When Facebook censors my shit I know we’re close to the end

Good morning friends! I’m in an uphill battle against censorship in 2020. For the last 5 years I’ve used Facebook to share my blog and my business but all of a sudden they’ve decided to censor my pages.

And why do they censor it?!? Simply because they think they are God. This morning they got a little cuter then normal and added a new word “still” no evidence that hydroxycchloroquine can blah blah bla.

But look at what they are ok with

They are ok with punishing me for having my own opinion and sharing my truths about a medicine that’s being used here.

Now why the hell do they think that’s ok? And even more important, for exactly how long have they been feeding us bullshit?!?

Here’s the part that’s really scary! When I show you what they are ok with you will have no choice but to see their hidden agendas.

Why is it that I can’t share an article or a video about medicine, but grooming kids for pedophilia doesn’t go against their community standards.

This isn’t a “glitch” because I’ve got lots more evidence to back it up. This is why they were in front of congress this week, but I’m guessing that these guys have enough money to pay off congress too.

We are nearing the end of times because the evil is out in the open. Ask yourself why I’m being censored and do your homework on the kids, they need you.

How do we reclaim our power?!?

By using our voices and saying No

💜Tay Tay

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