Intentional fun

Good morning friends! Last night we hosted our first ever Feel Good Friday, and it was a great success.

The idea was to have some intentional fun with friends or family and to do it in a healthy environment. It was an hour and half long and you received 3 different 30 minute classes.

Cardio Drumming

Everyone started their night off together with Miss Emily, and some cardio drumming. The music was pumping and the laughter was infectious. The energy was amazing and so were the people that made this event possible.

Dance Class

After the warm up we split up our groups. Half of them went to dance with Miss Amber, and half of them went to yoga with me. This made it possible to have an adult class and a littles yoga class, since they are completely opposites.

Yoga class

After 30 minutes we switched our classes and the night was complete. It was our goal to create a fun evening full of laughter and healthy play.

Your family and your friends are the most important relationships in your entire world. We all need to learn how to slow down and to relax.

Get it

As we continue into 2021 stay tuned for lots more fun events coming your way, as we continue to partner with Amber and Emily to bring you more presence in your life.

My heart


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