WAIT while God Works For You

God Given struggles don’t come to stay.

They will soon come to pass, just be patient.


While God Works For you.

I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes I wait way to long to give it to God. I’m human and I’m stubborn and I’m also a creature of habit.

Sometimes when we feel like we’re spinning out of control what we really need is to learn how to be still.

But our world tells us that being busy is the only way to live. The more things you have to do the better. Run yourself ragged and work yourself to death and then you will finally be happy.

But I promise you that’s not the life we’re supposed to live. We are supposed to recharge on Sundays because your brain and your heart need a break.

They need to be fed stillness and love and they need to be protected and guarded against the shenanigans in the world.

You are responsible for you and there’s only one way to worry less and love more and that’s by giving it God.

Stop trying to do things your way because it’s not working and it never will. Don’t judge yourself when you make a mistake, instead just learn to practice the pause.

Learn to be still so your soul can open up and the lord can fill it with love, because in the end that’s all you’ll ever need.

Thanks for reading my blog I appreciate you

God Bless



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