You are Free to Choose, so do it wisely 

Some people don’t understand my journey online and thats ok, because I don’t need any understanding to continue on my mission. 
You see friends, I believe Johnny Cash knew exactly what he was talking about when he said “All your life you will be faced with a choice. You can choose Love, or Hate and I choose Love.
The world doesn’t need more critics, I see them on everyone’s feed. They just like to complain and put people down. They are always upset about something, or someone (or so they project onto others), and they don’t hesitate to spread their negativity.
The world doesn’t need more victims either, there are plenty of those running around also. They are the victim of their own lives, and choices. They think the world is out to get them, and so is the President. They think everything is about them, when really it’s their perception that needs to change.
I can write about the critic and the victim

Because I used to be both of those things. I didn’t know any better, so I couldn’t do any better. We as humans are different, yet the same. Our brains are wired to work the same way that they have for years.

The only way to switch things up is to learn about yourself. We only use a very small

Percentage of our brains, and it’s normally the parts we use all the time. 
But I promise you that there are other parts of your brain that you haven’t even explored yet. You can learn to think differently if it’s important to you. 
You can become anything that you want if only you take the time to invest in yourself. If you don’t like your life, than change it, Today! 

You don’t need anyone’s approval for change, you just need to decide that you want something different, and then you need to brave enough to get past your own fears. 
In a world that’s a hot mess, and full

Of chaos, I choose kindness and consciousness every single time. I know that my positivity has a ripple effect in the world, and that I’m making a difference one day at a time.
There’s not enough room in your mind for both faith and fear 💜

So what will you choose?

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