Do you have what it takes to be glow getter?

Glow getters activated πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

I ran across this online and instantly fell in love. Partly because I have the best skin care around and it produces an amazing glow, and partly because it spoke to my heart.

I resemble it, I am it πŸ’œ

I sure as hell know that my opinion isn’t going to change the world, but my love just might.

I’ve never felt more at home then where I am right now. My insides match my outsides and it’s an amazing feeling. That’s not to say I don’t have to work really hard every single day to stay where I am.

The positive habits I’ve included in my everyday activities will always be there. When we decide to change, it’s not for a minute or for a month, it’s forever.

Change becomes a conscious choice that we seek out daily. We learn that we are in control of our thoughts and that those thoughts produce our feelings.

If you want to have better feelings your going to have to think different thoughts. Your not simply stuck with the brain you have. It’s yours to manipulate however you choose to do it.

Unless you don’t know another way, and then your brain might just be using you.

Do you think you control your thoughts?


Do your thoughts control you?

Serious question πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Maybe you’ve never even thought about it, so today catch yourself thinking and see what you find.

Is it a lovely place up there?


Is it a war zone?

Is your brain working for you as a friend?


Is your brain the enemy that wants to beat you up and hold you hostage?

My brain used to be negative, and afraid and basically stuck.

Now I feel as though I’ve discovered some of the secrets to life. I feel as though I’ve got an edge on the rest of the world, and I want everyone to learn about it.

So here I sit typing away sharing my Truths With Tay TayπŸ’œ

I hope that you have the courage to look inside yourself for all the answers. Everything begins and ends with you!

Thank you for stopping in

Love, Peace, Namaste

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