Novembers Love

Good Morning Dear Ones 🤍

It’s real cold here in Ohio this morning. Like 17 degrees cold. Like makes your face hurt when you walk outside cold, and I don’t like it. However my soul needs an entire season of rest and relaxation so I’ll embrace it, all the while only complaining about it once in a while.

I wish I had good news for you on my divorce but I don’t and we’re still all here in the same house. I’ve been trying to break up with this dude since spring break of my daughters junior year. (Things don’t always go like you wish they would) I wanted to make her senior year a peaceful one but it hasn’t turned out that way. So here we are half way through her senior year and my ex is still here. The courts are slow and he won’t agree to anything, so I am indeed stuck here with him.

And while there’s often times I feel like I’m failing my daughter, I remind myself of how far I’ve come, and where we were last year. It might be hard to breathe with him here, but every day I’m one step closer to freedom.

I knew a few years ago when all of the nonsense with Covid started that times were changing forever. The world doesn’t know what love is, but I do and I’m here to teach you to love yourself. At least those who are on the healing journey. Those who choose to stay the same are on their own wheel of karma. We all have free will! We always have and we always will!

I’ve done so much shadow work and integration of the spirit that I might be unrecognizable to some. I’m just kind of vibing on a different frequency, and it’s not better then anyone, it’s just a higher vibration.

Some people choose to stay the same. To not awaken to there consciousness, to their God given gifts. They choose to only follow their earthly paths, and totally ignore their Divine souls journey. This is their free will.

Even though things have gone completely different then I planned, I’m still proud of myself. Leaving a dysfunctional relationship is nothing like a normal break up. I’ve not been able to just leave, it’s a bit more like I’m trying my make an escape, but I’m stuck in escape room hell.

But I’m not actually stuck! I’m doing it, and doing it, and not always doing it well, but I’m still doing it. My business and my love for all things yoga is where I focus my time and energy. I’ve met so many new amazing people and we’re creating a whole new tribe of conscious lovers, and it’s fucking beautiful. Being able to hold space for others pain while enduring my own pain is the most beautiful gift.

If your going through it your not alone! Maybe it’s not going the way you planned, but it’s going! And your doing it! And it can’t last forever. I am here for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to me. Your healing will change the past and the future generations, and while not everyone was born for this, you were!


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