I used to spend my Saturday Numbing

I used to spend the weekends getting drunk and avoiding myself at all cost.

Numbing was my favorite thing to do to avoid feelings of any kind. Going out to the bar, going out to dinner, hanging out with people and gossiping about everyone else.

But there was this whisper from my soul that was begging me to be still. To listen to the gut and to get out of my head.

So I slowly began to learn about me! The only person I can control and I learned to love myself.
Not needing to avoid any parts because I truly embrace them all.

My Saturday night was spent geeking out on my couch with a library book that I’ve been waiting on forever.

Complete with notes and fun colors!

The next 2 years are going to be similar to the last 2 years. If you choose to partake in “what ifs”your going to create an illness in your body by your thoughts.

Do not allow the shenanigans of the evil people to attach you or your spirit. It’s time to move on and accept all that is to come. (Find a tribe of light workers to help you find yourself)

We are all Buddha’s! Notice I didn’t say Buddhist because that’s a religion, and here’s why:

“Buddhism is less a theology or a religion than a promise that certain meditative practices and mind trainings can effectively show us how to awaken our Buddha nature and liberate us from suffering and confusion.”

You can change you I promise 💜


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