A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true

There’s many steps that you must take if you want to change your life. You can’t change by will power alone because it will never sustain you.

You cannot skip any of the steps along the journey or you will find yourself starting over again and again.

I know how to bring lasting change into my life, and I also understand why it’s easier to stay the same.

It takes an insane amount of focus, a mentor who will help you get beyond yourself, and a commitment to being different.

What normally happens with people is that they get all excited about something and they go all in. But then somewhere along the line they miss a day and then they begin to beat themselves up.

Their internal dialogue is one that says you will never change, you should have never tried in the first place, you will always be the same.

And this my friends is where you have a choice!

You can say to yourself, “Yesterday wasn’t such a good day for me! But that doesn’t mean that I should quit! That doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person! And it sure as hell doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world! Tomorrow is a new day and I will start fresh in the morning.”

Or you could say

“Yesterday sucked! I’m an awful person who will never change. I knew that I should have never even tried. Why did I even think that I could do something like this? Who was I kidding? Never again!”

And so begins the insanity of self sabotage!

We want to change but our brains want to keep us stuck and safe.

Your brains no different then mine, I’ve just learned how to get beyond the nonsense

I used to tell myself.

I’ve learned how to love myself fully and by doing so I’m able to help others learn how to practice self love on a daily basis!

You can follow my advice


You can listen to your own advice

The choice is yours

Have a great week

How I fixed the inside 💜

This morning these photos were in my

Memories. I looked at them and thought who the hell is that?

And then I’m like

It’s me!

And then I’m like

I look so sad and old and unavailable.

I’m like there but I’m not there. Holy crapoli can I just say that I love time hop, memories or whatever it’s called this week because I get to see the transformation of my spirit and my heart from the inside out.

I don’t care what you think of these pictures because some of you will say I was beautiful in all of them. But I’ll be the one to say oh no no no my friends.

Pictures never lie that’s why I absolutely love them. In those first 2 pictures I was still myself, but I wasn’t living in a place of faith, I was living in place of fear.

When I finally took the time to start getting real with myself, then my life began to change. There are times on this journey when everything is amazing and beautiful and easy. But then there are other times when it seems as though you’re never going to be the person you truly want to be.

(But then you see the pictures and the 5 year gap and you know that your on the right path)

When I decided to change my life that naturally means that it’s going to have a ripple effect on every single relationship in my entire life. Most people don’t like change. We’re supposed to play our roles in life, keep our mouths closed, be a good girl, don’t tell your secrets, don’t betray your family, put others first, don’t talk about your feelings, don’t make other people upset, don’t speak of anything real, don’t question me, don’t make me shame you, don’t talk back, don’t ask questions, don’t do anything that makes anyone else uncomfortable, don’t tell me how you feel!

The girl in the first 2 pictures lived by the above rules. She did everything she could to play her role and make others happy until one day she decided that it was time for her to find her own voice again and figure out what she wanted.

She was tired of living her life by other people’s judgments and by her own outdated blueprints. She knew that buried deep within her was a little voice that was waiting on her to find it and make it big again.

She is clearly me

and I am her!

We are the same but yet we’re different.

An awakening has occurred inside my soul and my spirit!

I have taken the time to heal the hurts and to take down the walls so that I might learn to love a new way.

And I love myself in a way that’s never happened before.

Your life is a gift don’t waste it!

I will always be the student and the teacher of life because these are my gifts and I must use them! 💜

“Now Your Just Somebody That I Used To Know”

Midlife Is Where The Magic Is

“Midlife: When the Universe grabs you by the shoulders and tell you “I’m not F-ing around use the gifts you were given” Brene’ Brown

Good morning friends I’m bringing you an amazing message on this #FeelGoodFriday

It comes from one of mentors Brene’ Brown and I resemble it on so many levels. When it comes to the middle of our lives it’s seems as though we’re at a crossroad.

Which way do I go?

What’s really important?

Am I fulfilling my destiny?

Am I stuck in my fears?

Am I stuck on auto pilot?

Lots of the questions that we are asking ourselves come from our third eye chakra which develops between the ages of 36 & 42.

This chakra is all about intuition, and wisdom. It doesn’t come from the mind and it doesn’t believe the same thoughts that’s it’s always believed.

It’s a part of the awakening!

It’s the ability to look beyond your minds and into your heart. It’s wisdom that comes from faith. It’s a beautiful journey, but it’s also scary and messy.

This is why so many people succumb to the idea of a mid life crisis. They believe that this is all normal, but what’s really happening is that their intuition is blocked by their current belief system.

We all have a very unique set of gifts. I am an empath and I have the ability to feel others emotions on a very deep level. For many years I wasn’t able to fully embrace this gift because it drained me and I didn’t know how to have boundaries when it came to others energy.

But now I absolutely love this gift, because I took the time to develop it, instead of run away from it.

Having real conversations with people is another one of my gifts. I don’t have time for small talk and small minds because that my friends is simply a waste of energy.

Don’t get stuck in your head!

Learn to love out of your heart and stay away from the fears that hold you back.

May your mid life be full of change and wonder instead of fear and complacency!

There’s a battle going on inside of you

There’s a battle going on inside of you and

It’s between your ego and your soul.

We all have many different voices inside of our heads that we need to learn how to separate.

Some of the voices are kind and loving while others are negative and harmful to our hearts. The key to learning to love yourself lies in which voices you choose to listen too.

Trust me when I say your not alone!

Your not crazy!

And most importantly you are not your thoughts!

