The most beautiful thing in my entire life is the people

The most beautiful thing in my entire life is the people 💜

What’s the most beautiful thing in your life?

My whole life I have loved people. I’m a social butterfly and I embrace every minute of it. I was made to talk and to teach and to love with all of my heart.

Unfortunately for many years I wasn’t living at all. I was stuck inside my own mind and my own unconscious patterns, and I wasn’t sure that anything would ever change or be exciting again.

I’m a hairstylist so I loved my job, it’s just that my heart was telling me that I needed to do more. That I needed to challenge myself to lead others and to teach them a new way to love themselves.

It was as though there was this little tiny part of my heart that I had pushed aside for many years, but that I could no longer ignore.

How many of you know what I’m talking about? It’s like I was always saying I would take care of myself after I was done raising kids and after I was done being a wife and a hairstylist, and a volunteer then I would serve myself.

Until one day I woke up in my 40’s!

I suddenly realized this was never going to happen unless I made it happen. This required me exiting the brain and entering the heart.

I’m glad that I decided to listen to my heart instead of my head. Because the heart always knows what it wants and the head just wants to keep you safe.

You can’t grow if you stay stuck in your thoughts. They will win every time. Your dreams and your intuition and your magic will never come from your head, and if you’ve been stuck for a long time, then your probably trapped in your own mind.

You can escape it I promise, but you can’t do it alone and you can’t do it the same way you’ve been doing it forever.

If you do what you’ve always done then you will get what you’ve always gotten.

Waking up from a slumber might

Be a little scary and a little uncomfortable at first, but with the right support system you will prevail.

You can live a life that you love

You can learn to dream bigger

You are worthy of love and abundance

But first your need to teach yourself these things.

I am a healer

An empath

A spiritual life coach

I am awakened

I am the light

I am the messenger

Come with me

And start a new life

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