What if you loved someone without inquiring if they were worthy of love you wanted to give them?

Our job is to love others

Without stopping to inquire

Whether they are worthy or not

I’ve got lots of magic inside my

Heart but unconditional love Is my favorite gift of all.

If you are my people and your part of my tribe then you already get to experience this love first hand.

I love my friends for no reason at all and for a million reasons at the sametime. This is what the world needs more of.

We sometimes get stuck in our broken and we can’t get out so we do anything at all to avoid love and instead we get stuck in a judgmental rut.

Everyone doesn’t deserve our unconditional love, some people are unhappy miserable assholes and you need to just learn how to leave them alone all together.

But the Friends that you love are the ones that need more love. I Believe that I have such great girlfriends because loyalty is another one of my favorite gifts.

I teach my friends how to be loyal to themselves. Even when I’m giving the homeless man money, I say to myself that it doesn’t matter what he does with the money, it only matters that I showed up and helped my fellow human being.

My jobs to give not to judge, or control its to find my light and let it shine.

I’m not here to judge you unless you deserve it and in that case you can only

Take up a very small fraction of my time, because I’ve learned how to divide my

Time and to spend it being happy instead of being bitter.

If we could all learn to love a little harder and to judge just a little bit less, we could begin to change the world.

Grace is a card we all deserve and it makes life so much more worth living.


💜 Tay Tay


Thanks for reading my blog I appreciate you all

Peace God Bless Namaste

I cant wait to share my book with you one day

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