Where do I find my tribe?

Where do I find my tribe?!?

When it comes to yoga one of the most commonly asked questions I get is “Where should I go?”

With so many available options you are sure to find your tribe somewhere. I highly recommend trying out a few different yoga classes and teachers to find what style works best for you.

Yoga is not one size fits all, and what you need from class might not be what someone else needs.

When I first started doing yoga I would try all the classes and all the teachers. Some of them will resonate with your heart and some of them will not.

There’s no right or wrong here with these feelings. I always teach more then just yoga in my classes, and while some people love that, other people don’t want anything to do with that and that’s cool too.

Yoga is different for everyone because we all don’t walk the same path and we don’t have the same missions in life.

You will go to some classes and fall in love immediately with the teacher. You will have an unspoken bond with this person and you will be able to grow in this space.

Other times you will go to a new place and you will hate the entire class and the teacher. But this is ok too! Because you’ve ventured out of your comfort zone and your taking the time to find what fits.

Don’t try yoga once and hate it and never go back. Try another class somewhere else until you find your vibe tribe! Understand that all teachers are different and your energy will align with your spiritual guide.

I think one of my favorite parts of being a yoga teacher is seeing my faithful students show up to class again and again and again.

I never anticipated how amazing it would be to watch them grow. I feel honored and privileged to have taught them sooooo many classes.

My classes always tend to go beyond just yoga and help us learn to heal spiritually.
Maybe you don’t want any WooWoo in your yoga?!?!? Then you would visit another place until you find your tribe.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they would come to my class I would be rich! That’s their soul voice that says I’ll come and try something new. But their head voice takes over and then their excuses become bigger then their hearts. 💜

You are not your thoughts!
Love Tavia



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