Ladies this one’s for you

Good morning Dear ones🫶

Today we’re coming in with a hot topic and a sure fire sign your on the path to self love. Without these beautiful parameters in your life, you will more then likely become the people pleaser, the doormat, the martyr, or the bitch, and that’s not all of the options but it’s the main choices.

Women were born knowing how to put others first and to make everyone else feel good. But, then I was born and I came here to interrupt the entire system. It took me awhile to wake up and to remember who I was and why I was here, but we’re doing this thing now.

It seems as though when you decide to love yourself, a lot of people who don’t love themselves are going to have a problem with it. Love your fucking self anyways. You did not come to earth to make money, retire and have a family. That’s an earth path.

Your souls missions is to wake up from your slumber and relearn all the things you’ve been taught. To open up your heart and to allow the flow of love to radiate through you.

Your here to escape the hell of your own thought process and blossom into the beautiful soul that you truly are.

You cannot love yourself without boundaries. They DO NOT make you a bitch, like everyone else will make you think. In fact they are the most beautiful gift you could ever give yourself.

Setting a boundary teaches other people how to treat you. It says no mam, no sir! That’s enough! I don’t like what your saying to me and I don’t like how I feel while your saying it. Therefore if your vibration seems to lower or alter my vibration you have to go.

It has nothing at all to do with you! I can’t control you, I can’t save you, and sure as shit can’t make you surrender to what love is. Therefore I must move on in my life without you. I wish you well! I appreciate whatever role you played in my healing, but I will not tolerate you barfing your unhealed judgments all over me.

I teach love if your forgot. It’s the exact opposite of judgment, For it takes a strong heart to be able to look past the human flaws and see that they are still lovable no matter what.

Enforcing boundaries is an act of self love. I know you were never taught this, neither was I. But I promise you this, it’s by far one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned in my entire life.

And I will teach the shit out of them!

Namaste 🫶


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