We’re not ignoring bullshit this year, we’re calling it out

Good Morning Dear Ones🫶

I’m sorry I haven’t written to you all in a while, there’s been so much going on over here.

I started a new yoga business a couple of years ago and I’m really proud of what I’ve built in such a short time, but it seems as though some of you around me are jealous, angry, and obsessed with me and my teachings.

Emotional intelligence is one of things I’ve learned and I now currently teach. I also teach how to heal your trauma, how to have healthy relationships, how to become a conscious parent, and so much more. I am doing this thing with zero support from my family or his. And that’s ok because healing isn’t for everyone.

Facebook just rolled out a new feature, where they tell you who your top fan is, and they put it in a little story. I thought it was so cool and I shared it yesterday. And it turns out after seeing Travis last night at yoga, he needed a little extra love in his life too, so it was a plus for both of us.

Your mean

But then when I was driving to teach yoga I had a notification on my phone from my Facebook. I pick it up to see that it was my mother in law and she’s laughing at my post. I have her and her son and her husband blocked from my social media. But I forgot to block her from my business page. Are you laughing because it’s impossible for me to have a fan? Are you laughing because you never thought I could do what I’m doing? Are you laughing because your mean Af? I don’t really care why your laughing but you will not take up space in my life ever again. You will not cross another boundary I’ve put in place.

Good thing I’ve been doing that healing because I handled the situation differently then the past. I could have ignored her outright call for attention, but by doing so I’d be ignoring my feelings. And I matter so we’re not doing that! I could have called and cussed her out because I felt like it. But I didn’t do that either. I sat with it, and sat with it and then I sent her a text message, and I told her that I’d be sending her a copy of the blog I was writing about cyber stalking and I’d be sure to send her copy and thank you for reminding me to block your ass.

Your obsession with me and my life should have ended when I broke up with your son in January of 2022, but it didn’t. The way you’ve treated me and my son over the years will take a lot of time to heal, but we will heal. And you will never again be able to silence me.

I will be calling out ALL unacceptable behavior this year from anyone in my life. Friends, family, lovers, past, present and future. I’ve had enough of your passive aggressive bullshit, it’s not a coping mechanism. Perhaps you should take a look at yourself and you own families addictions and afflictions. I’ve chosen to heal mine while you’ve chosen to continue the dysfunction.

I became an alcoholic while being in your family because that’s the normal, but I also quit that shit! 2 years free in March! Another reason I’m proud of me. I’m not enabling my Children or my husbands behaviors so I sure as shit am not enabling you.

You have some silly version of who I am in your head, and that’s all your problem. Your thoughts are your issues, your obsessions are not my problem. We haven’t had a real conversation since I begged you to get your son out of my house in May, but he’s still here.

The major difference between us is that I don’t try to hide who I am or where I’ve been. I understand fully that broken crayons still color. I will not have a toxic marriage ever again. Women you deserve love but you have to figure out what love is first.

The first step to healing is to stop avoiding. I’m hoping by telling the truth you no longer feel the need to bully me. It’s sad! That is ALL

Stop being mean to people online 🫶just stop!


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