What the world really needs

Good morning beautiful souls. It’s crazy to me to think this is the beginning of my 6th year of writing a blog. I am impressed by willingness to learn new things and to stick with them. (That’s not how I used to be)

I am thankful for the mission that God has sent my soul on. It’s not one without pain and endurance, but on the other side of darkness there’s a new day.

Why was I created? It’s taken me many many years to figure that one out and to fully accept all the things in my life. But looking back and allowing myself the grace to understand that there are no mistakes I see why I’m so different.

I’m here to teach you how to be different then this world. We are the earth people! The spiritual souls placed here in order to bring stillness and peace to our own hearts so that we might share that magic with others.

I learned so much the last year about myself and about my priorities. But more then that I learned what’s truly important in my life.

I learned how to be still with Tavia, and how to love her differently then every before. I know without a doubt I’m here to help you find your authentic self. I’m here to help you learn that outside accomplishments are not as important as God and your marriage and your kids. (Don’t like it, don’t love it free will)

When we are not over worked and super stressed out entire lives change. When we take the time to be still with ourselves we are learning how to listen to our guts. You have an intuition that’s so amazingly powerful that it can lead you to ALL the new places you wish to visit.

There’s a huge realm of life beyond your little thinking mind and that’s where the open hearts and the spiritual friends come in.

You see the world doesn’t need more “successful” people, it needs more people to be still.

💜 Tavia

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