Our brains have 60,000 thoughts a day and you’re not in control of many of them. Your mind is your central processing system, and it has a job to do.

Your job is to learn that you are not your mind and you are not your thoughts. We must take the time to be still with ourselves and learn how to find our magic again.

It’s in there I promise!

But you have to be brave and bold and you have to learn a new way to think if you want to truly love yourself.

I know that change is scary, but what’s even scarier is staying exactly the same week after week! I can’t even imagine where I would be had I not started to learn about myself.

Your a badass and it’s time to get in touch with that voice!

I love you friends

You’ve got this

You are confined by the walls you build yourself

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself 💜

Learning to take down the walls is not a task for the faint of heart. After all you put them up many many years ago during your childhood and now your faced with the daunting task of taking them down, or remaining the same.

Half of the battle with walls is realizing that they are there and what purpose they serve to keep you safe. (or so we think) If your first reaction is that you don’t have any walls then I will call BS, because I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a wall or 2 left.

Even With all of the work I’ve done on my heart I still find myself wanting to fall back into what’s safe. I still have to stop and question my motives because I want to know if I’m doing things out of conditioning or if I’m doing things because I consciously choose to do them.

Theres a few things you need to understand fully about your walls. They are yours and yours alone. No one can make you take them down and nobody can force you to see that they are there.

All defense mechanisms come from when we are children. We must do whatever is necessary to keep ourselves safe and out of harms way.

As adults we get to update our blueprints!

We get to choose new feelings and new thoughts and we get to decide a new way to raise our kids.

I understand walls keep you safe and they make you feel protected, but if they keep people out then they also keep love out.

What can’t get out, can’t get in.

Do you want to learn how to begin breaking the barriers and living a life that’s different then you’ve ever experienced before?

Are you ready to let go of the pain from the past so that you might learn a new way to receive and to give love?

“Finding yourself consists of peeling off years of social conditioning to find a self as it existed during child hood unmasked”

You see in the world what you carry around in your heart

What you see in this world you carry in your heart.

Our eyes are a direct pathway to our hearts.

We can’t see things in people we don’t like unless we also possess those same characteristics.

I know it’s sometimes confusing when it comes to figuring ourselves out, but if we pay close attention to the feelings that are attached to our judgments then we will soon understand.

If we have any kind of negativity, reactivity, anger, bitterness, or judgment then these are the things we need to heal.

Often times we are on auto pilot when it comes to life.

We are so comfortable with our conditioned responses that we don’t even have to think. We just automatically have the answers to everything and we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re right.

However today I want you to focus on yourself instead of others. I want you to get real with you!

Where do your judgments come from?

When did you learn them?

Where does your pain come from?

Where does your fear come from?

Those aren’t feelings of love and comfort but rather feelings of insecurities and broken hearts.

We’re so quick to place the blame on other people but I tell you this, whatever you don’t like in another person, you have inside yourself.

Blame talk is for the weak!

It always blames everyone else and it never learns how to take responsibility for itself.

Blame talk makes everything everyone else’s fault all of the time and it will keep you stuck and alone.

I’m a reformed blamer!

I used to blame everyone for everything because it was simply all that I knew.

But you can learn a new way Friends if your willing to get real with you.

Thanks for reading my blog friends


God Bless

Peace ✌️

Lukewarm Christians

Ive been reading a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and I must share it with you.

I am a Christian and I’m not always proud to say that. But not because I don’t love God and Jesus, but maybe it’s more because I don’t want to labeled as judgmental.

I have close friends and family that don’t believe in God, and I always wanted to change their mind. I wanted to make them

See what I see and feel what I feel. But the more I read and more I learn I think my friends are turned off by our man made religion.

I think they just might be able to

Accept God and his son if it weren’t for all the labels and the rules that man made religion had bestowed upon them.

What turns them off is when your fears and your own shortcomings come out and make them feel unworthy. There’s nothing in the bible that says one person deserves love because they attended church, but another person deserves judgment because they don’t go.

This has been weighing heavy on my heart and God wants me to share this message with you. I posted many pictures about the profile of the Luke warm and I have a Bible

Verse to follow each one up.

If you find yourself in any of those areas I would beg you to question your motives.

Do you want to know why Jesus talked in parables?

Its because he knew that some people were coming to listen to him but that their hearts weren’t in the right place.

So he spoke in code so those people who were listening with their minds couldn’t absorb

The goodness, but those who listened with their hearts were able to receive the message.

“It is not scientific doubt, not atheism, not pantheism, not agnosticism that in our day and in this land is likely to quench the light of the gospel. It is a proud, sensuous, luxurious, church going, hollow hearted prosperity”

This is so true!

I found this message exactly when I was supposed to!

How many people go to church because it’s

The thing to do?

He doesn’t care if you sit in church every single Sunday if your hearts still not in the right place.

He would much rather you got your hands dirty and served him in the real world. He would

Much rather you stop judging things and people that make you uncomfortable and that you learn to grow your heart, eyes and mind to better serve his purpose, not the egos purpose.

I will share this lesson a million times because the world needs less judgmental friends and more love.

I’m strong enough to stand up and to use my voice to go against the crowd because this is how my


Made me!

Never ever ever think that because your doing all the things a Christian is supposed to do that you are on the road to salvation.

Because in the end you can’t trick the man above.

He knows your heart and he knows your mind and he knows if you live a life full

Of fears and judgments.

He also knows if your real or if your fake.

He knows if you pick and choose what rules of his to follow and which ones that you ignore.

Is your love lukewarm?

Or does it challenge you to the core?