My Reiki Adventure

Good Morning Dear Ones 🫶

Yesterday I spent the entire day immersed in light and love. Surrounded by the most beautiful souls. I’ve been wanting to learn reiki for an entire year now since I first had it done. I fell in love with Gina (my reiki girl)and the entire experience, so I knew it was time.

Words will never be able to explain the alchemy that occurs in such beautiful environments, but I’ll still try my best to write it all out. When I became a yoga teacher I knew that it was going to be my future. I’d never felt so peaceful in my entire life. I knew what a gift it was to my own body and heart and I wanted to introduce it to as many people as I possibly could.

After learning about Reiki I felt an immediate calling to learn more about it. But then I put my life on hold, and put my dreams off while trying to create a new future. But alas I’m off of stuck and I’m exactly where I need to be. I am moving forward and it’s fucking beautiful. We are entering a new earth and times are going to be different then ever before.

We have more conscious souls on the planet now then we have ever had, which means we will need lots more ways to help our friends with their ascension process. I’ve always been different and I never knew why, until now.

I didn’t come here to fit in, I came to create a new space all together, where people can be seen and heard and understood.

Tessa is my daughter in law and she went with me. It’s been the most beautiful journey to watch her grow and heal and I’m beyond excited to see where her gifts take her.

We will be expanding our hearts and our futures together into the spiritual realm and we are beyond excited for this new chapter!


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