💜


Little Lights 937

This morning we went on a cold and snowy adventure with our bodies and our yoga mats.

We climbed wintery mountains and fell gently to the ground like snowflakes.

We learned 5 new yoga poses including Christmas “Tree” and reindeer pose (chair).

We played games and we learned all about our breath by breathing on the window and seeing it for ourselves.

We learned how to go and when to stop today all while having fun with our feelings and our bodies.

I believe if all kids were taught yoga and meditation the world would be a more beautiful place.

All feelings are acceptable
All behaviors are not ✌️

A special thank you to our yogis Rachel Marco & Maya Maxwell for volunteering their time this morning ❄️we couldn’t have done it without you

Next week we will feature our teens 💜
Stay tuned

The matrix of fakebook

I’ve become lost in a world of Facebook rules and I’m taking my power back today.
New spiritual rules and new friends lists.
These boundaries are for me, and I don’t hate you because we’re not Fakebook friends and it’s absurd to even think that. (But should you be lost in those thoughts they are yours to deal with and not mine)

I’ve awoken from the slumber and I’m guessing deleting my Twitter had a lot to do with that.

Who’s world is this?
When did I become a slave to the rules of this society?
And how the hell do I bust out?

All questions I’ve asked myself over the last 6 weeks. I had to grow an online following to sell my skincare and my blog………And then I had to start a page to support and encourage others and yoga page, and so begins the matrix.

I’m so side tracked with my social growth I don’t have the energy to be magical. So I’m making new rules for this year and they have nothing to do with you and everything to do with me.

If you want a real relationship with me you already know where to find me.

If you want to read my blog here’s the link taytaysfreshfaces.com

But I’m over these upspoken set of high school rules about Facebook.
I can’t even tell you how much less drama comes to my life when certain people don’t exist.

I hope you wake up and understand your own co-dependent relationship with social media.
I hated high school and it feels exactly like it here.
Please bloom emotionally and understand how much numbing you do online.

Good luck
💜Tay Tay



Sharing Light With Our Kids

This year has been hard on all of us, but it’s especially hard on our kids. I won’t get into the statistics but please do your part in helping their spirits flourish right now.

So many events and normal activities have been canceled with no sight in end. When I heard they weren’t going to be doing cheerleading and basketball this winter my heart broke.

It was in that very moment that the Holy Spirit whispered to my soul and said it was my turn to teach the littles. At first I rejected idea thinking that people might be too afraid to participate.

However after much more time spent in prayer and meditation, I wholeheartedly embraced the path that was laid out before me.

We will never be able to change yesterday or tomorrow, but there’s something beautiful about being able to embrace the now. So right now I choose to be the light instead of the dark.

It is with gratitude and a gracious spirit that I begin to plan the programs for Little Lights and Go With The Flow Teen Yoga.

Let us all embrace the now and let go of everything else.



Your human dear one

Today I wanted to remind you that your human and with that comes good days and bad. I’ve really been consumed in a negative way by all that’s been going on in the world.

And even though I know there’s nothing I can do about it, for some reason I choose to feed the darkness. Scrolling through my Facebook being triggered by a bunch of nonsense is not a part of my healthy spiritual routine, but the addiction is bigger then me.

I am drained and in zombie mode when I keep picking up my phone. I am in essence it’s bitch, and I’m not ok with that. Admitting it is only half the battle because now I have to undo all that I’ve done.

I have to stop feeding the monster and start feeding my heart. I write to you to share my truths hoping you find yourself there. Admitting any addiction isn’t easy, and only those with the biggest spirits actually overcome their own darkness.

So with that being said, I’ve survived every single bad thing that’s ever happened to me, and I will kick this useless habit in the ass. I will stop disconnecting from myself and my family and I will learn to show up differently.

I realized the other day how much my Facebook was like high school and I hated high school. I’m going to be commenting way less and only focusing on my businesses and my writing.

You can overcome anything also, but first you have to admit it to yourself. You are human dear one and it’s ok to show up for you in a brand new way in 2021.

I love you

You’ve got this

💜Tay Tay

Yestrday I was human, today I’m magical

We took a break in the middle of the nonsense to feed our hearts and our souls because they are the only thing that matters right now.

Most people are stuck in their heads and even I get dragged back into the abyss right now.
But my spirit is so much stronger then my fear and I’m here to help you get out of your head.

I fully understand the difference between thoughts and feelings and most people don’t have a clue. They are indeed a slave to their own thoughts. (Enter hell on earth)

You see my friends as we continue on through uncertain times one things for sure, you are responsible for you. You can waste your time on Facebook reading silly opinions and fears all day long, or you can learn to open your heart.

The world doesn’t need more judgment, fears, and people that are willing to conform. It needs those are willing to live in spirit, because the only way out is in.
To disconnect from their pain bodies and to shine their lights brighter then ever before.

May you truly be the energy this world needs.
And most of all truths.

(The internet is a matrix used to keep you small amd zombie 🧟‍♀️ like and it’s showing)

I hope your not still allowing yourself to be used by the internet 🙏 it’s only here to numb you out

I forgive myself for yesterday’s actions. For being consumed by fears instead of love. I choose the power of now and I choose love and forgiveness for myself and others.

💜 TayTay



Once upon a time

Once upon a time the world was full of evil, greedy people. They had a plot to take over the world and steal all of the freedoms from the common folks.

They scared the people by using master mind manipulation programs on them to control them. They also created a false online persona, and starting controlling all of the incoming and outgoing data, to suit their own personal needs. The people were no longer free to express their own truths, as the tyrants tried to control everything.

