Natural Disasters All Around Us

As I sit down to write this today I’m in a different place than normal. You see the world we live in, is a hot mess right now. (Not like it hasn’t been for a long time anyways) Natural Disasters and Extreme weather are reeking havoc all over the place. 

Texas just had a massive hurricane,  named Harvey that they are still recovering from. Montana and North Dakota are on fire, and burning as we speak. There was an earthquake in Mexico that measured 8.2. Irma just stormed her way through the Caribbean and the death toll is  rapidly rising. Now my friends in Florida are preparing to deal with the same storm.

They say that Irma is actually wider than the entire state of Florida. That is absolutely crazy to me. I cannot even fathom a storm that’s bigger than the state. 

I don’t normally watch the news ever, but I’d be a fool not to pay attention to these signs of destruction. In 1996 my son and I survived Bertha in South Carolina and it was only a category 2 when it finally made landfall there. 

The coast guard knocked on the door and asked for our names. We were too young to know we were in any real danger. I lived 2 blocks from the ocean in a little house that could have very easily been swept away. But my friends and I just had a hurricane party instead. We covered the windows, got food and water an candles and were good to go. 

I remember other times that we did leave for the storms, and drove 3 states away to get a hotel. We then stayed there and waited it out, and several times the hurricane never even came to our house. It would veer off in another direction at the last minute. Which was awesome, but we just wasted a bunch of money and a bunch of time. 

This whole hurricane thing hits home, because it can be fun sometimes and it can be scary as hell other times. It’s pretty weird when the world stops becausr of a storm. It’s black out and there’s no one around. We weren’t aloud on the streets or we would be put in jail.

I understand people’s fears and their frustrations. I also understand those who decide to stay. Theres no telling what will really happen when she finally hits land.

I watched a Facebook Live today from the Florida Governor, and I must say that I think they are prepared and as ready as they can be. They are being proactive in getting people out, and getting gas and supplies in.

As I continued to watch his press conference,  I find out that gas stations are price gouging people. They are also charging absorbent amounts of money for cases of water, and this makes my heart hurt. This is not an opportunity to make money, it’s a chance to come together and to help one another.

But that’s the world I live in. A world where heroin addicts are set free with not even a slap on the wrist. A world where people steal and lie to get ahead. A place where prayer is not welcome in public schools, and statues are being removed because someone doesn’t like history. 

When there’s nothing you can do but pray and wait, then you do just that. I feel an overwhelming sadness for the entire world right now. There are so many different things happening at once that it forces me to stop what I’m doing and start paying attention. 

I don’t know what will happen over the next few days. Will my favorite vacation spot be wiped off the map? Will there be even more disasters that strike? Is it the end of times? Is there anything I can do to help from Ohio? Should I be prepared for a disaster to come to our state next? 

These questions don’t plague me, but they do make me wonder where it’s all headed? For now I will pray my friends and families are safe and I will let it go. 

On a closing note I did find the following quote interesting 

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