The heart that’s meant to love you

Did you know that you can’t possibly love someone the right way until you love yourself?

I used to love in a way that was controlling and afraid, but since I learned to heal my heart, I’m now able to let go and accept that my life is going to be an amazing gift.

Girls with broken hearts love really hard even after the break up. In fact maybe they love better after the pain because they know what it’s like to start over. They rise from the ashes and while at first they might be full of pain and anger, it eventually turns to love and light and they learn the lesson in letting go.

Maybe the problem with love is simply the ideas in our minds. Maybe love doesn’t have anything at all to do with logic, but instead it has everything to do with trust, and a fair amount of lust. 😜

It has to do with faith, not control, and it’s an energy that’s given freely. Love is magical because it’s so freaking powerful. Fear is absolutely the most boring thing about us, but it’s the one thing we’re all really good at.

I think love is the only thing that makes this life worth living. And even if you get a broken heart 💔 you still experienced some really amazing moments with that person.

Love is the only energy in the world that can heal the hurt that we carry around inside of us, and it’s one of the scariest things to open your heart to.

But the heart that’s meant to love you will take care of your heart and they will protect it from anyone or anything that threatens to hurt you. (If you cross her, then your cross me🎵)

The heart that’s meant for yours is far from perfect but it’s absolutely loyal and faithful to you because it understands that love is shared between 2 people. 🧬

The heart that’s meant for yours will make you feel special every single day, not just on your birthday.💜 (You will be celebrated not tolerated)

The heart that’s meant for you won’t be there to save you, but rather they will be holding your hand and walking beside you as you save yourself. 🧘‍♀️

And last, but most certainly not least, the heart that’s meant to love you will be 250% sure about you! They will be all in! You won’t ever wonder if they are going to flake on you because they know what they want and so do you.

I hope your heart is open to love and that you attract the exact heart that’s meant for you.

💜 Tay Tay

Spiritual Life Coach

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