Saying no to all the things, NOT love

Good morning beautiful souls, I hope this blog finds you well. I am so thankful that I have writing to help me get through all the nonsense occurring in this world.

This morning as I was drinking my coffee and spending a little time in prayer, God told me he wanted me to write about love today. You see so many of us don’t have a clue what love really is. We weren’t taught it simply because our parents weren’t taught it and so the cycle continues.

Until one day someone comes along and decides to learn a new way. We muck up what love really is by attaching the word to actions that don’t match love.

First of all love is patient and it’s kind. If your not feeling those emotions then it’s not love. Chances are it’s manipulation and control, which come from fear and have absolutely nothing at ALL to do with love.

In fact a course in miracles teaches us that everything everyone does is either out of love or out of fear and there’s no in between. So with that being said, all things that are anger, equal fear. Frustration and control equals fear. Manipulation and domination equals fear:

So please stop mucking up that word when your not really sure what it even means. Love doesn’t abandon you, so if you’ve been abandoned I’m here to tell you it wasn’t love. It was their own selfish desires and inability to open up that has caused the pain and the hurt. We don’t abandon people we love, but we do leave behind those that don’t matter.

Love is vulnerable, and that means telling the truth when you can’t control the outcome. Choosing to tell someone they hurt your feelings is love. Pretending it never happened is self abandonment.

Love doesn’t enable unhealthy behaviors from anyone because it’s not loving to do so. Love doesn’t keep a record of right and wrong, and love never feels like resentment.

Love is a verb and an action word, and without unlearning all that you know you will confuse what love truly is.

The world is where it is because most people don’t love themselves. They don’t appreciate what they have and they are always looking for more. It’s like a God size void inside of your hearts that your unwilling to heal.

I know you’ve lost a few close people this year, but God heard the conversations they had when you were not around. And guess what friends, you can’t lose love so I guess it wasn’t love after all.

Stay off your phones and do more yoga. Write, paint, and do all the things creative, because your soul is what matters the most right now.


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