Do you know who you are spiritually?

Do you know who you are spiritually?
This would be who you are in your heart, not in your mind. It has nothing at all to do with thoughts, and everything in the world to do with feelings. 
Our minds can only get us so far in life, and then we have to tap into some greater energy! Some people talk to God to become more spiritual. Some might talk to the universe, or Buddha, but they seek to open their hearts. They know that they cannot do great things alone.
When you begin to learn about your brain and how it’s wired to work against you, and avoid pain at all cost, you will start to understand yourself a little better.  
You can become the watcher of your own thoughts. You can learn to get out of your mind and back into your heart. But that’s only if you want to. It’s only if you seek something deeper and more meaningful.
There are times for when your brain is a very important part of your decision making, and then there are times when it serves you no positive purpose. 
Take time to quite the mind and be still. I pray to God everyday, and I meditate a few times a week when I need to be still and hear his answers. I can’t listen if my mind is full of chatter. I can’t be open to love if my spirit isn’t healthy. 
My spirit is my true self. It’s part of my soul, & part of what makes me unique and different. It’s where all of my love comes from.  
It’s where all of my healing occurs and my fears dissipate. It’s like a kiss from the sun on my cheeks when I walk outside in the morning. 
Its like a walk on the beach before sunset.
It’s like the beautiful rainbow that appears in the middle of the storm. 
It’s peaceful and loving and it’s where I long to live!

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