Dear blog, I love you and I miss you and I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you lately. I haven’t had the energy to write as much as I normally do but I’m about to change that.

Yesterday was 3-23-23 and it was the most magical day for manifesting your future desires. So I did just that, and It’s been released into the universe and sealed with a sign, so I know it’s my truth.

I’ve joined forces with Zendoa Healing Arts Center, as a trauma certified yoga instructor, spiritual guide, Reiki practitioner, and healer of the hearts. I work with adults and children of all ages, partnering with schools, day cares, camps, and churches to give our kids the tools they need to bloom where they are planted.

It’s been an amazing addition to my current practices,and while I’m no reiki master yet, I will be by the end of the year.

I’ve spent an entire year at The Building Block with the kiddos every single week. They have grown in ways that I could have never imagined. They have given me just as much love over the last year as I have given them.

It’s been a beautiful relationship to grow. I’ve so very thankful that Katie has an open mind and wants to foster emotional intelligence in the children. They absolutely love all things energy, magic, and yoga. They are going to light up this world like nothing you’ve ever seen before, so make sure to follow them as they grow.

I’ve continued on with my second year of Little Lights Yoga at Dance Fuzion Studios, and we’re so thankful for all of our littles there. Some of them have been doing yoga faithfully for 2 years and it shows. They are expressive and wild and real. I was put on earth to help foster their creativity and to keep their magic alive. The world would love to dull their shine, but I won’t allow that to occur.

I attended my very first drum circle and I’m pretty sure ALL of our ancestors were in that room with us. The healing that occurs in circles is like no other. We are truly raising the vibration of the planet daily, and helping with the collective consciousness.

Lajla and the fam popped into to town for a week and we got to spend a little time with them, which is always good for the heart. 25 years of friendship and growing and here we are. We took Peyton shopping for a prom dress, and Soren and Lajla got to do yoga with us, and they visited The Flying Pepper.

The girls have all settled into the new place and made the adjustment quite beautifully. Some of these ladies have been doing yoga once a week for the last 2 years and it’s the most beautiful thing to watch them grow. To see them shed the things that no longer serve them and remove the blockages from their hearts. To make time in their weekly routines for themselves and to create boundaries where they never had them before.

I can’t share all the amazing things I have planned for the current year, but it’s going to be serendipitous. The end of the wait is near and freedom is calling my name.

Love Tavia 🫶

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