Becoming An Earth Angel

Good Morning Dear Ones 🫶

I miss you and love you all! I’m sorry I haven’t written to you lately, but I’m doing the best I can. And I’m sure you are all doing the best that you can right now too.

I’m proud of you! No matter what you’ve chosen or done over the last 3 years, you are exactly where you need to be and nothing could be different.

I had no idea where my life was going when I decided to listen to spirit and not to man, but I knew that I was different for a reason.

It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and I’m getting sick of hard things. It’s time for amazing things, and loving things, and wonderful things. It’s time for a new earth to be created, where love is the driving force and ego and fear are not calling the shots.

All over the world there’s a spiritual battle ensuing. Some people see it, some people feel it, some people understand it, and some are simply oblivious to it all. I am an earth angel, hidden amongst the normies, to help raise the vibration of the planet.

Many of you are earth angels too, but you won’t allow the activation process to take place, because your afraid. But this is your free will my loves. You must understand this more then anything else I ever share with you. That’s the most beautiful thing about our planet is that you’ve always had free will, and you always will have it. Wether you choose to use it, or abuse it determines your heart center.

Simply put some “humans” on earth are soulless. They have lost their entire lights and they have no souls left. Greed, selfishness, fear, anger, bitterness, and ego are their guiding forces. Always wanting more, while never having enough is their theme in life. They are here to destroy the planet and love.

Then there’s a group of conscious souls placed here to ascend in the power of love. They will not be fooled by the greed, and the corruption and the fear of the common man. They are in fact the light of this world. The pillars of salt that bring about the truth always, and have the discernment to see through all of the evil ones plans.

I am an earth angel! I accepted my mission when I walked away from my career. I continue to create space in my life to grow and to heal and to help bring others closer to their light and to embrace their beautiful souls.

People who heal are naturally an Oracle for the spirit and those who don’t are used by the darkness. We are entering an entire new earth and I was born for this.

Become the light or stay in the darkness the choice is yours.

I love you ALL


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