If they are bribing you to do something it’s probably NOT in your best interest

Good morning world! It’s my birthday tomorrow and it’s even wackier then it was last year.

Why you ask?!? Because we are living in what often times feels like the twilight zone. If I could brainwash you all with love instead of fear, trust me I’d do it.

However no matter what you think or feel about the state of the world, after last nights Ohio’s announcement by our evil dictator, I had to write about it so I don’t ever forget.

I was in complete shock when I heard the latest news that you could win a million dollars if you got the shot. What in the actual fuck?!? Seriously what the fuck???

Guys your government doesn’t love and they never have. You’ve been lied too, gaslighted, fear mongered, masked, locked away, and now they are using you as an experiment. all the while they have you stuck because of what they’ve done to you over the last year.

You’ve been traumatized with fear and lied to over and over and over again. At this point in the game I need you to wake up! Pay attention to what’s happening and ask yourself why?!?!?

Fear based decisions don’t come from your heart or God, but they do come from manipulation. You cannot trust God and the government so choose wisely.

I’ve read and heard lots of things about this shot, one of them being if you get it your life insurance is void. (Prove me wrong please?)

I’m beginning to think our Amish friends had it right all along. No 📺 TV and no fear. Your being tested on every level, and God needs his strongest earth people to step up.

I hope your not full of regrets in 5 years because it will be to late then.

You have choices, will you use them?


3 thoughts on “If they are bribing you to do something it’s probably NOT in your best interest

  1. I will be getting my vaccination! I trust God but that doesn’t mean I can’t get my vaccination. Just like I had surgery and took my medication even though I believe and trust in God! Believing in God doesn’t mean I can’t get a vaccination or take medication, that’s not how that works. People are being offered gifts because many people won’t take the vaccination, PERIOD! That is all, nothing else. I wouldn’t take advice from anyone about the vaccination other than a medical professional. Don’t make people feel bad about getting the vaccination just like I won’t judge you for not getting one!


    1. I can’t make you feel anything💜 just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean I can’t still like you. You do you and I will use my voice the way God made me to use it. My blog my page my voice my right 🧘‍♀️I don’t take any medicine for anything ever either 💜yoga and meditation cured my blood pressure so I’m safe and immune and ready to lead. God bless you and your vaccination.


      1. Lol! I never said you couldn’t like me. I never implied that. Why wouldn’t I like? Because we have a difference of opinion? That would be silly. If everyone thought the same and had the same opinion this world would be very boring 😴 Good for you not taking medicine but not everyone can do that.


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