Brave Enough to break my own heart 💜 are you?

Being brave means your going to have to break your own heart. I know it sounds a little painful, but there’s also a lot of excitement that comes along with bravery.

Risk sometimes comes with rewards but it also might come with rejection. Being brave might mean risking intimacy, or it might mean that your going to get denied, but either way it’s worth it because you get to feel again.

Being brave doesn’t mean that everything always works out, in fact it could mean quite the opposite. Being brave means admitting that your basically the solution to every single problem that you’ve ever created in your entire life.

Being brave means making new choices and trying new things. It’s means getting out of your comfort zone and onto some new and exciting adventures. It means hanging out with people that help you live a more balanced life full

Of love and positive energy.

You can’t keep doing the same thing you’ve always done and expect a different result. You need to get used to feeling uncomfortable because that’s where the magic happens.

Stop living by someone else’s rules for your life and ask yourself what you want for yourself this year. I wanted to startover and to feel something new and Here I am doing just that.

We’re either walking towards the love or away from it but you sure as heck aren’t doing both.

It takes zero courage to do things the way you’ve always done them. 💜 If you want to love differently then get ready to show up for yourself. Stop living your life on auto pilot and learn how to love wholeheartedly.

Be brave enough to show up for yourself and to do it differently then you ever have in the past.

Spend all your time with those people who make you better not bitter.

The ones who make you laugh so much that you pee your pants.

The ones who look at you like your the most magical creature on the entire earth.

The ones that see your soul and your heart and can’t wait to be vulnerable with you.

Time is the one thing we can’t stop and we won’t ever replace, so choose wisely who you invest in.

Sometimes in life we make really good decisions and other times we make really shitty ones, but there’s a lesson in every single choice that we make.

If your willing to look inside yourself, yet again!

There’s a lot to be said for those who are brave enough to break their own hearts 💜

I think it says that your an







And as long as you continue to be brave your life will continue to expand with your heart.

Stop living a small life

Make the phone call

Take the vacation

Start the business

Hire the coach

Spoil Yourself

Send the text message

Go on the date

Use your voice

Be spontaneous

Speak your truth

Take action

Learn Presence

💜 Tay Tay

God Bless


Peace ✌️

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