Dear God

Hello my beautiful souls. I know I’ve been slacking here but there’s so much going on all around us.

I feel like I’m trapped in a horror film and people have chosen the wrong side. Understanding fully that I understood the assignment, when God told me to quit my job.

That’s by far been the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a long time. You will never understand how hard it is to speak the truth in a world full of lies.

To find real when everyone’s fake. My heart breaks for everyone everywhere. I don’t judge you if you got the hokey pokey. I love you no matter what. Your choices of medicine mean nothing to me and they should mean nothing to anyone.

I mean come on when was the last time you talked so openly about anything medical?!? Like hey girl do you have herpes, hiv, aids, hepatitis, the flu shot?!?? We don’t friends we don’t.

This was on my news feed this morning and I can’t sit by quietly anymore. Save your kids! Protect your babies, stop being led by fear and ask God what he wants you to do.

It’s not to late to repent and tell the truth. What side of history will you land on?

Dear God today I wanted to pray for the people of the world. For those who are lost and confused, those who are weary and tired. Those who are need of a miracle. God I ask that you wrap your arms around each of them as you whisper in their ear, how much you love them. Let them not learn on their own understanding God, but on the promises that you have made to us. Please protect or babies and out children God and use me in anyway that you see fit. Do not let me conform to the ways of this world, but rather take others with me in peace.

Greed is A Sin



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