It’s soooooooo easy to check out

Good morning friends from sunny Florida

I’ve been on spring break this week but I

Would never forget about Inspiring you daily

Today let’s start our morning off with a little love from Dr. Shefali. She’s one of my favorite mentors when it comes to parenting and consciousness. Shes a true leader ready to change the world by sharing her knowledge.

I used to be the girl to check out, abandon, withdrawal, leave and deny. I thought these were all great ways for avoiding conflict and stress.

What I didn’t realize until reading her book was that they were defense mechanism that actually put my life on autopilot.

They don’t force me to grow at all. They actually help me avoid the real issues. When we don’t take the time to share what’s on our hearts and in our minds then we are not truly living.

I was shocked to find out that I might be avoiding life by shutting down. I thought I was avoiding an argument with a loved one so I could save our relationship. I didn’t realize that by hiding my truth I was avoiding my authentic self.

It’s so convenient to walk away and to ignore our feelings and our emotions. When we walk away we are unscathed by uncomfortable situations and we’re not forced to confront the things that need to come out.

We use our anger or our avoidance to keep us safe from the pain that lingers within.

By doing this we are also avoiding parts of our true selves. We must be willing to look within and figure ourselves out if we want to grow into the people God made us to be.

It’s scary as hell to look at yourself. It’s sometimes traumatic and ugly because we’ve hidden those parts that we don’t like for so long that we’re not even aware of our own BS.

I wish I could tell you that it was easy, but I can’t!

What I can tell you is that it’s worth it to do the work because You are worth it💜

Finding the missing pieces of yourself is the best present you can ever give yourself.

Learn to show up

Don’t Shrink and make yourself smaller

Don’t puff your chest out and become aggressive

Don’t avoid

Don’t ignore

Don’t withdraw

Don’t disappear


Instead find your voice and use it

Even if it shakes

There’s a new world waiting for you right on the other side of fear

Be brave enough to live a life of presence

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