Think a little less & Live a little more

The only place you can feel happiness is in the present moment. We can’t be happy if we’re stuck in the past and we can’t be happy if we’re anxious about the future.

So learning to surrender and accept life in the present moment is truly the biggest gift you can give yourself.

I just returned from another amazing weekend with these beautiful ladies of light and it fills my soul with so much love and presence just being with them.

It’s up to you to decide where your going to live. And you also get to choose where your focus is. These are essential tools to changing your life and I hope that you understand it’s time to wake up and to start living.

We’re so stuck in our slumber that we’re unaware that we’re not truly living in the now.

But here’s the good news amazing souls you can learn a new way to live and to be. You can change anything in your life with the right intentions and the right heart.

If you live from a place of fear and lack of abundance then you will always be perpetuating these same cycles, until you decide enough is enough.

I’m choosing to live my best life. And it doesn’t come without a huge price and shit ton of work.

I know I’m worthy of a big beautiful abundant life and I’ve adamantly put that intention to the world over and over and over again. #manifestation

However right on the other side of every single thing that your afraid of, is this glorious place of peace and happiness.

It doesn’t exist inside your mind because this place comes from the heart. Your spirit longs for so much more then you can ever imagine.

You can’t get to the light without going through the dark and we must learn to love and accept them both equally, because without one theres isn’t the other.

I manifested the love of my life never knowing how lucky I was when I was reunited with the man I’ve loved for 20 years.

The couples that go through it all and end up stronger on the other side are my hero’s. The ones that refuse to have a mediocre marriage because they know they are worthy of so much more.

A seasoned life time love is truly a gift and I can’t wait to create my happily ever after one day at a time.

In the present moment!

Thank you all for the love that’s been pouring out to my hubby and I! Words can’t even express the energy and the unconditional love that’s being sent our way.

Peace God Bless Namaste

💜 Mrs. Hayduk aka Tay Tay

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