My Yoga Journey

Good morning Beautiful Souls ❤️

It’s starting to get cold here and I don’t like the winter, but we shall hibernate and do what we need to do. I’ve steady been growing Awakened Soul Yoga, one class at a time.

We started in 2020 and I’ve never once regretted my decision to teach self love. It’s been challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Growing a new business in the middle of a government game isn’t always easy. Getting a divorce isn’t easy either but here we are. We do hard things, even when we are afraid. So while the situations I find myself in during the growing process are not fun, there’s no other place I’d rather be.

Teaching stillness in a world that lives on fight or flight is yet another challenge, but people are learning the benefits of their practice. And while they are working on their own lights, they are also lighting up the world in ways they can’t even imagine.

Gigi’s Girl

My granddaughter is in one of my classes and she’s made the best little group of friends there. It’s something we both look forward to doing together every week. Tonight’s parents night and we will be inviting our families to class with us.

When teaching yoga to different age groups we must take a different approach. These kiddos are stuck in their bodies and don’t think very often, so we play yoga to connect them to their brains. Where as adults and teenagers are stuck in their brains, we must take them on a journey into the body.

We spend time at the cutest little daycare around with our 3 year olds every single week and they are soooooooo amazing. They have learned so much about their feelings and how to express them and every week they teach me something new about presence and love. They are ALL the things, and we honor ALL of them.


Our middles are learning to relax here in their savasana (corpse pose). It’s how we end every single yoga class. Some people love it and some people hate it, but it’s by far the most important pose of the entire class.

Learning to be with yourself without any distractions is kind of hard at first. But the more you do it, the more your soul will crave it, and before long you won’t be able to go without it.

There are many different levels of yoga in this one class. We make yoga accessible for everyone, by giving out many different options for your practice. We are not in competition with the mat next to us or even ourselves, as we are learning to love ourselves here.

The world of competitions end when you walk through our doors. Leave your labels and your worries outside the door. If you insist you can pick them up on your way back out, but for now we will be here, gathering in community for love and unity with one’s heart.

Humans have suffering and comparison down to an art. They live in their heads. They are on autopilot so to speak, until they begin the yoga journey. Yoga simply put is a moving meditation. It’s about unity and love for yourself and others. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been apart of, because I get to witness to affects of the practice after the very first class.

Stop asking for what you want and be still and receive the messages from the Universe. They will come to you and through you if you allow yourself to be the Oracle.

If you still haven’t made it to class I’d encourage you to join us.

I love you Dear Ones

🤍Miss Tavia

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