How the eclipse has impacted my life

Disclaimer before you read this article:

I’m not an astrologist, a numerologist, or a moonologist (just kidding about that one)! But I am one very empathetic person. I have the ability to read people’s energy when I meet them. I’m not a psychic, and I will never be, but I am very intune to my surroundings. I feel others pain, and their happiness, and many other emotions as well. 

I love this gift I’ve been blessed with. I’m a fixer, a healer, a lover. I am enlightened and I am in tune to those I love.  I’m also aware of strangers energy! One time we were having a yard sale and I said to my husband, “this guys a straight up creeper.” And he says to me “don’t judge him, he could be ok.” Then he proceeds to walk up to us and ask us if we have any Stephen King books! Boo ya! It’s not judgment, it’s energy and it doesn’t lie! 

The more time I spend creating space in between my thoughts, the more I’m able to feel.

I don’t believe in coincidences! 

I do believe that everything is connected and happens for a reason. 

Since we’ve been having these unusual moons, weather patterns, and once in a lifetime eclipses, I’ve noticed a lot of energy trying to shift all around me. It feels as though everything that’s been subconsciously hiding, is coming out. Old patterns and behaviors can no longer survive in these conditions. 

The ego struggles to keep control, but yet the patterns cannot exist in these current conditions. 

I feel as though it’s been a bit soul cleansing, even if it sucked to go through it. I believe in the power of love, and the energy that it brings with it. I also believe that getting rid of our old egotistical patterns, will mean bringing a new sort of presence into our lives. 

Change isn’t easy, and neither is walking through your life asleep. I’m thankful for all of the feelings that come with today’s events. I’ve gotten goose bumps already about 20 times this morning. I feel the electricity and the excitement in the air. 

These changes have also brought me closer to God. Because when it seems as though you can’t go on, the one true father will get your through. If there’s good then there’s bad, so I must protect those I love!

Have you noticed anything weird in your life lately? 

According to the professionals the longest period of darkness will last around 2 minutes! 

Here’s to witnessing amazing things in our life time ✌️☀️🌏

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