How to break free from the pain

Good morning beautiful souls!

As I was sitting here drinking my coffee and wondering what I should write about today, my soul responded with this……

We get stuck in our pain because we don’t know got to process the hurt, but there’s a much better way.

So today I want to teach you about the hurt that’s trapped inside of you.

When we were little kids, no one taught us how to handle our feelings or our emotions. In fact if you’re like the average American family, I’m guessing you were told to avoid your feelings at all cost.

You were taught that they are unwelcome and that you need to either hide them and keep them to yourself, or you were taught that how you feel really isn’t important.

It’s so natural to want to push away feelings that make us feel uncomfortable. I mean even after years of coaching people and knowing all that I know, when the tears start flowing my first reaction is to make them stop.

But there in lies the problem friends. Every single time we don’t feel what we need to feel we cause that hurt to be stuck inside of our bodies.

I know it seems crazy but it’s in fact the truth! You have to feel it to heal it and that’s exactly why so many adults are walking around emotionally unavailable and wounded.

They simply haven’t taken the time to heal their hurts. Feeling is scary because we’ve spent much of our lives avoiding feelings at all cost. But if you want to create a new life, full of love instead of fears then you have to be willing to look inside.

All of the answers lie inside of you! We are all the same even though we’re different, because we’re all human.

Feelings are NOT bad

Feelings are temporary

Feelings are a compass that will lead you back to your soul

No one is born with emotional intelligence, it’s a lesson that we all must learn on our own, and the sooner you do it, the happier you will be.

Exist to be happy not to impress

Learn how to show up for you and life will reward you!

πŸ’œ Tay Tay

I would love to meet and connect with you on my social media πŸ’œ

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