Why you really need to STOP & Smell the Roses

Do you take time to smell the flowers? Or is it Roses? 
I know that’s a really old saying but either way do you? 
I rarely used to revel in the beauty of nature. That’s to say that I never stopped and noticed the present moment. 
Now I find myself in the present moment several times a day, and it’s the most beautiful thing. When you can create a gap in your thinking mind, you create room for stillness. 
When you create stillness, you can see the wonders all around you. The other day I was taking the trash out and I noticed one little leaf all by itself in my yard. It was the last day of August and here was this little sign of fall lurking around the corner.
I stopped to pick it up and I smiled on the inside. 

Now some of you may be thinking, really???? Stillness comes from finding a leaf in your yard!?!?
To that I answer yes and no! 
The point is that I noticed the leaf and I took the time to pause and to enjoy its beauty. If I were completely unconscious, just lost in my thoughts like always, then this would not have happened. I could have just stepped on the leaf, and never even skip a beat. 
But because I’ve been working on my presence, I was able to enjoy the beauty and oneness that comes from the now.  
What’s important to me is creating more moments like these. 
Another amazing thing that has been happening is that I’ve been seeing double numbers several times a day! Sometimes its even triple numbers, like when I look at the clock it’s 1:11 or it’s 4:44. 
I believe that these are signs from our angels and our God that we are on the right path and to keep on going. I believe that we can create space within our own hearts and by doing so help create a new kind of energy. 
A positive, kind, vibration is exactly what the world needs✌️
Anyone can learn presence if they want to💜
Use your eyes and don’t be blinded by your mind

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