We’re all just walking each other home

Man did I fall in love this one. It was like it took me straight to the depths of my soul. Out my head and into my heart. I’ll go as far as to say that I even felt this one right in the gut so I just knew I had to share.

If your not spiritual then you won’t get this and that’s ok this is for all of my friends that are awake.

When we can finally understand that we’re all the same then we can begin to surround ourselves with the light. Until then we will think we’re separate simply because we’re stuck in our heads.

We’re all here living our lives doing our things until we wake up from the slumber we are living in. It’s pretty much like we’ve lived on autopilot for so fucking long that we don’t even know what it’s like to feel and love and laugh and enjoy this beautiful life.

We are creatures of habit and until we’re brave enough to get past our own bullshit we will remain trapped forever.

I know that there are places inside of you that are dark that you sometimes visit. These places threaten to weigh you down and to keep you small. I know that sometimes it’s easier to stay in the darkness swimming upstream the wrong way. I know these feelings because I have them just like you do.

I know anxiety tells you no one cares and depression tells you that nothings ever going to change. Your life will always be this way, until you realize we’re all the same. Until you truly get that you’ve got to save yourself, or repeat the dysfunction.

As you learn to expand beyond the small confines of your mind and your suffering you will begin to break free from the ties that bind you. You will learn to let go of all the feelings that no longer serve you and you will begin the most beautiful journey of all.

The journey of unbecoming all the things that your not and finally becoming the soul you were always meant to be.

We are all just souls walking each other home

Love Tay Tay

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