I let go of all the things that no longer served me

I let go of self comparison and trying to be like anyone else, simply because I realized who God made me to be.

I let go of suffering and I continue to practice this hundreds of times a week.

I let go of what I think my life should look like and trusted the plan even when I was afraid.

I let go of the feelings that have been trapped inside of my body for my entire life.

I let go of playing the victim and the judge because those are 2 aspects of my ego and have nothing at all to do with my soul.

I let go of keeping silent when I really want to share how I feel, because I learned how to use my voice.

I let go of my career because I care more about what’s right then making money.

I let go of friendships where we couldn’t grow together, and God surrounded me with a new tribe.

I let go of holding onto resentment and anger by learning how to feel all of the things that I’ve pushed away my entire life.

I let go by being still
I let go by feeling
I let go by loving Tavia in a way that she’s never been loved 💜
I let go by creating boundaries
I let go by teaching
I let go by learning
I let go by loving
I let go of it All and I will let go every single day for the rest of my life

© Tavia Hayduk 2021


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