You are now entering the twilight zone

Happy Friday Beautiful Souls. I know I haven’t written in a bit, but I took on a few hours working at a local Children’s boutique, so I’ve been a little bit busy.

But I’m back! I’m here and I’ve also been working on a secret so stay tuned for that. In the meantime what the hell is going on, on earth? I feel like I’m stuck between these 2 worlds. And one refuses to give up the lost narrative and scare tactics.

While the others are standing up and saying no. CNN’s ratings are at an all time low because people finally realize they’ve been programmed.

All government offices and schools continue to play pandemic, while many others have learned all about immunity without shots.

It takes less then 24 hours for people to see through the false narratives now, so I would say that’s progress. I don’t know why people participate in earthly bullshit especially after the rigged election. No thank you, I won’t be Participating in your voting shenanigans anymore. When you stop playing, and walk away there’s no more game. But when you continue to be a slave to the system, that’s on you. You have free will and you always will have it! Your fear keeps you stuck because that’s what it’s job is.

The devils been busy with disinformation and there’s a volcano on La Palms that’s erupting and no one’s talking about it!?!? They say it could cause a tsunami in the US, but you must search the net to find any information about it at all.

You should really read revelations to understand all that’s happening. This war on earth is spiritual warfare for your soul. You have free will! You can learn to come from love instead of fear. You can open your hearts and your eyes and your minds at anytime. It’s not too late, but one day very soon it just might be.

I’m sending you all the positive energy today and prayers of healing and releasing all the things and people and thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. Don’t wait to use your words if there’s something you’ve been wanting to say. Don’t live on autopilot anymore when this is the only life you have.

May you be brave and find stillness in the middle of the storm.

💜 Tavia

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