When you try to control life it cuts you off from your own heart

Your attempt to control the life within and around you actually cuts you off from your own heart and from living this world.

Some of you are like huh?

Well let me break it down for you beautiful souls this cold brisk morning. You see when it comes to life it’s always responding to us.

I know that’s a pretty hard concept to wrap your head around. But either your spending energy accepting your beautiful life the way it is, or your keeping yourself small by using words like I can’t and I won’t and I’ll never.

Words that have a negative energy with them will always bring you more negativity.

Words are more powerful then you can ever imagine and you’ve got to become aware of the words you speak.

I’ve seen a meme floating around and it says something like “if I attract what I’m afraid of then I’m afraid of a million dollars”

The ironic thing about this meme is that you are afraid of the money and you don’t think you deserve it, because if you did you would be producing different thoughts and feelings.

Subconsciously you don’t think your worthy of the money and so you keep yourself small, simply by producing more fears.

You are not in control of anything no matter how much time and energy you waste trying to be.

Life is responding to you and when you spend time manipulating situations instead of learning to present, you cut yourself off from your own heart every single time.

I know that learning to live in your heart is scary but I promise you it’s not half as scary as staying trapped up in that mind for the rest of your life.

Learn how to let go.

Learn how to use your energy to create an amazing life for yourself instead of repeating the unhealthy patterns over and over again.

The next time something’s happening that you don’t like instead of escaping into your head, try to see what’s going on in your body.

Don’t push the feelings away, and don’t try figure them out instead just accept them. Say to yourself “I feel anxiety in my belly, I wonder what this situation is trying to tell me”

Don’t act like you always do, instead pause and get in touch with yourself. All of the answers that you seek to life and yourself are locked away inside you.

You’ve spent your entire life avoiding your heart because at some point in your life it got hurt, but now it’s time to show up for you.

It’s time to learn a new way of living in the present moment.

You are worthy of an amazing life.

I don’t have anything special that you don’t have, I’ve just taken the time to love myself with my entire heart and you can too.

I hope you have an amazing week.

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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