You are the love of your life

Good Morning Dear One🫶

It seems as though the entire world forgot what love looks like. What it actually means, and how to open your hearts to allow the feelings to flow.

What if I told you that until you loved yourself, you will never find a soulmate that’s meant for you. If you don’t take the time to heal your childhood trauma it will manifest and replay itself in all of your intimate relationships.

Relationships have always been my number one priority and that will never change. I don’t care about your bank account, your address, or your profession. But I sure as shit care about your heart, your feelings and your healing. I require depth over distance in all areas of my life.

I’ve worked really fucking hard to remove all of the people, places and things that stop the flow of love. Now we just need humans to learn to love themselves.

But that first requires an intimate relationship with the shadow self. This is where we all begin the work of becoming who we we’re born to be, instead of who our trauma made us. If you can pass on dysfunction you can pass on healing.

I’ve never been more excited about love in my entire life, because I get to teach it. Your words are by far the most powerful gift you have, so do not cast spells that you don’t mean. Don’t use your word to harm others, use them with intention.

We all have so much to unlearn and relearn.

Now offering online soul sessions ❤️


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