What is love?

Good Morning Beautiful Souls🌞

I’ve been on a mission to understand what love is, but first I had to uncover what it wasn’t. I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately so I can better understand humans.

I’m not sure why Americans are the way they are, but love seems to be a little misconstrued here in the states. Do we blame the Disney movies, that set us up to think a man will save us? Do we blame our parents because they didn’t know what love was so they stayed together just because. Do we blame the relationships that we are currently in for not fulfilling us? Do we stay where we are because it’s easy, even though it’s not rewarding or fulfilling? Do we love ourselves enough to be alone and discover who we truly are? Are we willing to be vulnerable and show up for ourselves? Do we give ourselves the space we need to grow in a beautiful environment? Or do we stay stuck and miserable because it’s easier?

These are just a few of the questions I’ve been asking my friends and myself. I’m often perplexed by humans because they are beautiful creatures that spend way to much time thinking, working and avoiding. But not nearly enough time with themselves.

We came to earth to love and feel intensely. To experience a plethora of emotions and to learn how to love with our entire heart, not just parts of it. I could talk about love all day everyday, because its that’s freaking powerful, and it’s exactly what the world needs more of.

If we want to experience love in its fullest, then we ourselves must participate in bringing it into our lives. We must remove all of the things that stop the flow of love.

I could get a text message from someone and my entire face and heart will light up from the inside out. My glow is obvious immediately, and that’s how you know those people are for me. It’s an expanding of sorts, like my heart just opens up when certain people are around.

Simply put love is like an ocean. It’s always in motion, and it’s never stagnant. It flows in and out just like the waves crashing upon the shore. It’s the most beautiful energy around when it’s real and its pure. There’s no stronger force around then love. It is the almighty power within waiting to be discovered, perhaps for the first time. A great way to ask yourself if it’s love or drama is to understand how your body feels around certain people. Love expands and grows bigger, it’s the most beautiful feeling and has nothing to do with a thought.

And the opposite is true. If someone is not for you, when you go around them you will feel drained and depleted. It will seem like a chore to be in their presence. Instead of feeling open and excited you will feel heavy and closed down. This is your soul screaming at you to let go, but your head won’t let you, and this is why I say we create our own suffering.

I could talk about this all day but you all would probably be really bored, and never come back to my blog. So I’m going to end with this. As a yoga therapist and spiritual life coach everyone always asks me the same questions, when we’re in a session. They all desperately want to be loved and want to give love, but aren’t sure what love is. They always say “How can I get this guy to like me?” To which I reply “If he confuses you then he doesn’t really like you” and I also always add “To be chasing something implies it’s running away from you, perhaps you could attract love instead.”

Love is the ability to walk away from anyone and anything that doesn’t serve your highest good. Love is also holding space for people during their hard times. Love is patient and kind. Love is exhilarating and exciting. Love is all encompassing and helps guide us home to our hearts. Love is humble and loud all in the same sentence. Love doesn’t keep score and it knows when to let go. Love is what we’re all here for. Not money, not ego, not greed, but love. This is the currency of the new earth, wisdom and love are our birthright, and our inheritance.

Love is your birthright and no matter how long you got it wrong, there’s always the chance you get it right. You deserve it.

Namaste Love


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