Happy Easter

Happy Happy Easter Friends

He is risen

I absolutely love Easter and everything that it stands for. It’s no coincidence that the full blue moon coincides with the Easter Holiday.

They come to cleanse us of our sins and help us release those things that no longer serve us. It’s a time for breaking free from the chains that bind us.

We are renewed

We are forgiven

We are blessed

That God gave his ONLY son for our sins

God wants you to be free from the worries in your mind, and the troubles on your 💜 heart.

Jesus was the greatest man in history, yet he had no servants.

He was here to serve us and to save us from ourselves.

He had no degree but they called him a teacher.

He had no medicine, but they called him a healer.

My sin is great but his love is deeper.

His forgiveness is the life force that flows through my veins.

It’s because of Jesus that I am able to be free💜

Take time today to cleanse your spirit and renew your soul.

Let go of those things that no longer serve you and commit to a new life that makes your heart sing again.

Don’t ever think for one second that Jesus forgot about you, because he didn’t.

I don’t care how broken you think you are, because broken is what Jesus stands for.

You are worthy of forgiveness and love.

You are flawed and human and so am I.

My sin is exactly the same as yours and I know that Jesus didn’t die in vain.

Jesus loved everyone that’s why he was a teacher.

The negative thoughts that attack your mind never come from the heavens, but always come from your own fears.

Do you know how many times it says do not be afraid in the Bible?

Well over 100 times it says have no fear!

So if your feeling afraid that’s even more of a reason to go to church today.

Come and let your heart be filled with the presence of Jesus today 💜

I am thankful for this opportunity to cleanse my soul and to start fresh again. I hope that you know that you are worthy of forgiveness as well.

Happy Easter Friends

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