Truths With Tay Tay Is your energy funky right now?

There’s been a real funky energy in the air around here. I don’t know what it is!

At first I could have been led to believe that it was only me, but it turns out ALL my friends are experiencing it too!

Mother Nature is even in on it because I woke up to snow again. My soul needs some sunshine and some warm weather. My heart needs some girlfriends and wine time.

In the last week I’ve encountered some really negative people. From shitty insulting messages in my inbox, to rude ass comments from jealous females.

Oh I would love to pretend that it didn’t bother me, but if we try to ignore an emotion, it’s not going away. We must feel it full on, and let it out so that it’s not trapped inside of us.

God knows that’s a lesson I’ve learned over the years. Don’t ever try to suppress your feelings, because they are NOT going away. You need to get comfortable with feeling the emotions so that they can move on.

I was given a voice because I’m not afraid to use it.

So this morning let me tell you that your freaking amazing💜

If you’ve been down lately or you’ve been feeling out of whack the end is near 🧚🏻‍♂️

You are the creator of your story and you are holding the pen💜

Learn to understand yourself so that you can use your big girl words in life🧚🏻‍♂️

Have boundaries like a MF💜

You are only responsible for your feelings 🧚🏻‍♂️

Not for anyone else’s 💜

If you worry about what other people think you will find yourself drained and depleted of energy🧚🏻‍♂️

Don’t be co-dependent it’s not self love 💜

Surround yourself with a tribe that loves


Go where your celebrated not where your tolerated 💜

And last of all 🧚🏻‍♂️

If you don’t like where you are MOVE, your not a tree 💜

I believe in you

Small town fundraiser for my girl 💜 #success

If you know me at all then you already know that my best friend has been battling breast cancer.

She’s half way through her 16 chemo treatments and she’s kicking ass and taking names.

When cancer strikes those that we love we have to jump in and help fight for them.

This year clearly wasn’t the year That Renee’ had planned, but she’s fighting it like a champ.

I’m not sure I could handle something like this with such grace and dignity, but she does it daily.

We just had a fundraiser for her on Sunday and it was amazing!

While cancer might suck, the result is love.

We raised close to $3000 for her and her family and we had a lot of fun while we we’re doing it.

We had raffles and a fifty fifty drawing

We also had drinks and food

We let the kids draw the tickets so they could be a part of this special day as well!

While parts of this disease are super crappy, other parts are simply amazing

Celebrating the life of Renee’ filled up all of our hearts

Taking time to pause and to help other people is what makes life so fulfilling

I’m not quite sure I can describe the energy that filled the room because it was so unique and amazing

But that’s why I’ve included all the pictures

In them you can feel the warmth that radiates from those who gathered here

I don’t wish cancer on anyone

But this is good right smack dab in the middle of the bad

This feeds the faith and starves the fears

Events like these cause love to multiply and souls to open up

Memories were made and laughter was had by all

Love will see her through

Friendship will help keep her strong

I love you sister girlfriend

This year we probably get to spend more time together then Just at work

Different shenanigans but still my partner in crime

We got your back sister always and forever

Are you doing life or is life doing you?

Either your doing life or life is doing you💜

I’ll be the first person to admit that my life ran itself for many years. I had no real plans for growth or change.

I was basically living on autopilot and I didn’t even realize it. I think we could all find ourselves here if we’re willing to be still long enough to investigate the inside of our hearts.

I wish I could tell you that learning to love and feel from the soul was an easy adventure, but it’s not. We’ve been doing things one way for so long that it’s going to take intentional will power to change our habits.

Our subconscious runs 80% of our life and if we want to change it starts in our mind. We have to be picky with what we feed our brains. We have to become intentional with where we spend our time and who we spend it with.

Life is all about balance friends 💜

Maybe your ready for a new life and your not sure how to get it, but by reading this page your well on your way.

You choose to be inspired today

You fed your brain new information

And you took the time to learn something new

This is the beginning of really living

I hope that your brave enough to open up before your life is over 💜

Tired of all the excuses you tell yourself?

Anyone else ever get tired of all the excuses that we tell ourself?

