Why do I live in a world that shames you for not drinking?

Good morning beautiful souls! I’m off on yet another wonderful life adventure, because change is where the magic lies.

I’m officially 3 weeks into the no alcohol game and I had to write about it. I’m not here to compare my life to yours, or to judge you. I don’t care if you drink or smoke or what you do. I’m simply sharing my experiences with you.

Drinking was a habit that I’ve chosen to give up. It doesn’t make me feel good ever. It causes depression and anxiety and so much more. It also makes me avoid life and feeling in general, and since I’ve decided to NOT live on autopilot, this is the best choice for me.

But why do I live in a world that feels as though they can try to shame you into drinking. I’m not shaming your ass into not drinking, so kindly give me the same respect.

I think it goes right along with what I’ve been saying this entire time, this world lacks boundaries everywhere. We have all blurred the lines for so long that we have absolutely no morals.

Stop living by the unwritten rules of social media and this world, and learn how to follow Gods plan for you life.

I think it’s amazing anytime anyone gives up their addictions for a fuller more abundant life. It’s not about being better then anyone else it’s about being better then I was yesterday.

It’s not about being perfect it’s about being real. I wouldn’t say my body has gone through withdrawals but I am for sure noticing subtle differences in myself.

The only negative thing that I really encountered would be that I feel more tired then I ever have. But I’m sure in a few months this will all work itself out.

They say you replace one addiction with another, so I ton up gardening for the first time ever. My Native American ancestors are proud and have given me the wisdom to move forward with faith and grace.

May we all learn to cheer on those that decide to be different. May you be brave enough to show up for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Why do I live in a world that shames you for not drinking?

  1. When I gave up drinking 3 years ago I also had to give up my alcoholic ‘friend’ enablers. It was a HARD choice, but I do not miss hangovers or drunk men passed out on my parlor -floor in the mornings. Now it is different. People feel ashamed of their own drinking when I talk about my sobriety and what brought me here. You may find people like this too, be kind to them ❤ great job making this decision don't beat yourself up no matter what.

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