Small town fundraiser for my girl 💜 #success

If you know me at all then you already know that my best friend has been battling breast cancer.

She’s half way through her 16 chemo treatments and she’s kicking ass and taking names.

When cancer strikes those that we love we have to jump in and help fight for them.

This year clearly wasn’t the year That Renee’ had planned, but she’s fighting it like a champ.

I’m not sure I could handle something like this with such grace and dignity, but she does it daily.

We just had a fundraiser for her on Sunday and it was amazing!

While cancer might suck, the result is love.

We raised close to $3000 for her and her family and we had a lot of fun while we we’re doing it.

We had raffles and a fifty fifty drawing

We also had drinks and food

We let the kids draw the tickets so they could be a part of this special day as well!

While parts of this disease are super crappy, other parts are simply amazing

Celebrating the life of Renee’ filled up all of our hearts

Taking time to pause and to help other people is what makes life so fulfilling

I’m not quite sure I can describe the energy that filled the room because it was so unique and amazing

But that’s why I’ve included all the pictures

In them you can feel the warmth that radiates from those who gathered here

I don’t wish cancer on anyone

But this is good right smack dab in the middle of the bad

This feeds the faith and starves the fears

Events like these cause love to multiply and souls to open up

Memories were made and laughter was had by all

Love will see her through

Friendship will help keep her strong

I love you sister girlfriend

This year we probably get to spend more time together then Just at work

Different shenanigans but still my partner in crime

We got your back sister always and forever

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