10 things I’ve learned since becoming a network marketer!!!!!!!!!

Hello friends! I started my first ever work from home business in February of last year.  Now it’s 17 months later, and boy have I sure learned a shit ton! 

I’ve been with 1 company the entire time, and I won’t ever be switching. I am exactly where I should be. Everything about my company aligns with my morals and my values, which some people online do not have. 

To me real is important. 

Here’s a few things I’ve discovered 

  1. You can make money online. Ok I’ll admit that this one seems a little bit hooky, but it’s true. I went into this with the intention of getting free product. That was my only goal, so when I began to make some sales, the deposits started coming. I remember showing my husband like huh, I just got paid. And then of course every week after that I just keep following the system and making more money. Do you know how exciting it is to be at jazzercise, and then go look at my phone and see that it says, you have a new preferred customer!  Making money while living your life is awesome sauce! I am still amazed by the amount of cash and free product that I’ve received. It surpassed my wildest dreams by a million. 
  2. Posting on your social media about your company will only work in the beginning.  When people see that your into something new they are very interested at first. But you will notice the longer your into marketing that you will receive less and less engagement on your business posts. I’m not saying you should never post about your business, because that’s just down right silly.  But I am suggesting, that you mix it up and that maybe only 20% of your posts are about your business. Do an experiment and see what happens. If your audience is not engaging, then you need to rethink your strategy.
  3. People actually buy followers. What the hell? Why would I want to buy people? Are these people even real? Do they even exist? Instagram is huge for this one, but I prefer to engage with real people, and have real connections. I’m not here to have the most followers, but I am here to make a difference in the world.  You get more followers and I’ll get more friendships.
  4. Some people lie online. They might say “Ask me how I make $ 10,000 a week posting selfies.” Or they might say “Tired of exhausting your family and friends? Ask me how I created a team of 20,000 people”  These statements are actually target statements. You are essentially being targeted! What happens next is that you think your going to learn some special secrets that will help you become a rockstar seller. But unfortunately what happened for me was, it was a waste of my time, and of my money. I said I want to learn how to grow an online presence and he said ok buy this affiliate program and I will be your coach. I said I only want to grow my nerium business, I’m not interested in any other businesses and he said ok. But as I said before, people lie on the internet. I never made 1$ there, but I did take away a lot of valuable information that I would have never known other wise. Stick to your business  plan,  and stay away from affiliate companies. They can close at any give moment and sometime they are not always who you think they are. It’s sad but true, and I’m probably going to ruffle a few feathers with this one, but I don’t care. I don’t think it’s right to lie people, and I will share my stories in order to help others learn.
  5. I didn’t know that I would meet so many amazing people online. I used to never accept friend requests from anyone. I was all like, someone’s going to hack me, or stalk me. But it turns out that yes there are a few creepers out there, but there are many more awesome ones than cray cray ones. This makes your grow on a conscious level, and it helps you change your mindset. If you don’t like the connections you make delete them, but I promise you, there’s many cool people waiting to meet you.
  6. Everyone’s an expert. This one is especially entertaining, because we as humans just do what we’re told. So the  way most people do things is to make new friends, and then you ask them to join your group, or like your page. This is a great idea to network, but the internet is saturated now with groups. And people think you have to follow some set of rules. For example I’ve heard several times from different people, that you don’t just add people to your group. This is unproper internet etiquette. But where did you learn that from? Who made that rule? Who decided that you need to listen to anyone else. I’m an entrepreneur so I can do things my way. I’m not into following rules or I would work in corporate America. So I say this to you my friends, don’t follow the crowd, because you’ll never stand out. I’m going to add whoever I want to my group and I don’t care if you think it’s right or wrong. If they want to remove themselves it’s very easy. If they want to be offended because they were added, then that’s their choice. I don’t judge how you do things, don’t judge others. Everyone’s just learning and I think it’s amazing that your trying! Don’t drink the Kool-Aid when it comes to networking. Do your thing, and do it well. 
  7. Brand yourself not your company. There has to be something that sets you apart from the rest. Don’t just copy and paste every status you see on someone else’s wall.  I went with Tay Tays Fresh Faces, and Tay Tay Inspires as my brands. I will sell my products yes, but I will also sell myself.
  8. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with networking. I’m a hairstylist in real life and now I’m a blogger and a network marketer. Talking to people is my thing, I love it! I never knew that I could make money by making more friends and hanging out and having fun. Why didn’t someone tell me sooner about this? Sign me up 5 years ago! 
  9. I didn’t know it would be a roller coaster. I didn’t realize that some months would be super easy, and that other months I would have to kick myself in the ass. But that’s all part of what’s made me grow. This is your business to run however you want. It’s truly different then any other direct sales company around today.  It’s made to attract a certain kind of person, while repelling another. Postivity and being real are a huge part of our companies core commitments.
  10. I never thought I would be able to grow a team. In fact I didn’t even want a team. I wanted free product as I stated above. But then I started working, and before long my team began to grow. And it’s still continuing to flourish. This is a gift beyond my wildest dreams. Helping myself is one thing and it makes me feel good. But when you help other people make their dreams come true, it’s a whole new ball game! 

I hope this helped some of you decide what to do next, and how to grow yourself authentically.  These are my facts, from my story and they only pertain to me! I hope one day you have the courage to join a networking family and start a new journey to create the life you’ve always desired!

Find someone real that you want to spend more time with and get started today!

Click her for my website

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