What are you waiting for?

Today I’m going you to encourage you to stop waiting! 
The other day I was at my friends pool, and there were kids everywhere. They were swimming around and having a good old time. I myself am a big kid at heart, And I have a young soul and I will never grow up! 
There was one little girl who was younger then the rest, and she had a floaty on to help her swim. You could tell that she wasn’t comfortable in the pool alone, because she kept holding on to the side and wouldn’t let go. I know she wanted to be a big girl, but her fears of the water were over taking her thoughts of fun.
As I sat there and watched her, I wondered what I could do to help her gain some confidence. I wondered what I could do to help her feel brave! 
At first we started on the side of the pool. She was very interested in having me help her, and I could tell that she was going to respond to me in a positive manner. So first I gained her trust. I talked to her about a few things and I promised I wouldn’t let go of her hand. 
As the day went on she got a little braver. We finally moved over to to the steps and she was going to jump off of them into the water. Now at this point we’re having a good old time! I’m loving being able to help her, and she was having a blast. 
She would climb up there and then she would count, and then she would jump off, but she was still holding onto the side at the last minute. So I said your doing so much better, but I want you to jump out a little more and not grab the ladder at all! I said no hands on the sides. 
She’s like ok I can do this! She tried several times, but she kept freaking herself out. At the last minute she would grab a hold of the side. 
I took a moment to think about what her fears were, and I realized she was thinking to much. She was 100% ready to go, but there was a fear in her mind that was holding her back. When she got to the top she had too much time to think, instead of just jumping.
So at this point, I’m down on the side with her and I say this time I’m going to hold one of your hands while you jump and I won’t let go until you feel confident.  
She’s say ok and we do this a few times! I can see her fear disappearing, and her confidence growing. She’s proud of herself now. So I take it one step further. I have her climb on the ladder and put her hands in the air. I tell her no hand this time and no help from me. She’s like ok let’s do it and she climbs up there and I say 1-2-3 jump and she hesitates. 
I’m like hey what’s wrong, you just did this on your own? She’s like I don’t know but I can do it, so I’m like ok let’s do it 1-2-3 jump. But at the last minute she’s grabs on again. At this point I finally realize what’s going on.
She’s thinking to much when she gets on the ladder. So I say to her girlfriend, your freaking yourself out! Your getting to the top and then your thinking to much! I said you can’t think, you just have to jump on the count of 3. She looks at me with her beautiful eyes and she says ok I will do it! 
We get her back up there and I’m like noooooooooo thinking your jumping on 3 ready 1-2-3 jump and she did it! And then she did it again and again and again! By the end of the day she was swimming all over that pool and no where near the side. 
Fears are not always real! We have the ability to overcome them with the right coaching and the right amount of love. The longer you think about something, the more likely you are not to do it.
Stop thinking and just jump guys! 

I learned a very important lesson this day, about helping others overcome their fears. It made my heart smile to see her confidence and I’m guessing you all can learn a lesson here also!
Stop waiting and just go for it

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