Massive online brainwashing in effect

Watch project veritas for the full report.

I’ve been dealing with this shit for almost 3 years now. But what I didn’t know was why I was being targeted.

I went from getting thousands of reads from here in my blog, to literally none because they blocked my URL. (But I didn’t know why)

I went from having thousands of likes to minus thousands of likes. So all the work I’ve put in writing over the last 5 years gets blocked, slowly but surely.

In no way shape or form is it ok for you to decide who sees my writing.

I remember telling my friends at work about this a couple years ago and throwing a fit about it at the same time. No one seemed to understand why it bothered me sooooo much, but now everyone is being forced to pay attention. When you work really hard to crate something from nothing and someone else begins to censor you it’s not cool.

It felt like my voice was being taken away and this was before all the lies of 2020. You see friends I was right all along. This platform is using you even though you think your using it.

From the very beginning it seems as though there’s a narrative, and now the whistle blowers are here to share the truth.

You are the biggest social experiment of our time. Most of you only get your information from here and a lot of it is simply fear based to get you to comply.

Maybe you don’t care that you’ve been used?!? But I sure as shit do! I care that I used to get soooo many reads and views and they all stopped because I refuse to conform. It’s not about the numbers it’s about the truth.

You’ve been given a Score and I can’t even use the letters because this post will get flagged, but if you are for the V your comments and pages are being seen. If your against it your being hidden because they don’t want you to think for yourself.

I know this is only the beginning but I can’t wait for all of this to come out. 💜
See you on the flip side of what’s real

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