Mistakes are proof that your trying

What’s a life without mistakes?
It’s only a mistake if you keep repeating it. 

But it’s a lesson if you decide to learn from it. Some people categorize failures as bad, however I believe that in the failure lies the lesson. 
You see how can you ever learn and grow if your not failing? 
Do you know how many times I failed at cutting my husbands hair when I was in beauty school?
It would take me an hour and half to cut his hair with some clippers and some scissors, and at the end of that time, it looked like shit. 

Because I was new at this, I was doing it as I was learning it. I couldn’t just watch other people cutting hair, I had to learn how to do it myself. 
I very clearly remember my husband asking me if it was always going to take this long to cut his hair, and I said I sure as hell hope not. 
If I would have taken my results from those first few months and been defeated by them, then I wouldn’t be 13 years into doing hair right now. 
I could have very easily hung up my clippers and said this is not for me. My haircut was atrocious, and my confidence level was low. If it took me over an hour, and those were my results I was in trouble. 
But for some reason I was able to keep on keeping on. I was determined to make a 

Career out of this, and so I persevered. I continued on my journey in school, and I learned how to cut myself some slack, but I never quit. 
Every time I did his hair, it got a little better and it took less time. 

The more I tried, the better I got.  

The more mistakes I made, the more things I learned.
Today it takes me 15 minutes from start to finish to cut his hair, and it looks amazing when I’m done.  
I’m so glad that I didn’t quit in the beginning, even though I felt like it once or twice. When I became committed to myself and the learning process, things began to change. 
Don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of never trying 💜

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