I’m the lucky one

I’m not quite sure how we got here so fast, but yet here we are preparing for my beautiful daughters first dance ever.

I wanted to write to you early this morning because I have my YTT today and we’ve got homecoming all on the same weekend.

As I was preparing everything that we need to get done for the weekend I was legit relaxed and more present then I’ve ever been.

The old me would have been flipping my lid right now. You see I had no clue yoga training and homecoming would fall on the same weekend.

I could have found a thousand reasons why this sucks and why it’s not going to work out.

But the new me said girl you go this. And I proceeded to make plans and take the action to make this day amazing.

I promised my daughter I would cook for her and her friends and feed them dinner before they took off to the dance.

And I’m still going to do just that, I just might not be here while they are eating their dinner. (But don’t worry I made extra so I can eat when we get home)

Thank goodness for my husband because he’s going to be a tremendous help today and I wouldn’t be able to pull it all off without him.

Finding joy in the middle of chaos is hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Even though the day might not have gone. The way we planned it, it’s still going to be the perfect day.

Thankfully my bestie Michelle still had a hair appointment for Peyton because I can’t do it when I’m in school.

Ha ha ha ha ha

I had the best day with this beautiful girl. I am beyond blessed to be her momma and to have the authentic relationship that we have.

I’m going to head into the kitchen real soon and get the meals prepared, so he can just pop them in the oven.

I’ll be back before they all leave and they are all sleeping over here tonight so we will have lots of excitement later on.

I love watching her blossom into a beautiful young lady. I love every single adventure that she goes on.

I am in awe by her character, her ability to be brave and honest and to speak her truth, and her ability to laugh and have fun.

I am the lucky one.

Hope your Saturday is full of amazing adventures and lots of love.

💜 Tay Tay

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