What if this week you just stopped all the chatter and worrying in your mind and you just took action?

I mean seriously how many times do you find yourself completely lost in your own mind?

Your immersed in your own thoughts and you then believe these thoughts, and all the while your unable to ever stop 🤔 thinking!

If you can become the watcher of your thoughts then your thoughts will begin to change. Like the next time your mind won’t shut up say to it “I see you running away up there” and instantly you will create a space of


You will have stopped the thinking for just a second, and this will allow you to tap into the present moment.

The Power Of Now

You are NOT your thoughts and you are not your mind! Just because you think something doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Your brain is just another part of you! It’s your processing system. But you’re not a brain you are a soul 🙃 silly!

Don’t confuse the 2

If you really want to change your life you need some help. You can’t change on your own unless your already awakened.

The first step I took that scared me to death and made me grow at the same time was starting a new business from home.

It forced me to align with a new group of people. It surrounded me with a different environment so that I could grow into the soul I was meant to become.

These friends forced me to level up. They required more of me and they helped me to see things differently.

These are the choices we get to make as adults.

Who are we going to spend our time


What will do with our days?

Where do we need to grow?


What are the excuses that are holding you


Celebrating life 💜

Good morning beautiful souls

Today I will be absent because we will

Be celebrating the life of my beautiful friend.

Cancer sucks and that is all!

JK it does suck but in times like these I am reminded what the true meaning of life is and that’s love my friends 💜

When your friends go through tough times you have a choice to make

You can shy away from the chaos and take a back burner or you can jump into full on warrior mode and be ready to defend your friend no matter what🙋‍♀️

I believe God brings people into our lives for a reason and that I met Renee because I’m supposed to be right here beside her crying and fighting no matter what the situation 🧚🏻‍♂️

I am blessed by her and I’m even more in love with her after seeing her fight this disease like an amazing boss goddess🦄

Today will be full of laughs and I’m sure some tears, but that’s ok and it’s actually quite healing 🧞‍♀️

Tears are the words that our souls can’t speak for us and so they work their way out through our eyes

That’s the problem…….

This lesson is a hard one to learn and sometimes I even repeat it before I realize I’m doing it again.

It’s scary to get past ourselves, especially if you’ve been avoiding yourself most of your life.

What do I mean by avoiding yourself?

I mean when was the last time you did something that scared you?

When was the last time you took a chance on yourself?

When was the last time you tried something new?

How long has it been since you’ve made a new friend?

When was the last time you broke your monthly routine?

When was the last time that you felt like your life was on autopilot?

How often are you trapped inside your own mind and never even able to make a move because your stuck thinking what if all the time?

If you find yourself stuck then it’s time to get real with you. The reason your stuck is because you taught yourself to freeze.

This is the part where it’s no fun to look inside. This is the part where A lot of people will quit and walk away.

Do you know why they quit?

It’s because they are afraid to take responsibility for themselves.

It’s also because deep down inside they don’t believe that they deserve better. 💜

Do you really want to waste your entire life with a bunch of made up scenarios going through your head that prevent you from ever living?

Isn’t it time for you to get real with you?

Your not getting any younger friends and your either growing or your dying and that choice is entirely up to you 💜

Scary Before, But Not After Friday The 13th

It’s Friday The 13th (enter creepy 🎶 music)

Ha ha it’s especially weird here in Ohio today because it’s going to be 72 degrees🌞

Woot woot! For my soul💜

I was wondering how on earth I was going to incorporate this day into my blog, when suddenly it hit me🙋‍♀️

I happen to sell the best patented skincare around and my customers and family have had phenomenal results 🎆

So I’ve decided to dedicate this one to the before and after that I’ve collected along the way📱

If you need help scaring away some wrinkles or some cellulite get in touch with me and I can help you🧞‍♀️

I know that I’m getting old and I embrace it wholeheartedly, but that doesn’t mean that I have to look old 🧚🏻‍♂️

Here’s to anti-aging gracefully

Are you scared enough to take your own pictures and get started today?

I hope you have an amazing Friday 🌞

Happy Fridaythe 13th