They owned the news stations and the mainstream media. They censored all the people that didn’t think like them and they didn’t even try to to hide it anymore. Big tech is being sued at the current moment and we will see where that goes.

But as you all know love always wins. And it’s way stronger then fear. So as with any good story, the people woke up one at a time, and they shared their own unique lights.

The fog began to clear and the people that were not evil began to open their hearts and to use their common sense. They took all of the information from the beginning until now and they came up with a plan.

They decided that they were done living in fear and that it was time to play a new game. They left behind the things that made them zombies, like social media, binge watching tv and getting shit faces to avoid real life.

The people opened their hearts and started living again. They taught others how to connect and heal from all the bullshit that 2020 brought with it.

And even though it was only the beginning, they already know how the story ends.

💜 Tay Tay

Living my best life

What does living your best life mean to you?

For me it’s definitely changed over the years but I’m completely happy with where I’ve landed.

This is me this morning before I taught my yoga class. I’m burning my sage in a snoopy sweatshirt from Walmart and I’m happier then I’ve ever been.

Understanding how to love me in the middle of the chaos has been absolutely amazing. All of the things that have ever happened have led to this very day. Knowing I’m exactly where I need to be and manifesting more cool shit every single day.

Becoming responsible for Tavia, and the vibe that I bring to this planet.

You see for many years I tried to find my happiness outside of myself, only to be disappointed time and time again.

We humans are all exactly alike, but our egos keep us from thinking any different: but you are not your thoughts, and you are not your ego.

I’ve seen beautiful girls with perfect bodies that don’t love themselves even a little bit, so I know that the outside doesn’t truly matter.

I’ve seen men and women get numerous surgeries to change their appearances only to complain about something else they’ve found wrong with themselves, but never stopped to learn how to love themselves.

I’ve see the most beautiful people hate themselves so much that they completely self destruct.

So what is your best life? And where can you find it if your not already living it?

I think you can tell a whole lot about people by watching them. Pay attention to their faces, and their energy as they enter the room.

Unhappy people have unhappy faces, unhappy energy, and unhappy lives. Happy people on the other hand exude happiness. Their faces glow and their energy comes with a yes! A yes for life and for love. A yes for vulnerability and growth and a yes for being real. Not perfect but real.

I think that in order to live your best life your going to have work really, really hard on you dear one. Ask your people where your blind spots are and then be brave enough to stop denying these things to yourself.

Do the work of being still with your soul and understand your life’s purpose. Give up your idea of how your want your life to be and get on your knees and give it God. You’ve never been in control no matter what you “think”!

In the end I think the happiest people are the spirit led ones, because they come from feeling and not from thinking. They are the ones brave enough to walk a different path and beat a unique drum.

May you be brave enough to figure yourself out💜

Awaken the Holy Spirit

The world desperately needs more God
If you don’t like him
Come talk to me
I promise it’s not him
It’s someone that used him against you to control you that you don’t like and my God is not about control
He’s about free will and love
I will be sharing a Bible verse everyday
To help you understand him better.

“House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the lord”
Proverbs 19:14

I was put on a church bus all alone by the age of 5
When I was 12 we started attending our neighbors Pentecostal church because he was the pastor

I was baptized in a pond at the age of 12

And when I was 19-24 I ignored God all together

We raised our daughter in a Methodist church from the time she was 4 until she was in middle school

My husband and I taught Sunday school there for 3 years during her youth.

I teach yoga and meditate.

I pray and am spiritual on ALL the levels

I believe in numerology, astrology, and tarot cards.

I believe God uses me every single day as an Oracle to share his truth.

And I believe he uses each of us differently.

You are both heaven and hell
Light and dark
Good and bad
Spirit will lead you to a happy place
And thoughts will lead you down a dark path
Where the devil will then own your mind
And if you’ve ever come to my yoga class you would have heard me say a million times that “you are NOT your thoughts”

May you be brave enough to open your heart ❤️

Thank You For Supporting My Dreams

If I were to write down all the reasons I’m thankful it would fill up the entire world.
From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul thank you for supporting my first year in business.



I didn’t start out to own a yoga business but it turns out that my dreams weren’t quite big enough.

I showed up in Belle Center on January 13th to teach my very first ever uncertified yoga class to willing participants. 19 people showed up and I almost turned around and ran out that door because I had never even been to a yoga class with 19 yogis let alone taught one.

Thank goodness I didn’t listen to my head and I tapped right into my spirit, because it always knows the way.
Afraid and clueless I continued on with teaching and my classes and graduated in the summer with a group of amazing women.

I am small, but I am mighty.
Everything I’ve created has been on my accord with my own ideas and all of my own money.

I’m happy to announce that I taught 41 classes in Belle Center 🧘‍♀️

38 classes in Bellefontaine

Hosted an anxiety workshop with anytime fitness

The art of yoga with Blank Canvas

Teen anxiety workshop with tie died T-shirts

Teens meditation workshop with rock painting

A glow yoga event

Putt & Play Yoga event

Pints and poses with The Beer Vault

Private classes with amazing nurses

Little Lights yoga

Fundraiser for Logan County Children Services

Created My Safe Place

Partnered with Peace Love & Candles fundraiser

And if I forgot anything else that’s ok!
Because I’m proud of myself for ALL of the things, and I’m proud of you for learning how to be still.

This year we will continue to grow and add more events, classes, and workshops to create real community and connection.

Olive you ALL
Thank you and make sure to celebrate your wins 🧘‍♀️