A Year At The Building Block

I would like to start this blog out with a big fat thank you to Katie Jacobs, for inviting us into your home and your hearts for an entire year.

Mae 4 years old

When she first reached out to me I was excited and afraid, because I’d never worked with toddlers before. But I also knew what an amazing experience this could be for all of us when it comes to teaching emotional intelligence, and creating a new generation of balanced babies.

They taught me as much as I taught them and they have grown immensely. There were days when I would show up and things would go according to plan. But there were also other days when I walked in and I knew that we weren’t going to be doing much yoga, because everyone had huge feelings we need to deal with.

Kids are not afraid to show up or show out, and that’s why I love them. They haven’t lost their magic yet like many adults who are stuck in their heads. These kids have learned not only how to do a complete Sun salutation, but they can all also teach the entire series themselves.

Grace 5 years old

They can tell you how they feel and where they feel it in their body. They can teach you breath work to help you calm down and they understand the magic behind their smiles.

Treats and stillness all at the same time

They learned how to be still and how to be patient through weekly games and playing yoga. Every week we make savasana just a little longer so we can expand the calmness and connect them to their centers.

Don’t tell me that kids can’t learn patience, you just have to have patience in order to teach it.

Katie girl our friendship has grown and so has our love for the kids. You will never truly understand the part you played in my life during one of the craziest years I’ve had yet.

Nora age 3

Conscious parenting is a new approach to some old shame based thinking and is quickly replacing the future for many families. Its not for everyone as it requires the parents to change their approaches, and their behaviors, instead of blaming the kids for every thing. I’m proud of you for making emotional intelligence a weekly part of your learning. I’m blessed to be walking beside you and creating a brand new path for the parents and kids.

You are the love this world needs. Never stop shining.


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