The real Christmas Miracle lies inside your heart

Did you know that all the real good things come from the heart. Christmas is a feeling and a miracle that takes an entire month to prepare for.

I find myself blessing friends earlier and earlier every single year, simply because it feels amazing.

The real Christmas Miracle lies inside your heart

Finding your way to your soul is scary because it requires feeling

However the most beautiful things bloom in the middle of the mess

And that beautiful thing is you! It’s your soul! It’s your authentic self! There’s a place inside you that’s not full of chaos or confusion.

Some of us have never even visited this place and we’re not quite sure how to get there. But there’s a place inside of you that doesn’t use words and it’s beautiful there.

There’s solace that comes from turning your brain off and a peace that surpasses all others.

We can live our lives based on fear and we can try to make ourselves happy by checking off the boxes on our lists, but I can tell you right now that kind of happiness doesn’t last. It’s temporary as is with all things outside of ourselves.

Your happy will come when you learn to be still with you. When your able to let go of who you think you should be and embrace wholeheartedly exactly who you are.

Suffering is an affliction of the human mind, but it doesn’t have to be the theme of your life. When you finally wake up and quit dreaming your life away, you realize that you weren’t even truly living. You were on autopilot just getting by.

You’ve been playing it small because you don’t think your worthy of anything better.

But when you finally understand yourself and you stop running away from the truth, life begins to become really magical. But you must participate relentlessly in the daily activities to get in your heart.

You only have this one life and the sooner you wake up the sooner you can understand what a miracle you truly are.

❤️🎄 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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